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A chance to win 2 x beautiful sterling silver rings designed by Janine Binneman Jewellery worth R580.

Competition Ends: 30 April 2016



Janine Binneman’s forté lies in interpreting her clients’ design direction to create one-of-a-kind fine jewellery masterpieces that communicate their individual style. Janine’s scope is varied, from classic, antique inspired engagement rings to ultra-contemporary pieces. Browse our gallery of fine jewellery pieces, we hope that the creations will excite and inspire you, and help you to discover a design and style that speaks to you.

Janine Binneman Jewellery
Telephone:  082 468 3201


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104 responses to “WIN: Custom Made Jewellery”

  1. Chantal Avatar

    My name means from the stoney place lol

  2. Kimberley Zena Petersen Avatar

    This Kimberley is though to be derived from kimberlite, a kind of peridotite rock which contains diamonds. Others think it to be derived from Lord Kimberley, whose name is believed to be a compound name composed of an Old English personal name of unknown meaning and lēah (wood, clearing, meadow, enclosure). The name Zena is a Greek baby name. In Greek the meaning of the name Zena is: Born of Zeus. Also a welcoming; hospitable; friendly. Holding thumbs and toes ? ?

  3. Trish Avatar

    #giveawaysa is running daily competitions as from today #enter & #win

  4. Germa Avatar

    Named after my grandmothers Ger- from granny Gerda and -ma from granny Wilma ‘=Germa ?

  5. Ketna Avatar

    My name in Hindi the work Kitna means “How much”. Strange name to be given. However in Gujarati it Ketna means “Charming”. Both are pronounced the same way.

  6. Celeste Everitt Avatar

    My name is Celeste and it means “heavenly” 🙂 It has french origins. I love my name! 🙂

  7. Ziele Avatar

    The name Zielé means:Cheerful, bright you’re a person of action and communication. That is why I need to exchange, discover and learn together with others. The name ziele says im curious by nature and that I have an insatiable thirst for knowledge that often makes me push the limits and go to unknown horizons. My names say that I designing my daily life with a little fantasy and I am particularly creative and intuitive. When I red this a few years ago, I agreed completely.. my mom said that she found the name in a restaurant menu, on a paper just laying there, and fell inlove with it. I want to have this ring because my mom’s best friend is not very welthy, and she has been over fantasizing about it for months!

    1. Savannah Avatar

      I love your beautiful name

  8. Karen Nel Avatar
    Karen Nel

    My name is Karen and means PURE.
    There is an ethnic group in Thailand and Burma named the “Karen”. The “Karen” language is also commonly spoken among small villages in Thailand. When I was at school we were in one class 3 girls with the same name but different spelled…Karen, Karin and Carin. I loved mine the most?

  9. Tracy K Avatar
    Tracy K

    Tracy means Brave or Warrior.

  10. Kim Muller Avatar

    My name means noble or brave. But I think back in the day, my parents just picked a name out of a hat and probably said something like, oh that’s a nice name. Maybe we can name her Kim lol.

  11. patricia wood Avatar
    patricia wood

    My name is PATRICIA would means noble.

  12. Carryn P Avatar
    Carryn P

    The meaning of my name, Carryn, is PURE 🙂

  13. Natasha Laurenson Avatar
    Natasha Laurenson

    Natasha (Russian: Ната́ша) is a name of Russian origin. The name is the diminutive form of Natalia, which in turn derives from the Latin Dies Natalies, meaning “Natal Day” or “Birthday” in reference to the traditional birth of Jesus. It was traditionally given to girls born around Christmas.

  14. Akanksha Avatar

    My name means Desire as I was my mum’s desire.

  15. Emma Green Avatar
    Emma Green

    Ive heard so many meanings for my name. The most comical and favorite is bucket?.. But from the derivation of ancient history means whole. Think it fits with the middle name rose, “whole rose”. With jain, my mothers name. So in all emma rose jain green, could easily mean whole beauty of mother nature. Whole beauty being from with and not just surface.

