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Colombian lifestyle brand Maaji is world renowned for their assortment of colours, shapes, silhouettes and textures. Maaji’s eclectic and unconventional collections are designed for the modern creative soul, who dares to experiment with fashion without compromising on comfort.

They offer ranges of active wear, resort wear and swimwear (for ladies, men and kids) in surreal avant-garde runway styles that tell magical stories.

The Maaji signature is built upon the unexpected mixture of prints, textures, cutting-edge silhouettes and the sweet, ubiquitous presence of details. This combination defines the Maaji philosophy.

The result: a one of a kind product, a real piece of art.

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It is so very easy to stay in bed an extra hour instead of getting up in the cold and heading to the gym. But we have come up with a plan to ‘tone it up a notch’, you won’t want to miss a workout for a very long time.


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It’s that time of the year again, where sleeping in an extra hour seems like a much better idea than dragging yourself out into the cold to workout. But this year, that is not an option for you if you want to fit into those gorgeous skinnies you’ve been eyeing out…

We have come up with a list of 6 Ways To Keep Fit This Winter: With Maaji South Africa. Get you looking and feeling good.


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24 responses to “WIN A R2500 Maaji SA Activewear Voucher”

  1. Yolande Smith Avatar
    Yolande Smith

    Love the blog, Love the competitions, love Maaji ????????

  2. Vanessa Christiane Avatar
    Vanessa Christiane

    Awesome gear. .. summer is gonna be Gerd before we know it so exceraise and rhe right moves is why i would love MaajiSA kit????

  3. Vanessa Christiane Avatar
    Vanessa Christiane

    Been following gor a short while now, the beauties, blog and the amazing website and superb specials are awesome Thanks Sam and your team for keeping at it, determination, sacrifice anc looooooong hours us what makes a business successful

    1. Shimanga Avatar

      Thank you so much Vanessa. It’s because of you that we keep going. 🙂

  4. chantal esterhuizen Avatar

    What a prize! I know any woman wouls love to win this!

    1. Shimanga Avatar

      It’s a great prize Chantal. Hope you’ve entered the competition.

  5. Chelsea Avatar

    Maaji Active Clothing will encourage me to get back into shape for Summer! After all… they say your Summer bod is made in Winter… which is why the Megalong Valley Sweater is just PERFECT! <3

  6. Nancy Pretorius Avatar
    Nancy Pretorius

    MaajiSA is the kind of clothing that makes a woman feel unique,trendy and beautiful.
    FaceBook @Nancy Pretorius, Twitter @Nancy7Katy Instagram @nancy_pretorius

  7. Roxanne Chutthergoon Avatar
    Roxanne Chutthergoon

    LOVE the Maaji Russet Soul Tights

  8. Catherine Avatar

    The only thing I love more than gym clothes is gym and exercise itself. ????Maaji Active clothing would make the perfect addition to my wardrobe!!????

  9. Roslyn Kinnear Avatar
    Roslyn Kinnear

    WOW!! What an INCREDIBLE prize. Absolutely LOVE MaajiSA, they are so unique and trendy. Would Love to win this AMAZING giveaway!! IN LOVE!!! Fabulous Blog, Fabulous Post!

    1. Lynette Avatar

      Thank you for your lovely comment Roslyn. More great competitions like this to come! Good luck and please keep sharing.

  10. anne botes Avatar
    anne botes

    wow amazing prize and would so love to be a lucky winner

  11. EMIZER Avatar

    Maaji Russet Soul Tights would be a blessing to have these..
    Would love to win..
    @Oka_Vin_K on twitter
    @hlelilev on IG
    Emizer on Facebook

  12. CHANTE AUGUST!! Avatar

    Maaji Russet Soul Tights is the bomb ????

  13. Vanessa Avatar

    I’ve got the running shoes now all I would like is a set of MaajiSA Kit to get me into gear! Thanks MaajiSA, GiveawaySA and liferetretreat for the awesome competition! ????????????

  14. Tiyana Avatar

    would love to win

  15. Vanessa Avatar

    I’ve got the runningredients shoes; NOW I need the MaajiSA Kit, thanks MaajiSA, GiveawaySA and liferetretreat – awesome gear!????????????

    1. Vanessa Avatar

      Whoops a spelly????

  16. Caryn-Leigh Falken Avatar
    Caryn-Leigh Falken

    I would love to win this. It would be perfect for my vacation in Thailand ????

  17. Anisha Singh Avatar
    Anisha Singh

    The utterly gorgeous Climber Moss Pants ticks all the right boxes. It will add a touch of glam to my workouts! Please wave that magical wand won’t you? I need some Maaji inspiration when I exercise!

  18. Giselle Avatar

    I neeeeeed new clothes, please help me stay inspired and stylish this season since my own personal finances have been struggling this year =(. It’s hard for a for a girl out here. I truelly need it and will put it to real good use, as well as share the good news and promote the brand! Would be deeply appreciated =) thank youuuu <3

  19. Stefni Grey Avatar
    Stefni Grey

    Maaji Russet Soul Tights ????
    Spending half my time in the gym, mite as well do it in Maaji style.

  20. Candice Piek Avatar
    Candice Piek

    Love this blog post, what a fabulous giveaway…

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