Win The Tresemme Keratin Smooth Range

Tresemme Keratin Smooth Range

Fed up with frizz? You now stand a chance to win the Tresemme Keratin Smooth range that will give you silky, frizz-controlled hair for up to 72 hours.

Giveaway closed: Congratulations Candice Vincent!




About the Tresemme Keratin Smooth range

Gone are the days when smooth meant limp, poker straight hair. Our revamped TRESemmé Keratin Smooth Collection, is specially designed to fight frizz, detangle knots, boost shine, add silky softness, and tame those pesky flyaways. 

TRESemmé Keratin Smooth Shampoo

It fights frizz, detangles knots, boosts shine, adds silky softness, and tames fly-aways for up to 72 hours.

TRESemmé Keratin Smooth Conditioner

It also fights frizz, detangles knots, boosts shine, add ssilky softness, and tames fly-aways.

TRESemmé Keratin Smooth Shine Oil’s

Its non-greasy formula calms unruly hair for a perfect look, full of natural movement.

TRESemmé Keratin Smooth Masque Treatment

It seals strands against humidity and frizz, leaving locks gorgeously smooth.




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58 responses to “Win The Tresemme Keratin Smooth Range”

  1. kamilah francis Avatar
    kamilah francis

    I use conditioner to make my hair tangle free

  2. Nusrat Avatar

    Truely the shampoo I trusted throughout my teen years and present thirties ?
    Absolutely Love It

  3. I love the shampoo. Really gives my hair volume. Avatar
    I love the shampoo. Really gives my hair volume.

    I love the shampoo. Does wonders to my waves.

  4. Marieta Avatar

    My friend did give me from her Tresemme and my hair came soft and shiny very bouncey also and when I walk it swing from shoulders to shoulder Tresemme is the only produced that do that to my hair it make my hair silky soft and my scalp is moist and I have a sensitive skin I have eczema and my skin is very dry but thanks to Tresemme my dry days is gone you the best Tresemme

  5. Chris Naicker Avatar

    My daughter u detangling comb and leave in conditioner

  6. Jo-Anne Vermaak Avatar
    Jo-Anne Vermaak

    I use Tresemme heat defence spray, really keeps my hair a lot less frizzy and protects it from being fried by my hair dryer and flat iron

  7. bronwyn muskett yetts Avatar
    bronwyn muskett yetts

    I’m in desperate need of something that will boost shine, add silky softness, and tame those pesky flyaways. My hair is dull, limp and those fly aways.. I’m surprised I’m still on my feet with the directions they go. I would love this

  8. sagree moodley Avatar
    sagree moodley

    Durban is very humid and in Summer keep your hair neat and frizz free is very difficult. Awesome products

  9. Eve Avatar

    I usually put conditioner on the ends of my hair after shampooing. Then when I’m done showering Ive mad a mixer of water and a Leave-in-conditioner in a spray bottle and use it in my hair to help with tangles (my hair is terribly knotty after washing so this helps).

  10. Eve Avatar

    I put vonditoner on the ends of my hair after shampooing. Then when I’m finishing bathing/showering I have made a mix of water with a Leave-in-conditioner mixed in a spray bottle (my hair gets terribly knotty after washing)

  11. Candice Piek Avatar
    Candice Piek

    I always use a leave in conditioner to keep my hair tangle free!

  12. Cirsten Van Den Heuvel Avatar
    Cirsten Van Den Heuvel

    I keep my hair tangle free by using a tangle teazer brush and spraying on a leave in hair treatment oil while it’s wet before brushing it to make it easier to brush

  13. Depashni Marie Avatar
    Depashni Marie

    I use a good conditioner when I wash and then use a wide tooth comb to make sure there’s no tangles.

  14. Bev Avatar

    My dry tired hair needs these awesome products.

  15. Wendy Lou Lombard Avatar
    Wendy Lou Lombard

    I love this range 🙂

  16. Bronwyn Avatar

    Detangler seems to work really well with my thin hair these days

  17. Cassandra D Avatar
    Cassandra D

    I use conditioner and spray.