  16. veronica Avatar

    Veronica is a Latin baby name. In Latin the meaning of the name Veronica is: True image; honest image. Biblical – from the maiden who handed Christ her handkerchief on the way to Calvary. His likeness miraculously appeared on the handkerchief.

  17. Melanie Avatar

    Melanie is ‘dark’ but my mother was reading Gone with the Wind while pregnant, and my father veto’ed Scarlett.

  18. Juanita Swanepoel Avatar
    Juanita Swanepoel

    The name Juanita is a Hebrew baby name. In Hebrew the meaning of the name Juanita is: Gift from God.

  19. Firoza Avatar

    My name means Turquoise, a precious gem. It is also the name of a town in India.

  20. Heidi Avatar

    My name comes from Adelheid, which is a rare flower in the Swiss alps. Thus, Heidi is a rare beauty.

  21. Antonela Avatar

    Antonella…Italian, my name means Flower, Priceless or Praiseworthy

  22. shannon Avatar

    My name means wisdom and is also from the bible

  23. Natalie Victor Avatar
    Natalie Victor

    Natalie Victor-Carelse
    From the Late Latin name Natalia, which meant “Christmas Day” from Latin natale domini. This was the name of the wife of the 4th-century martyr Saint Adrian of Nicomedia. She is venerated as a saint in the Orthodox Church, and the name has traditionally been more common among Eastern Christians than those in the West. It was popularized in America by actress Natalie Wood (1938-1981), who was born to Russian immigrants.

  24. Roxanne Chutthergoon Avatar
    Roxanne Chutthergoon

    My name is Roxanne and that means Dawn 🙂

  25. Jacqueline Katzen Avatar
    Jacqueline Katzen

    The name Jacqueline is a French baby name. In French the meaning of the name Jacqueline is: Supplanter. He grasps the heel. French form of Jacob.Supplanter. Introduced into Britain in the 13th century.

  26. Fiona Aucamp Avatar
    Fiona Aucamp

    Fiona – Is a Gaelic word fionn, meaning “white”, “fair”. My parents are both Scottish and moved to South Africa just after they got married so I was born in South Africa. I feel that by giving me my name they made sure that i had a name that traced back to my heritage

  27. Chrismé L Avatar
    Chrismé L

    My parents chose to create my name in honour of my 2 Grandmothers. “Christ in Me” … second name came from my godmother, Luise which means ” Renowned Warrior”
    I love that I am being reminded of Christ’s awesomeness through my names 🙂

  28. Ann Avatar

    In English the meaning of the my name is Merciful.

  29. Taryn Avatar

    I have no idea of my names meaning.. it was a popular name in the late 70’s

  30. Samantha Gin Avatar
    Samantha Gin


  31. Bianca Lawrence Avatar
    Bianca Lawrence

    My name is Bianca, it is an Italian given name and it means light. My name is associated with happiness or friendliness, loving and caring.
    I think my parents made the right choice, because I care and o ly want the best for my family and close friends.

    I have been following Janine Binneman Jewellery page for a goof couple of months and have been dying to want one of these amazing rings* But unfortunately money is an issue due to the fact that I’m a student. But I’d love to be able to have one of these amazing and gorgeous rings.

  32. Deanne schnaier Avatar
    Deanne schnaier

    My parents combined their names Duane and Anne to make my name

  33. Marilize Strydom Avatar
    Marilize Strydom

    I was named after my two grandmothers Maria means wished-for child, beloved, love
    ‎Elizebeth means either oath of God, or God is satisfaction

  34. michelle van heerden Avatar
    michelle van heerden

    Michelle- who is like the Lord our God

  35. Cornell Botha Avatar
    Cornell Botha

    From Old French roots, its meaning is crow; talkative person 🙂

  36. Tracey Notley Avatar
    Tracey Notley

    Gods gift

  37. Marzanne Nagel Avatar
    Marzanne Nagel

    My name does not have a specific meaning but was combined from my grandmother’s names “Maria” and “Susanna”

  38. Cathy Avatar

    My name is Catherine (Cathy for short). It means “pure maiden”.

