WIN: Hill’s Pet Products For Cats


Win Hill’s products for your fury loved one. Up for grabs is a cosy cuddler for cats valued at R250 a bag of Hill’s Ideal Balance cat food made with wholesome, natural ingredients to provide life-enhancing pet nutrition., perfectly balanced for better health.





Getting the right balance is critical; even ‘healthy’ ingredients can be harmful in excess. Hill’s Ideal Balance has been developed by the Hill’s experts who know exactly how to create a natural food that is backed by the science of good nutrition.

Hill’s Ideal Balance contains the very best natural ingredients, including fresh chicken, natural salmon, fruit (such as apples and cranberries), vegetables, brown rice, eggs and flaxseed. The tasty, wholesome foods do not contain any artificial colourants, flavours, preservatives, wheat, corn or soy. For those who prefer there are completely grain-free varieties such as Natural Chicken and Potato for cats.

Find more info on Hill’s Natural Balance here:

kitty cuddler
Hill’s kitty cuddler


Hill’s Cat Products

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29 responses to “WIN: Hill’s Pet Products For Cats”

  1. Kim H Avatar
    Kim H

    We have a ginger cat named Fanta and he is about 5 years old 🙂

  2. Emma green Avatar
    Emma green

    Athena, same age as me..19years ?? Bombay breed. Well I have twin cats, male & female. Athena and Zeus. Their so cute, as I come home they run up my legs and sit on my hips with paws round my neck, like a baby. I don’t even hold them… They just cling as I walk around. ?

    1. Trish Avatar

      I love all your pets names Emma, and they sound so cute.
      They give us such unconditional love

  3. Vicky Pheiffer Avatar
    Vicky Pheiffer

    Ozzy, Norwegian Forest Cat, 7 years old

  4. Sonet Avatar

    My cat’s name is Vlooi, she was adopted from the SPCA 11 years ago (this year) – I’m not sure what breed she is but she’s white as snow, with a pink nose and blue eyes. Last year her ears had to be amputated due to cancer – but she is now cancer free and still her lovely self 🙂

    1. Trish Avatar

      Hi Sonet
      Wow, what an inspiring story, Sonet, Vlooi is so lucky to have you as her “Mom”

  5. dina dos santos (@tenaciousD2013) Avatar
    dina dos santos (@tenaciousD2013)

    Salem 11 years old, pavement special 🙂

    1. Trish Avatar

      Pavement specials are always the best

  6. Aatika Avatar

    My cat’s name is Whiskers and she is a crossbreed between a persian and tabby cat. She is 7 years old.

  7. Anita Avatar

    Biscuit, mixed breed, 4 months

  8. Lisa Avatar

    Tumbles and Bugz are both 8 years old mixed breads

  9. Tammi Avatar

    Mischief is 12 years old, a pure Norwegian forrest, and lives in the lap of luxury, so he thinks

  10. Leatitia du Toit Avatar
    Leatitia du Toit

    Tommy is a 6 year old rescue cat with black and grey stripes

  11. Sheila Avatar

    Skaapie is about 7 years old and is a mixed breed with the most beautiful big blue eyes:)

  12. Belinda Avatar

    My boy is Coda he is a ginger mix breed and we are very glad that we can stay with him in HIS HOUSE. Here he is the king and we do as he commands we love him to bits and like to spoil him rotten. He also has a split personality…. He got the idea that he is actually a lion

  13. Marie Avatar

    ‘Tiny’ is “just another cat” to every one else, but to me he is very special lovely cat, rescued the tiny little kitten at school. About one year old by now and not so ‘tiny’anymore…., just that cute cat I can write a book about!

  14. Marie Avatar

    ‘Tiny’ is just a cat (rescued the tiny little kitten at school) and about one year old now and not “tiny” any more now!

  15. Shireen Avatar

    Tintin, Black with white socks and chest, street breed but fussy with food – only eats Hills.

  16. Willie Avatar

    Garfield, ginger cat, 12 years old.

  17. Suzette Coetzee Avatar
    Suzette Coetzee

    Asterix, Long-Haired Domestic Cat, 12

  18. Trish Avatar

    How cute are all of these photos
    I am in love with all of these dogs

  19. Wendy Hartwig Avatar
    Wendy Hartwig

    Short hair mixed breed – and her name is Snowflake and she is 1yr 4 months.

  20. Megan Hartwig Avatar
    Megan Hartwig

    Longhaired persian cat, named Abby and she is 6 years old.

  21. Bianca Balutto Avatar
    Bianca Balutto

    My baba’s name is Lola she is 2 years old and she’s a tortoise shell

  22. rehana seedat Avatar
    rehana seedat

    Mixed breed, Name Roxy age 9

  23. Carla VDW Avatar
    Carla VDW

    Kali is a black medium haired cat who is 4 years old and Juno is a Tabby cat who is 3 years <3

  24. Dawn W Avatar
    Dawn W

    Mixed breed, Name Moggy age 7

  25. Jana Marshall Avatar
    Jana Marshall

    Ty – short for Tyrannosaurus Rex, Mixed breed, 3 months

    1. Lynne Kisch Avatar
      Lynne Kisch

      Spiggy is my Oriental Bi-Colour Chocolate Siamese boy from a long line of pedigreed cats. His name suits him because we call him Spiggy the Piggy… Lucky for him, he lives a free and comfortable life sleeping on my bed.

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