Win A Sunstar GUM Hamper

Win A Sunstar GUM Hamper

The focus is on fresh breath this February and we’re giving away an awesome Sunstar GUM hamper worth over R600, packed with all the oral care tools you need for a healthy mouth.

Giveaway closed: Congratulations Jonell Jozeph




About the Sunstar GUM Hamper

Get a naturally brighter smile and treat your tongue to a #FreshBreathFix. The Sunstar GUM fresh breath kit worth over R600 contains a GUM:

Tongue Cleaner (recommended retail price R56)
Technique Plus toothbrush (R62)
Original White toothpaste (R57)
Floss Brush Automatic (R115)
Original White floss (R56)
Original White mouth rinse (R92)
Easy Flossers x 30 (R55)
Soft-Picks Advanced (R98)
Mesh Toiletry Bag (R30)

Total value R621

Win A Sunstar GUM Hamper


How To Enter:


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57 responses to “Win A Sunstar GUM Hamper”

  1. Brandon Pierre Fourie Avatar
    Brandon Pierre Fourie

    awesome competition…good luck to all who enter!!!

  2. Rush Harduth Avatar
    Rush Harduth

    I would love to win this amazing hamper, and will use it everyday.

  3. ragmat Baron Avatar
    ragmat Baron

    Yes i definitely will

  4. Ashley Padayachee Avatar

    Would love to win this amazing prize 😀

  5. Jeanette Avatar

    Everyone needs good gum and mouth care. I will definitely use all these products. Thanks for the opportunity to win and try these.

  6. Thercia Khoza Avatar

    For the love of clean and bright teeth, I will definitely use this amazing giveaway. Dental hygiene is paramount

  7. Shohana Avatar

    Great gum giveaway…will use everyday

  8. Miriam Avatar

    Yes I would! 🙂

  9. Samantha Pearce Avatar
    Samantha Pearce

    Yes i would

  10. Marie Avatar

    Yes, definitely… and I’ll share with my children also. Sharing is caring! Actions speak louder than words – a parent should show the way….

  11. Coral Paxton Avatar
    Coral Paxton

    I will definitely be using it! I’m very fastidious about dental hygiene ?

  12. Mari Lombard Avatar
    Mari Lombard

    Yes,you should never neglect your gums!

  13. Anthea Williams Avatar
    Anthea Williams

    I would definitely use it, it’s such an amazing giveaway.

  14. Waydee Avatar

    Soo NEED this ..a smile says a 1000WORDS?.. loove this Giveaway???? CHEERS to a Puuurfect smile????

  15. Annalize Kause Avatar
    Annalize Kause

    My favorite range of dental products!!

  16. Talitha Dias Avatar
    Talitha Dias

    Hmmmmm I am dying for this 😉

  17. Shani Avatar

    of course i will! it will save me from a lot of dental problems down the line!

  18. Natasha Maggott Avatar
    Natasha Maggott

    I most certainly will use all these lovely hygiene products

  19. Jackie Katzen Avatar
    Jackie Katzen

    I love SUNSTAR products, I would use them daily.

  20. Maria Du Plessis Avatar

    Wow what a Amazing Giveaway Would Absolutely Love To Win Liked And Shared

  21. Alicia Nell Avatar
    Alicia Nell

    Super awesome prize for the whole family!!

  22. Riekie Brand Avatar

    This is a wonderful competition.

  23. Judy Padayachee Avatar

    Love to win this awesome prize

  24. kamilah Avatar

    I definetly Will,already using some of your products

  25. Sabine Avatar


  26. Carmen Avatar

    I will definitely use these amazing products

  27. Sharleen Deacon Avatar
    Sharleen Deacon

    Yes… Love this brand

  28. Jonell Jozeph Avatar
    Jonell Jozeph

    I would love to win this. Looking for ways to make my teeth whiter and brighter and this seems like it could be the answer. It is an awesome prize.

  29. Riétte Avatar

    Yes and I will share!

  30. Lorraine Futcher Avatar

    Great Giveaway would love to give it a try

  31. markgavin sylvester Avatar
    markgavin sylvester


  32. Tania Brewis Avatar
    Tania Brewis

    Will definitely use all the products, just what I need!

  33. Michelle Laubscher Avatar
    Michelle Laubscher

    Perfect prize to help us take of of our teeth

  34. Lois Carol Wessels Avatar
    Lois Carol Wessels

    What a perfectly useful fabulous competition – would love to win the SUNSTAR GUM Hamper – holding thumbs

  35. Ronnae Elliott Avatar
    Ronnae Elliott

    Yes I would faithfully use all the products, Im obsessed with my teeth, I go to the dentist & oral hygienist every 6 months for checkups and cleaning.

  36. Roxanne Chutthergoon Avatar
    Roxanne Chutthergoon

    I most definitely will!

  37. Nicolette Nunes Avatar
    Nicolette Nunes

    Yes, healthy clean teeth is a top priority.

  38. Thea lennox Avatar
    Thea lennox

    Wow will definitely use it

  39. Soraya Avatar

    As sure as the sun will rise tomorrow I most certainly will have shiny pearly whites. Oral care is very important to me so this is just so perfect for my munchers.

  40. Denise Naidoo Avatar

    Awesome competition

  41. Janel Sunderlall Avatar
    Janel Sunderlall

    I would definitely most heartedly use them

  42. Nicky Avatar

    Gum health care is of vital importaince to me as I have an autoimmune disease and it affects the gums and teeth. I love the products and have been searching for the gum picks for a while now.

  43. Anusha Naidoo Avatar
    Anusha Naidoo

    I will most certainly make great use of this hamper of products daily , will be absolutely appreciated

  44. Camillah Adams Avatar
    Camillah Adams

    Love this brand!

  45. Wendy Lombard Avatar
    Wendy Lombard

    I most certainly will 🙂

  46. Gloria Avatar

    I will faithfully use all these products as they are only products I do use

  47. Nadia Hall Avatar
    Nadia Hall

    Amazing Giveaway ???

  48. Dawn Wallenkamp Avatar
    Dawn Wallenkamp

    Absolutely I only use these products

  49. Veryll Bradshaw Avatar
    Veryll Bradshaw

    I always use this and would love to win it for my whole family

  50. Losh Don Kisten Avatar
    Losh Don Kisten

    Absolutely YES, I would and not just me but my family too #dental hygiene is important

  51. Tania Avatar

    will surely use all products

  52. Carolyn Augustus Avatar
    Carolyn Augustus

    Oral hygiene is super important to me so definitely

  53. Lata B Avatar
    Lata B

    If I win this prize I will use it diligently

  54. Nicole Naicker Avatar

    Would be awesome to win for myself and the kids ,my daughter really needs this .

  55. Yvette Hamilton Avatar
    Yvette Hamilton

    awesome, i would LOVE to win this amazing prize <3

  56. Lynn Avatar

    Of courseI will use it, everyday, twice a day!

  57. Rumbarani Naidoo Avatar
    Rumbarani Naidoo

    I will most certainly do!!

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