  39. Leanne Avatar

    Mine means grace 🙂

  40. Sharleen Avatar

    Spiritually intense, bold and independent ?

  41. Chistene Avatar

    Follower of Christ

  42. Judi Avatar

    Judi means GIFT from GOD.
    Or woman of GOD.

  43. Nancy Pretorius Avatar
    Nancy Pretorius

    Nancy-A Hebrew name meaning Grace.
    My Mother named me Nancy cause she was a fan of Frank Sinatra and his daughters name was Nancy.

  44. Raksha Avatar

    My name is Raksha. Its a hindu name which means “to protect” which is what I now do for a living.

  45. Claudette Avatar

    Clauder means little lame one….I was named after a good friend of my dads

  46. Yolande Avatar

    The name Yolande is a French baby name. In French the meaning of the name Yolande is: Violet flower; strong. I am not sure if its true, but my mom told me i was named after a Miss World pageant beauty queen, strangely enough she told me this lady was so strong and independent, witch I believe i am today. Thanks mom ?❤️

  47. Nicola Meyer Avatar
    Nicola Meyer

    Nicola means winner of the people and is Greek

  48. Janette Avatar

    I was nameless for 3 weeks as I was the unplanned twin in what my parents believed to be one child which turned into 2!!! Janenne was my sisters name and 3 weeks later my great grandfather joked: “what about Janette and Janenne?” And so it was. Note the spellings are the same apart from the ‘tt’ & ‘nn’.

  49. Joanne Avatar

    A gracious gift from God!

  50. Carina de Klerk Avatar
    Carina de Klerk

    My name is Carina and it is the Italian word for sweet and cute. I love these rings. I’d have my children’s names on them. Hailey was just a name I fell in love with and one of the meanings is actually bale of hay. Haha awkward. I lost a baby after her and now due with my rainbow baby on the 3rd of June. His name is Caden taken from the French word Cadeau which means miracle. I love the name and the meaning behind it is so special for me. Holding thumbs

  51. Carina de Klerk Avatar
    Carina de Klerk

    My name is Carina and it is the Italian word for sweet and cute. I love these rings. If have my children’s names on them. Hailey was just a name I fell in love with and one of the meanings is actually bale of hay. Haha awkward. I lost a baby after her and now die with my rainbow baby on the 3rd of June. His name is Caden taken from the French word Cadeau which means miracle. Holding thumbs.

  52. Shafiqa Avatar

    My names Shafiqa and it means compassionate. True to my name, id love to win this for my middle child. Iou was given to him end of matric 2015 he did so well and at uct 1st year . i won a jewelry set for his brothers matric 2014 whitegold bicycle necklace and cufflinks #proudmum #loceallmykidsequally #mustwin

  53. Lisa Witherspoon Avatar
    Lisa Witherspoon

    My name means oath of God. I was named after Queen Elizabeth but my brothers always told me I was named after the Mona Lisa 😉

  54. Laura Outhet Avatar
    Laura Outhet

    Wow what a stunning competition. My name, Laura, means victory over sea. Like a laurel wreath placed on ones head. My stunning husband’s name Ryan means little king, so in actual fact we are perfectly matched. My beautiful daughter’s name, Chloe, means new growth, fresh.
    Have a great one 🙂

  55. Leigh Avatar

    My name leigh, means meadow. I was named after a character in a book my mom was reading when she was pregnant with me. Had i been a boy, i would have been a Mark. My birthday happens to be on the closing date of this competition ? ❤️?

  56. Candice Avatar

    My name is Candice which means sparkling which originated in Greece

  57. Lynné Avatar

    Lynné – I got my name from my grandmothers name! Her name is Evelynne. My name is pronounced as Lené!
    On the web , my name means goddes of attractiveness and super intelligence. They also say I talk to much and love the colour pink… To me , my name is very special! It’s something between me and my grandmother , and I can remeber that for the rets of my life!

