Win One Of 2 Double Thick Hair Vitamins

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Never underestimate the power of beautiful hair. Stand a chance to win one of two Double Thick Hair Vitamins with Life Retreat and Lifestyle Shop Online valued at R395.




Double Thick Hair Vitamins

The most delicious way to grow the healthiest, longest hair possible, giving you all the nutrients and vitamins you need!

The Delicious Double Thick – Hair Vitamins is a unique and tasty strawberry flavoured formulation that assists in hair re-growth as well as maintaining a healthy level of vitamins and minerals needed for beautiful looking hair. Preventing hair loss and promoting healthy hair has never been this delicious.

The Vitamins are formulated for all genders and hair types and do NOT contain any hormones. Also, you will not experience an increase in hair growth on any other areas on your body.

Hair vitamins

Product Benefits

Firstly, nourishes hair from within. Secondly, helps grow longer and stronger hair. Thirdly, improves overall health. Furthermore, increases hair strength. Also, decreases hair breakage. Finally, improves hair elasticity.

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24 responses to “Win One Of 2 Double Thick Hair Vitamins”

  1. Kimber-lee Basson Avatar
    Kimber-lee Basson

    Great treatment for my hair!! much needed:)

    fingers crossed xx

  2. Renuka Singh Avatar

    Fantastic Vitamin, I need some.

  3. Natasha Burton Avatar
    Natasha Burton

    Delicious double Thick…please! After 5 kids my hair is thin and lifeless!
    I’d love this!

  4. Debra Avatar

    The decrease in hair breakage is goal number 1 🙂

  5. Roxanne Chutthergoon Avatar
    Roxanne Chutthergoon

    The Delicious Double Thick – It decreases hair breakage!

  6. cathy boer Avatar
    cathy boer

    The improvement of overall health… Absolutely love it! ♥

  7. Annelize gouws Avatar

    After shaving my locks of 3 years ago for the #cancerShavathon my hair has grown thicker and more. It is at times uncontrollable and still haven’t found the right treatment. ….. This would be such a wonderful gift to myself….. mist say, I Absolutely love ❤ my short hair, but don’t know how to style my hair……

  8. Jonell Jozeph Avatar
    Jonell Jozeph

    I really need to try this. My hair has not been in the best shape it can be and I am exploring new ways of healthy hair.

  9. Rehana Seedat Avatar
    Rehana Seedat

    The Delicious Double Thick – Hair Vitamins TO decrease hair breakage.

  10. Amber Avatar

    I really like to fact that it does not contain any hormones and that we will not experience an increase in hair growth on any other areas on our body.

  11. Marc Avatar

    for my hair loss

  12. Lyn Avatar

    Like that it decreases hair breakage

  13. Zandile Dlamini Avatar
    Zandile Dlamini

    I love that it improves hair elasticity

  14. Megan Hartwig Avatar
    Megan Hartwig

    The Delicious Double Thick – Hair Vitamins. I really need this for the improvement of overall health.

  15. Ginna Avatar

    The benefit I’m more interested in is the improvement of overall health 🙂

  16. Annette Hamann Avatar
    Annette Hamann

    I really need this. I’m currently experiencing hair loss and not quite sure why. This will be a great help. Fingers crossed ????

  17. Sabine Avatar

    ‘the fact that it supports overall health of the hair!!1

  18. Tania Brewis Avatar
    Tania Brewis

    Improves overall health – my hair is falling out because of my underactive thyroid. Would luv a product that will improve the overall health of my hair!

  19. Yolande Murphy Avatar
    Yolande Murphy

    The decreasing of hair strength

  20. Bianca Balutto Avatar
    Bianca Balutto

    Longer and stronger. I miss having long thick hair so this is definitely the benefit I like the most.

  21. Lois Carol Wessels Avatar
    Lois Carol Wessels

    I am most impressed with the claim that Double Thick Hair Vitamins promotes hair growth from within!

  22. Janel Sunderlall Avatar
    Janel Sunderlall

    The Delicious Double Thick – Hair Vitamins. I really need this

  23. Nivashini Thaver Avatar
    Nivashini Thaver

    I desperately need this amazing treatment for my hair. Ever since my baby was born I have experienced severe hair loss and I am near balding. Please help!

  24. Anisha Singh Avatar
    Anisha Singh

    Every girl dreams of being Rapunzel with strong hair that even Prince Charming can use to as a ladder! So yes! This suburban mum aka budding entrepreneur ( stress has ruined my hair!) needs a mane that is strong and can resist the ravages of time and age too! No more breakage! Bring it on baby! I need to let down my hair!

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