Win A New Car Battery And Battery Check Valued At R2500

Win A New car Battery And Battery Check Valued At R2500

We’re giving away vouchers for a brand new car battery and a free battery check to three readers valued at R2500 each.

Giveaway Closed: Congratulations Linda Laing, Ncuthwa Asheron, Priya Sewnath!




About the car battery

Raylite vehicle batteries have been leading the way in reliability and performance. This is so much so that today 100% of car manufacturers install these batteries in new vehicles in South Africa.

What will the future of car batteries look like? With more hybrid vehicles on the road, Raylite batteries are paving the way for enhanced battery performance for these cars. Designed for stop-start cars, the batteries use new processing techniques that improve charge acceptance. They deliver more than 10% cranking current, three times longer cycle life and a nationwide guarantee – and they’re available from Battery Centre, the leading battery specialists.

The winners would be able to go to a Battery Centre nearest to them to collect their prize and have it installed for free. The technicians will also be able to give them advice and assistance on battery maintenance.

How to enter

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Explore to learn more about the next-generation products that Battery Centre offers.






43 responses to “Win A New Car Battery And Battery Check Valued At R2500”

  1. Candice Vincent Avatar
    Candice Vincent


  2. Roanne Lalsab Avatar
    Roanne Lalsab


  3. Salochana Naidoo Avatar
    Salochana Naidoo


  4. Tharishia Ebrahim Avatar
    Tharishia Ebrahim

    My car could use a new battery.. I reside in Gauteng (Johannesburg)

  5. Charmaine Avatar

    Durban love this

  6. Soraya asmal Avatar
    Soraya asmal

    Im in kzn & need a car battery so desperately ?

  7. Priya Sewnath Avatar
    Priya Sewnath

    Kwa Zulu natal

  8. ANGELIQUE Schuller Avatar

    How awesome, i need this! Beautiful cape town

  9. Tina Ramlakan Avatar
    Tina Ramlakan

    I am from kwazulu natal Durban

  10. Tina Avatar

    Kwazulu Natal

  11. Yvette Hamilton Avatar
    Yvette Hamilton

    Port Elizabeth <3

  12. Yvette Hamilton Avatar
    Yvette Hamilton

    I would love to win a battery for my hubby’s car <3

  13. Brandon Pierre Fourie Avatar
    Brandon Pierre Fourie

    western cape…good luck to all who enter!!!

  14. Selona Govender Avatar
    Selona Govender

    Durban, KZN. My car so needs a new battery. Holding thumbs tightly

  15. Ronnae Elliott Avatar
    Ronnae Elliott

    Cape Town

  16. lauren Avatar

    I reside in the beautiful sunny cape town xxxxxxxx

  17. Carolyn Augustus Avatar
    Carolyn Augustus

    Western Cape

  18. Bronwyn D Avatar
    Bronwyn D

    Johannesburg – I could definately do with a battery check in my vintage 1975 Sukuzi Jeep that my dad and I are busy rebuilding. Bless it no longer has bumpers …… they will have to be custom made 🙂

  19. Sharleen Deacon Avatar
    Sharleen Deacon

    Cape Town

  20. Sabine Avatar

    Western Cape!

  21. ALetia Avatar


  22. Linda Laing Avatar
    Linda Laing


  23. Jp botha Avatar
    Jp botha

    Such a handy giveaway, wow. Cape Town please

  24. Lynn Botha Avatar
    Lynn Botha

    Cape Town – this is such an awesome prize 🙂

  25. lesley van schalkwyk Avatar
    lesley van schalkwyk

    a quality brand oh yeh!

  26. lesley van schalkwyk Avatar
    lesley van schalkwyk

    cape town wow an amazing giveaway! #BatteryCentreSA #Competition #Giveaway #giveawaysa

  27. Samantha Pearce Avatar
    Samantha Pearce

    Western Cape

  28. Stephanie Avatar

    Ah my var battery died just yesterday!!!! Please please please pick me!!!!!

  29. Carmen Josias Avatar
    Carmen Josias

    I would really love to win.

  30. Leatitia du Toit Avatar
    Leatitia du Toit

    My battery is 3 years old. time for a new one.

  31. Ronelle Avatar

    Would love to win for our family car as our car needs a new battery safety always first



  33. Suzette Viviers Avatar
    Suzette Viviers

    I live in the Western Cape!

  34. Lois Carol Wessels Avatar
    Lois Carol Wessels

    So timeous – just what I need for my old vehicle – would definitely encourage a better performance!!!!! Holding thumbs

  35. Lynn Nolan Avatar
    Lynn Nolan

    I’m in Cape town, thank you for the opportunity, I havent used my car in 2 months as it needs a battery

  36. Lynn Nolan Avatar
    Lynn Nolan

    I havent used my car in 2 months as it needs a new battery, keeping my fingers crossed!

  37. Shaheeda loofer Avatar
    Shaheeda loofer

    Just what I need right car needs a new battery….I reside in Cape Town western Cape

  38. Chris Naicker Avatar

    This is awesome love to win

  39. Ncuthwa Luke Avatar

    Awesome #BatteryCentreSA giveaway

  40. Janel Sunderlall Avatar
    Janel Sunderlall

    KwaZulu Natal

  41. Nikiwe Dlamini Avatar
    Nikiwe Dlamini

    Would love to win this battery.

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