  58. marieette Avatar

    I got my name frome Marietta Kryger the news reader ?but my dad spelled it wrong and now i have an unusual spelled Marieëtte….love my name xx

  59. Nonhlanhla Avatar

    My name means lucky. The reason I was given this name is because my parents felt lucky and blessed to have given a second baby girl by God as there was only one girl and three boys.

  60. Aneesa Avatar

    My name means friendly, affectionate and gentle 🙂

  61. Pauline Avatar

    Pauline: small one

  62. Bianca Avatar

    My name Bianca is an Itallian name, meaning Blanco/Bianco which means White/fair one. I think my name is appropriate as my skin is fair. My parents sure made the right choice.

  63. Trish Avatar

    I have one of these beautiful rings with my name on it.
    I am loving all these name meanings so much. Thanks for sharing everyone!!!
    I am not entering the competition, but would love to share the meaning of my name.
    “Patricia”Meaning -Noble Woman
    “Imaginative,. Loves to travel the world. Quiet and thoughtful, independent, creative through art & music. Compassionate, peaceful,caring. Friendly, first comes off as shy, but once you get her to talk, she finds her comfort zone.”

  64. Lynette Avatar

    Named after an old girlfriend of my dad … one of the names that were thrown into a hat

    1. Lynette Avatar

      Lynette actually comes from the name Linda, which has very simple meaning…it means “beautiful”.
      It’s a good name, now you know it’s meaning.

  65. Rayne Avatar

    I was an unexpected baby, with no planned name, and it just so happened to be raining the night I was born. So to be different my parentals changed the spelling slightly and viola!

    However ‘Rayne’ is traditionally a boys name with the meaning Strong Counsellor. It is English in origin.

  66. Linda Laing Avatar
    Linda Laing

    My name means beautiful, pretty or cute!

  67. Mellodene Willemse Avatar

    My special name Mellodene was created by my Dad, when I was born my Mom ran out names after having the 12th child I was last born of the 12..My Dad was sitting at the table celebrating my birth.He was looking at the name of the brandy,it was called Mellowood brandy. So he took the first 4 letters Mello and added the Dene.So that is where my name was created. Such a unique name. My Mom had 6 boys and 6 girls ?

  68. Karla Avatar

    My name Karla is a Scandinavian name and the meaning of the name Karla is: Womanly and strength. It’s feminine of Karl. I love my name ❤️

  69. Freda Avatar

    Freda meaning peace streanght named after my grandmother

  70. Liezl Avatar

    Liezl is a German;Hebrew name short variant of Elizabeth.Meaning of Liezl is God is my oath

  71. Kyra Avatar

    My name is Kyra and it means princess in Hindi. I however recently read it has Greek origins and the Greek meaning is enthroned.

  72. Cherie Josephs Avatar
    Cherie Josephs

    Cherie means “darling” in French

  73. Beverley Davis Avatar
    Beverley Davis

    Beverley apparently means ” beaver meadow “. . . . . . . . . haha! But I was named Beverley by my Dad after his favourite brand of beer that he used to drink in England…..hehehe. So no romance there but I think it is cute

  74. Kimberley Avatar

    The origin of Kimberley -From the wood of the royal forest . My parents , after having 4 sons were so excited to have a daughter (me) that they decided give me a whole bunch of middle names so therefore I am Kimberley ( after the nurse that helped deliver me ) , Loren ( my dad’s cousin) , Elizabeth ( my Gran’s middle name) , Walker (my grandpa’s middle name) . It’s nice to honour people that played a role in my life , not so nice when you have to fill out forms 🙂

  75. Karen Avatar

    The Greek name Karen means a pure and beautiful lady. Someone who is caring and kind. Is independent yet loving.

  76. Komona Avatar

    My name Komona means Winter in Greek.
    I was named by my uncle who loved the name desdemona, and my mother had said that it had to begin with a K.
    So they brain stormed and got Komona.

