WIN An Ecologic Skincare Hamper

WIN An Ecologic Skincare Hamper

Stand a chance to win an Ecologic Skincare Hamper. The hamper includes a Tea Tree Spritzer, Rose Quartz Roller, Facial Scrub and Xtra Skin Food.

Giveaway closed: Congratulations Brenda-Lee Van Altena 





Ecologic crafts and creates premium vegan products that replenish the mind and body. Furthermore, they choose only the highest quality ingredients that nature and science has to offer. Ecologic chooses these ingredients not only for their beautiful effects on the skin, but for their ability to influence a more beautiful state of mind. We aim to create holistic, one-of-a-kind cosmetics that appeal to all the senses, the skin and the soul.


Xtra Skin Food is a fragrance-free selection of Ecologic’s finest cold-pressed plant, seed and nut oils. This unique blend of carrier oils is rich in natural nutrients, Essential Fatty Acids, antioxidants and vitamins.


Ecologic’s Facial Scrub is a gentle, yet effective exfoliator to remove dead skin cells and unclog pores so that the skin can breathe. The extra fine apricot kernels give a thorough polish without being harsh to sensitive skins. The combination of essential oils in a jelly-like gel helps to soften, soothe and cleanse while polishing the skin.



The Rose Quartz Face Roller is a non-invasive, holistic alternative to micro-needling.

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Comment on the giveaway below – What is your ultimate skin care tip or your trick for healthy skin?
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69 responses to “WIN An Ecologic Skincare Hamper”

  1. CharmaineMcdonald Avatar

    Always ensure that your face is cleansed properly. Using facial scrub sometimes daily or recommended according to the product used.

  2. Michelle McDonald Avatar
    Michelle McDonald

    My tip is to wash your face with Dove Soap..keeps it soft and clean, no pimples and enhances the natural glow of your skin

  3. Maliekah Avatar

    drink water

  4. Elizabeth Brooks Avatar
    Elizabeth Brooks

    drink lots of water ,cleanse, protect, moisturize

  5. Daniela Cardoso Avatar

    mine would be to always wear moisturiser, especially one that contains a SPF

  6. Devika Jawahir Avatar

    To keep skin glowing..firm and looking rejuvenated drinks lots of water..invest in a good moisturiser..keep out of the harsh skin..once a week use honey and oats to cleanse face..

  7. Devika Jawahir Avatar

    To keep skin looking fresh..youthful and totally amazing..drink plenty of water and keep out of the harsh sun or use a good skin product

  8. Byron Boshoff Avatar
    Byron Boshoff

    Use Ecologic’s Facial Scrub, seriously, it’s gentle yet very effective. You don’t want to be getting nasty blackheads now.

  9. Ntswaki Mmenu Avatar
    Ntswaki Mmenu

    my best tip is to wash your face with Luke warm warm, never with hot water

  10. Samantha Avatar

    Drink a lot of water. Good for the skin.

  11. Dashmika Avatar

    Always wash off your make up before bed, exfoliate your face with a good scrub twice a week. Use an SPF cream during the day. Choose lightweight creams in summer and heavier based creams in winter to keep your skin healthy and hydrated.

  12. Dashmika Devraj Avatar
    Dashmika Devraj

    Always wash off your make up before bed, exfoliate your face with a good scrub twice a week. Use an SPF cream during the day. Choose lightweight creams in summer and heavier based creams in winter to keep your skin healthy and hydrated.


    There are so many tips I believe in my Top 4
    1. Keep hydrated drink loads of water
    2. Never go to bed with your make-up on always take it off
    3. And cleanse/wash your face correctly, and use a scrub 2 twice a week and use a Face Mask atleast once a week to give your skin a good nourishing treatment.
    4. And invest in a good night cream, because thats when your skin regenerates after the days wear.

