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This one’s for those of you who loves the smell of coffee in the morning…
Here’s your chance to win Espresto Passionato Capsules to the Value of R1400.00!
Competition closes 5 October 2015

How to enter:

  1. Comment below and describe your perfect coffee moment.
  2. Like and share this post with #LifeRetreat and #LoveCoffee.

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19 responses to “WIN: Passionato Coffee”

  1. Edith du Rand Avatar
    Edith du Rand

    #LifeRetreat and #LoveCoffee – My perfect coffee moment is share a cup of coffee with my daughters

  2. Sophie Avatar

    My perfect coffee moment is when I wake up early on Saturday mornings. My boyfriend is already at work and I can get out of bed, make my coffee and go and sit outside in the garden at 5.30am. It feels like I’m the only person in the world for those 20 minutes.

  3. Michelle Avatar

    that perfect moment when you have some “me” time and enjoy your coffee in the silence…. blissful #LifeRetreat #LoveCoffee

  4. Marc Avatar

    Perfect moment is when you arrive at work, open your emails, and take that first sip to charge you up for the day #LifeRetreat #LoveCoffee

  5. Leatitia Avatar

    The moment I open my eyes in the morning and smell the freshly brewed coffee – that does it for me.

  6. Charmaine McDonald Avatar

    My best time for coffee is at 5.30 am, sitting outside on my balcony. One cup is not enough, so, at 6.00am, I enjoy another cup. O for the love of coffee!

  7. Corrine Avatar

    My perfect coffee moment is in the morning when i get to work ,I first get my coffee. without that perfect coffee moment the day cannot start.

  8. marc Avatar

    When you half way through a rough day and your energy levels are crashing – Espresto Passionato time for the Perfect pick me up

  9. Lisle Avatar

    Perfect coffee moment is early in the morning (4:30) when the rest of the family are still sleeping 🙂

  10. angie Avatar

    My perfect coffee moment is when th house is quiet and peacefull , time too relax and unwind #bliss

  11. Yvette Hamilton Avatar
    Yvette Hamilton

    my PERFECT coffee moment would be the cup that my hubby makes when i get home in the evening, with coffee in hand and whilst relaxing before my night-time duties begin…..aaaah, bliss 😀 <3

  12. Kamilah Francis Avatar
    Kamilah Francis

    I love to enjoy my perfect cup of coffee early morning when all is quiet and peaceful!

  13. Jacob nketsi Avatar
    Jacob nketsi

    My perfect moment is drinking a strong cup of coffee with chocolate cakes sunday afternoon after church with family and friends watching tv and reading magazine

  14. Chantel Moorcroft Avatar
    Chantel Moorcroft

    My perfect coffee moment is in the morning when my awesome hubby brings me my Espresto Passionato coffee

  15. warabile macinga Avatar
    warabile macinga

    My perfect coffee moment is early in the morning when i arrive at work,before even switching on my computer,i first prepare my lovely,rich and tasty coffee to cheer me up and energise me for the long day ahea………could feel the smell and aroma as i type

  16. Thabo Molemohi Avatar
    Thabo Molemohi

    My perfect coffee moment is when, after work I get home and one three love girls brings to me a freshly brewed coffee, in my favourite mug, and she with her sisters and their mother surround me and bombard me with questions about how my day was, etc. Then they each want to hear what i would like to have for supper and who should be the cook/chef1 Wow, I feel so special at the time as I sip down the coffee and the aroma is feeling the room! Mmmmmmmhhhhh!!

  17. Ross Avatar

    The perfect moment is when you get home from work, sit down after taking shoes off after a long hard day…the relief… And then…coffee!

  18. Brandon Avatar


    I would love this coffee. hmmmmm. nothing better.

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