WIN: Gentleman’s Beard Oil & Wash

beard oil and wash

Any man who is proud of his manly beard would love this giveaway! Prize includes 1 x Gentleman’s Beard Club Beard Wash and 1 x Gentleman’s Beard Club Beard Oil (worth R258)

Competition Ends: 18 May 2016




beard oil
Gentleman’s Beard Oil

Beard Oil – Fresh Wood

Imagine yourself being out in a misty mountain range and walking through the forest while inhaling the scent of freshly chopped pine trees. That is what The Gentleman’s Beard Oil resembles. It has a distinct masculine woody aroma that has been handcrafted and cultivated after many months of careful research to bring you a premium product used to soften your beard follicles and moisturize your underlying skin.

The Moroccon Argan Oil is a premium oil known for its amazing benefits to promote healthy beard hair whilst nourishing follicles from root to tip. Grapeseed and Jojoba Oil also have principle benefits of strengthening beard hair so they won’t break off or appear brittle. After all, you’d want your beard to look healthy, full and masculine which is what this product assists with.

This vintage beard oil is designed to be lightweight and residue free and won’t grease your beard. Used to maintain healthy underlying skin and preferred by women who love this scent on their gentleman! BUY NOW



beard wash
Gentleman’s Beard Wash

Beard Wash – Fresh Wood

It takes time to bring you a premium quality product and we are proud to introduce you to the first Beard Wash on the market that is all natural and one that may promote hair growth! Through a special natural formulation which is known to strengthen beard hair and growth after sustained usage, this Beard Wash also has a scent that follows the Fresh Wood line of products.

This product was designed for the gentleman who wants to stop using chemical hair shampoo for his beard and who wants to make the switch to a Beard Wash that creates a rich lather that will immediately make your beard feel softer as you rinse the foam off and towel dry. BUY NOW


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Beard Oil and wash

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7 responses to “WIN: Gentleman’s Beard Oil & Wash”

  1. Chantal Avatar

    I love how manly my hubby looks with a beard

  2. Riaz Avatar

    I hate it when a beard looks untidy

  3. dina dos santos (@tenaciousD2013) Avatar

    love a beard, makes a man look more distinguished and attractive

  4. Roxanne Chutthergoon Avatar
    Roxanne Chutthergoon

    I dislike it because it is so pokey when trying to kiss my man 🙂

  5. Samantha Gin Avatar
    Samantha Gin

    It’s to rough and scruffy looking. I like my husband clean shaven. Looks so handsome 🙂

  6. Bianca Balutto Avatar
    Bianca Balutto

    My bf needs this. His beard tends to get a lil rough which I don’t like. I like a well taken care of beard it looks really sexy

  7. Darryn van der Walt Avatar

    I find it more attractive than if I were to have a cleanly shaven face

  8. vchristiane4gmailcom Avatar

    Love my husbands beard for a variety of reasons, some I can divulge though?

  9. Jana Marshall Avatar
    Jana Marshall

    I like a beard when it is well taken care of, when it is soft to the touch.

  10. Lynne Kisch Avatar
    Lynne Kisch

    All sexy men have beards, especially the one I married.

  11. thea lennox Avatar
    thea lennox

    #giveawaysa I hate it when a beard looks un neat and i hate the feeling of a beard against my chin. It feels dirty Giving away Gentleman’s Beard Oil & Wash @liferetreat_ @giveawaysa_ #GiveawaySA

  12. Trish Avatar

    #giveawaysa is running daily competitions as from today #enter & #win

  13. rehana seedat Avatar
    rehana seedat

    I find that a man with a beard looks more attractive, appealing and mature! ( well, only if it suits him)

  14. Quinton Dos Santos Avatar
    Quinton Dos Santos

    I like beards because I have one and I love it! Hahahah

  15. rosina madigoe Avatar

    I like beard for those men who can take care of it. I dislike it because is not comfortable when kissing each other.

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