  14. Bianca Balutto Avatar
    Bianca Balutto

    Drink lots of water for clear, radiant skin and exfoliate atleast 3 times a week to get rid of dead and dry skin. Shared on fb Bianca Chante Balutto and tagged friends on Instagram @bcbalutto

  15. Soraya Avatar

    What you put in is most certainly what you get out & the same rule applies for your skin✔✅. A diet rich in fruit, veg, fish & plenty water is ideal????. Exercise to get the blood flowing?. A regime to cleanse, tone & moisturise everyday is essential. Treat yourself to a facial once a month?. You deserve it⛤. Don’t smoke or drink alcohol☠☠?. Apply a hydrating oil & exfoliate once a week?. Simple tweaks to get gr8 results. ???

  16. Ntswaki Mmenu Avatar
    Ntswaki Mmenu

    my best tip is to drink a lot of water and avoid too many products on your face

  17. Prudence Avatar

    Hydrate your skin by drinking lots of water; scrub face twice in week; drink turmeric, olive oil and lemon every morning and night. It’s a holistic approach that works.

  18. Nicole Avatar

    Drink plenty of fluids like water

  19. Ncuthwa Luke Avatar

    Drink lots of water,wash ur face twice a day

  20. Lynnith Andreou Avatar
    Lynnith Andreou

    Once a week use a pore cleansing mask and use a silk pillow slip to reduce wrinkles x

  21. Martie Schoeman Avatar
    Martie Schoeman

    Never ever sleep with your makeup on. Always clean your face before you go to bed. Always clean your face in the morning and where a moisturizer with sunscreen.

  22. Maxine Avatar

    By drinking hot lemon and tumeric water everyday!

  23. Lynn Nolan Avatar
    Lynn Nolan

    Always remove makeup before going to bed, drink lots of water, avoid junk food

  24. Yvette Sleigh Avatar
    Yvette Sleigh

    Drink 8 glasses of water, stay hydrated eat healthy foods. Always cleanse skin twice daily. My personal beauty tips for many years and it’s worked for me!

  25. Cassandra D Avatar
    Cassandra D

    Very nice giveaway.

  26. Fay Avatar

    My tips: exfoliate regularly, and wear sunblock even when its cloudy!

  27. Selona Govender Avatar
    Selona Govender

    Never sleep with your make-up on, no matter how tired you are.

  28. Brenda-Lee Van Altena Avatar
    Brenda-Lee Van Altena

    Drink lots of water, wash makeup off EVERY night.

  29. Jeanette Ras Avatar
    Jeanette Ras

    Start looking after your skin from a young age – prevention is better than cure. Always use sunscreen and clean your face before going to bed.

  30. Nicole Naicker Avatar

    Drink plenty of water to stay hydrated
    I make my own scrun with honey ,sugar and little olive oil to take away dead cells.Also cucumber slices for puffy eyes

  31. Robyn Avatar

    Always clean your make up off at the end of the day. If you put it on, you need to tke it off! Keeps my skin glowing and rejuvenated!

  32. Janet Perry Avatar
    Janet Perry

    After cleansing I like to splash icy water on my face to plump it up and tighten pores.

  33. Motala Avatar

    My tip is to never use expired makeup . Discard all old n unused make up .
    Buy good quality products . Look after your all your beauty products and never ever leave them in the sun . Even little sunlight can cause your make up to give u a break up . ?

  34. Martie Schoeman Avatar
    Martie Schoeman

    Always clean your face before going to sleep. Moisturize and sunblock every day!

  35. Bianca Avatar

    Water is your friend ♥️ and just by simply looking after yourself ?

  36. Tessa O'Halloran Avatar
    Tessa O’Halloran

    a good moisturiser, avoiding excessive suntanning, and a good face masks 1/2 a week x

  37. Lukhanye Somtunzi Avatar
    Lukhanye Somtunzi

    I thought I had my skin all figured out but now its acting up. Used to use bircabonade of soda as exfoliator and just clicks aqueous cream. I need help now.

  38. Lisa Avatar

    My tip would be remove your makeup every night before going to bed

  39. Ashley Padayachee Avatar

    My ultimate skin care tip is to tone and moisturise daily 🙂

  40. Jeanette Avatar

    Only use products specially formulated for your skin type. If you have a dry skin, get products suitable for a dry skin, etc.

