Win A Probiotic Baby Skincare Hamper

Win A Probiotic Baby Skincare Hamper

We’re giving away a Probiotic Baby Skincare hamper comprising of an Organic Baby Gift Set, and a Probiotic Cream, Wash and Body Cream. All perfect for newborns!

Giveaway closed: Congratulations Shameez Patel Papathanasiou!

As South Africa’s most trusted organic baby brand, Pure Beginnings announced the release of their much anticipated Probiotic Baby Care range for sensitive skin. 



About the Probiotic Baby Skincare Hamper

Your skin microbiome is the complex ecosystem of microbes naturally living on the skin. Current evidence shows these microbes are essential for  optimal functioning of healthy skin. In addition, the latest research shows a connection between skin microbial imbalances and several different skin conditions including eczema.

Probiotic Baby Sensitive Cream Wash

 The Probiotic Baby Sensitive Cream Wash protects the skin’s microbiome with inclusion of prebiotic and probiotic ingredients. The ingredients, formulation and product pH all protect the skin’s microbiome during bathing.

Probiotic Baby Sensitive Body Cream

The Probiotic Baby Sensitive Body Cream boosts the skin’s microbiome with the inclusion of prebiotic and probiotic ingredients. The ingredients, formulation and product pH all assist the skin’s microbiome to flourish.

Organic Baby Gift Set


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21 responses to “Win A Probiotic Baby Skincare Hamper”

  1. Shameez Avatar

    Thank you so so much, I am so grateful!!

  2. Lyn Avatar

    Love thee products, they are so gentle

  3. Maggie Avatar

    A hlf spoon of bicarbonate of soda in baby water works the best

  4. Nat Govender Avatar
    Nat Govender

    Olive oils and coconut oils are great for babies with sensitive skin

  5. Shameez Avatar

    I am currently pregnant with my first and so I haven’t tried any natural remedies just yet, but I would likely steer towards mixtures including olive and coconut oil as well as rooibos.

  6. Faiza Avatar

    Fingers crossed for this, cos I am SO obsessed with this brand. Baby loves it too! #FMZBaby

  7. andrea bester Avatar
    andrea bester

    We use olive oil or coconut oil on her skin

  8. Jonell Jozeph Avatar
    Jonell Jozeph

    This is an awesome give away. New borns has such sensitive skin and this is truly amazing that these products are made specifically for new borns.

  9. Nicole Naicker Avatar

    I use baby oil in bath water ,and Vaseline on things and under arms to prevent dryness and redness

  10. Linda Laing Avatar
    Linda Laing

    I use honey to rub on bites and stings and a mixture of lemon juice and olive oil for bathing.

  11. Lianda Colquhoun Avatar
    Lianda Colquhoun

    What a great prize to win for our son, we fetching him next week from his kangeroo mom. I am planning to only use Pure Beginnings products for our precious baby ?

  12. Devika Jawahir Avatar

    I use rooibos teabags for any wonders..also my 6 year old has sensitive skin so I would appreciate such a lovely win for her..great products which I would love to try..?

  13. Maxine Beukes Avatar
    Maxine Beukes

    I use a teaspoon of coconut oil in my twins bath x

  14. Zeenat Carrim Avatar
    Zeenat Carrim

    My baby is 7 months and suffers from eczema…i would love to try these products for him and give him relief ?❤️

  15. Courtney Avatar

    Would love to win this. My daughter has very fair, sensitive skin.

  16. Janel Sunderlall Avatar
    Janel Sunderlall

    I freeze mashed fruit which i make into popsicles for baby to chew on

  17. Lois Carol Wessels Avatar
    Lois Carol Wessels

    Awesome giveaway – just what is required for winter -Probiotic Baby Skincare Hamper- holding thumbs to win!

  18. Ronnae Elliott Avatar
    Ronnae Elliott

    I add Rooibos tea bags to my daughters bath, this keeps her skin soft.

  19. Nicole young Avatar
    Nicole young

    Oh this is lovely I love this product so good on baby’s skin

  20. Camillah Adams Avatar
    Camillah Adams

    Don’t use too strong detergent to wash baby’s clothes.

  21. Anusha Naidoo Avatar
    Anusha Naidoo

    I have used Olive oil on my daughters skin, warmed it and gently massaged into her skin, it helps to keep the skin moisturized, soft and smooth.

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