  77. Christelle Avatar

    Christelle means follower of Christ

  78. Fransina Avatar

    My parents named me after my grandmother Fransina.
    I am not completely sure what the meaning is, but I am proud to carry her name every day

  79. Natalie Avatar

    My name is Natalie and it means birthday or christmas though i recently saw it could also mean sunrise, which is quite nice.

  80. Sabine Avatar

    The origin of Sabine – to be of the Sabine tribe, an ancient group of people in Italy

  81. Ross Avatar

    I’m told my name means “From the peninsula”

  82. Gaelyn Avatar

    I love my name because of its meaning. Gaelyn: The rainbow in life’s storm.

  83. REHANA SEEDAT Avatar

    My name Rehana means: A handfull of sweet basil

  84. Charlotte Avatar

    My name means FREE MAN if I have to belief the internet. I was named after my great grandmother.

  85. Susan McCarthy Avatar
    Susan McCarthy

    My name means LILY and I was named after my grandmother.

  86. Keshia Avatar

    My name means Flower. I was named after the little girl in the Cosby show. Her real name is Keshia

  87. Carmen Pretorius Avatar
    Carmen Pretorius

    Named after the opera singer Carmen

  88. Megan Hartwig Avatar
    Megan Hartwig

    The name Megan is of Greek, Welsh origins, and the meaning of the name Megan is Pearl.

  89. Raey Avatar

    The name I was given at birth was Raigahn (pronounced Ray-gaan). As far as I can remember, it meant rose….(I think I was more the thorn in my mom’s life tho :/). Everyone then called me Ray for short. I changed religions and decided to legally change my name. I opted for Raey instead as it was unusual and also not so masculine as Ray.

  90. Jana Marshall Avatar
    Jana Marshall

    god is gracious

  91. Sapna Ramnarain Avatar
    Sapna Ramnarain

    My name (Sapna) is a hindi word which means ‘Dream’. I am not named after anyone, though my name was given to me by my late granny. # GiveawaySA

  92. Dawn W Avatar
    Dawn W

    Dawn – meaning the break of Dawn, a new beginning, a new day

  93. Gloria Avatar

    The meaning of my name is Glory

  94. Este van Aswegen Avatar
    Este van Aswegen

    My name comes from my grandmother but a shorter version she was Hester and I joke to my mom and after her favourite perfume Estee Lauder
    My name means Star and I hurt if your name is a shorter version of a name you add Little so I’m a Little Star

  95. Bianca Balutto Avatar
    Bianca Balutto

    Bianca is Italian it means white, shining.

  96. Elize Nel Avatar
    Elize Nel

    I was born in the eighties and my mother wanted to name me Angelique . She loved the series Angélique, Marquise des Anges. But my dad refused and wanted to name me after is mother Elizabeth and my mom said no . She wanted me to be named after her , Marie . They ended up naming me after both my grandmother and mother , Elize-Maré.

  97. Carolyn Augustus Avatar
    Carolyn Augustus

    My name is Carolyn, I was named after my mom who’s name is Carol. Carolyn means song of happiness

  98. Natasha le Roux Avatar
    Natasha le Roux

    The name Natasha (Russian) means Christmas Day or birthday. It is usually used to portray desirable and enviable female characters in film, literature, etc (hahahaha, that’s too funny).

    Thanks for a fabulous competition! I would LOVE to win this! ♥

  99. Lizaan Avatar

    our first name of Lizaan has given you a friendly, likeable nature, and you could excel in artistic, dramatic, and musical expression.

    With this name, you desire the finer things in life, but you do not always have the resolve and vitality to put forth the effort necessary to fulfill your desires.

    Your emotional feelings are easily aroused and you will always be involved in other people’s problems as a result of your overly sympathetic nature.

  100. dina dos dos santos Avatar
    dina dos dos santos

    Hebrew meaning:God has judged

  101. dina dos santos Avatar
    dina dos santos

    DINA – Hebrew meaning:God has judged

  102. Lelanie Jone Avatar
    Lelanie Jone

    My name means heavenly flower

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