WIN: Laughing Buddha & Lavender Incense

buddha & lavender incense


As part of Life Retreat’s 30 days of giveaways, you can win this beautiful Buddha ornament with lavender incense and holder. In feng shui, Buddha statues are used to assist the chi energy move throughout your home and garden space and lavender incense has relaxing properties which can calm the mind when you are feeling stressed.


Lavender Incense

It has relaxing properties and is essential in calming down your mind when you are feeling stressed or worn out.
The lavender incense has been around for more than 2500 years and was widely used in ancient Egypt during ritual practices.

Laughing Buddha

In western culture, the laughing Buddha is probably the most widely recognizable and used. It’s also known as the good luck, prosperity or abundance Buddha. It depicts Buddha in his later years as happy and with a large belly from an abundant lifetime. He’ll either be in a sitting position or standing with his hands over his head supporting a real or imaginary Ru-Yi pot (vessel or bowl of plenty).

This statue is affectionately dubbed Happy. It’s tradition to rub his belly to ensure even greater luck is bestowed upon you. Place this statue in your personal wealth corner or southeast sector of your home. It’s great for an office on the north wall facing those who enter.

Placement Rules for Home and Garden

  • Never place directly on the ground or in a bathroom; both are considered disrespectful placements.
  • Always place statue facing into your room unless placed at entrance of home where it should face those entering.
  • Garden Buddha statues should always face your home to bestow great abundance.


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    relaxing properties

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    Lavender has relaxing properties

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    Relaxing properties

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    Calming Properties

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    Lavendar has relaxing properties. Cape Town

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    lavender has relaxing properties which can calm the mind when you are feeling stressed. Johannesburg

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    Lavender has relaxing properties
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    Lavender has relaxing properties
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    Lavender has relaxing properties which can calm the mind when you are feeling stressed.

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    Relaxing properties
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    relaxing properties

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