  41. Lisa Joubert Avatar
    Lisa Joubert

    Thanks for offering a natural alternative to micro needling in the form of ROSE QUARTZ ROLLER and a chance to win it and the other natural prizes.


    love the skin you are in

  43. bilqees bano Avatar
    bilqees bano

    drink lots of water and use argan oil for skin

  44. Coral Paxton Avatar
    Coral Paxton

    Coconut oil. It’s brilliant for dry skin and conditions your lashes ???

  45. Sabine Avatar

    coconut oil helps re-hydrate instantly! my fave go to on a ‘tired’ day

  46. Thania Avatar

    Hydrate body and skin by drinking water rich in electrolytes, else the water will not be retained, so mix a teaspoon of himalayan salt and a teaspoon of brown sugar in a liter of purified water.

  47. Andrea Naidoo Avatar
    Andrea Naidoo

    My tip – drink lots of water, the health of the body shows on the skin, hydration is key to keep the body in sync and the skin will follow suit!

  48. Brenda Fernandes Avatar
    Brenda Fernandes

    I love rose quartz this is the one I would love

  49. Kat Avatar

    Best tip: wash your face with honey if you have gentle skin! It balances your natural moisture and combats inflammation. Add a little sugar scrub on the days when you need more exfoliation.. that’s just what I do !

  50. Bernice Avatar

    My best tip is water, water, water. Staying hydrated is best you can do for your skin & body. I also do a 7 day lemon cleanse once a month. And when washing your face, dont roughdry your face it can actualy irritate your skin more. Always use a clean soft washcloth and just blot your face dry. Realy makes a differance.

  51. Linda J Graskie Avatar
    Linda J Graskie

    I’ve been wondering about the needle rollers and your Rose Quartz roller sounds much better to me. I believe you should never wash your face with soap always use a cleanser that works with your skin type and moisturise moisturise moisturise

  52. Linda Laing Avatar
    Linda Laing

    I drink plenty of water

  53. Charmaine Balraj Avatar
    Charmaine Balraj

    Great giveaway

  54. Judy Padayachee Avatar

    Never go to bed with make on.

  55. Camillah Adams Avatar
    Camillah Adams

    Interested to try the Xtra Skin Food!

  56. stephanie videira Avatar
    stephanie videira

    Drink lots of water and always wear sunscreen

  57. Leatitia Avatar

    Never wash your face in hot water.

  58. Tania Brewis Avatar
    Tania Brewis

    like to use a clean face cloth to dry my face and use it ONLY for my face, changing every 2 days. You might be surprised at the difference having a ‘face only’ towel can make!

  59. markgavin sylvester Avatar
    markgavin sylvester


  60. Anusha Naidoo Avatar
    Anusha Naidoo

    My best skincare routine and tip is to use a facial scrub twice a week , it opens up the pores, removes dry skin , skin feels cleansed, refreshed, soft and smooth

  61. Tharishia Ebrahim Avatar
    Tharishia Ebrahim

    Exfoliate at least once a week.

  62. Lois Carol Wessels Avatar
    Lois Carol Wessels

    Correction = should read – Sounds like the ideal TLC needed for my dry lifeless skin after too many Antibiotics as a result of Meningitis

  63. Lois Carol Wessels Avatar
    Lois Carol Wessels

    Sounds like the ideal YLC required for my dry lifeless skin after too many antibiotics (as a result of Meningitis)

  64. Jonell Jozeph Avatar
    Jonell Jozeph

    I am very intrigued by the rose quartz roller and would love to try it and see how it works. I am all about skincare and exploring different methods of skincare. This will definitely be an awesome win.

  65. Jonell Jozeph Avatar
    Jonell Jozeph

    I am very intrigued by the rose quartz roller and would love to try it and see how it works. I am all about skincare and exploring different methods of skincare. This will definitely be an awesime win.

  66. Samantha Pearce Avatar
    Samantha Pearce

    Drinking loads of water

  67. Michelle Raymond Avatar
    Michelle Raymond

    My best skin care tip: go to bed with a clean face and use products that are paraben free 🙂

  68. Jessica Varcoe Avatar
    Jessica Varcoe

    make sure to cleanse skin properly before applying any treatments/masks to ensure it works 100
    %, also use natural products as much as possible

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