  18. Ria Kahl Avatar
    Ria Kahl

    I will use Conditioner

  19. Aletia D Avatar
    Aletia D

    Loads of conditioning and limiting the hot iron

  20. lynn botha Avatar
    lynn botha

    By conditioning it everytime I wash it and taking care of it

  21. Samantha Pearce Avatar
    Samantha Pearce

    by using leave in conditioner


    I battle to keep my hair tangle free as I have hectic curls. After washing my hair I put in a silicone serum and it helps a bit…but I am at my wits end really.

  23. Marieta Snyder's Matthews Avatar
    Marieta Snyder’s Matthews

    I use tresemme al the years for my hair I have a dryskin sensitive skin and scalp and have eczema and Tresemme makes my hair soft n shiney and it last whole day the shine I only use this product cuz other shampoos let my hair itch Tresemme you the best n my daughter use it to we happy with this product

  24. Sabine Avatar

    I use lots of hair masks!

  25. Anthea Williams Avatar
    Anthea Williams

    I usually comb out the tangles while I have conditioner in, it usually does the trick

  26. Anthea Williams Avatar
    Anthea Williams

    Amazing giveaway, I really need this cause my hair is so dry and damaged and I absolutely love the Tresemme range.

  27. Janel Avatar

    I use a tangle teezer hair brush

  28. Judy Padayachee Avatar

    Would love to win this awesome hamper the only range that works for my hair l use conditioner once a week.

  29. Joles Avatar

    My hair becomes so dry and tangled in winter. I need a drenching of luxurious nourishment

  30. Ashley Padayachee Avatar

    Awesome giveaway 😀

  31. Linda Laing Avatar
    Linda Laing

    I try to use a detangling oil but with curly frizzy hair it is very hard.

  32. Loveitha Ramjiyavan Avatar
    Loveitha Ramjiyavan

    Tresemme is the brand of hair care products I trust and use. It’s affordable, mild and takes care of all my hair problems. Its of the highest quality and my hair looks like I have stepped out of the salon.

  33. Nicole Naicker Avatar

    I use a leave in conditioner and comb my hair when wet it causes breakage would love to win to tame my frizzy hair

  34. Nimmi Andrew Avatar
    Nimmi Andrew

    Would live to try this product

  35. Leatitia du Toit Avatar
    Leatitia du Toit

    I use conditioner about once a week.

  36. Donna Little Avatar
    Donna Little

    Invest in a good detailer, I hair mask my hair once a week , leave- in conditioner is my best friend

  37. Melissa Govender Avatar
    Melissa Govender

    I have really frizzy untamed hair and keeping it tangle free is always a mission. I usually brush my hair regularly, that means carrying around a brush almost everywhere.

  38. Jeanette Ras Avatar
    Jeanette Ras

    The Professional TRESsemé range that fight frizz, detangle knots, boost shine, add silky softness, and tame those pesky flyaways. The most affordable price for a product that does so much.

  39. Nikiwe Dlamini Avatar
    Nikiwe Dlamini

    Would love to win this.

  40. Marc McDonald Avatar
    Marc McDonald

    I currently use Tresemme products 🙂

  41. Ronelle Pretorius Avatar

    Would love to win this awesome hamper the only range that works for my hair

  42. Lata Avatar

    I comb thru a leave in conditioner and it’s really helped me.

  43. Nirvana Ramdhani Avatar
    Nirvana Ramdhani

    I so need to try this range, especially with humidity in Durban….. Frizz becomes too unbearable at times

  44. Carolyn Augustus Avatar
    Carolyn Augustus

    I use a detangeling spray

  45. Jonell Jozeph Avatar
    Jonell Jozeph

    With Tresemme keratin smooth shampoo and conditioner

  46. Lois Carol Wessels Avatar
    Lois Carol Wessels

    Heard wonderful reports re Tresemme Keratin Smooth range – would absolutely love to try it on my unruly hair! Holding thumbs to WIN!!!!!

  47. Angel MArkus Avatar
    Angel MArkus

    this would be such a life saver for my hair !

  48. Nooreen Agherdien Avatar

    I always braid my hair before bed or I sleep with my hair loose then use a special brush such as a tangle teezer

  49. Nicole young Avatar
    Nicole young

    Wow what a lovely review indeed
    I have been looking for something like this to treat my hair. I would love to win this hamper?

  50. Ronnae Elliott Avatar
    Ronnae Elliott

    I use my daughters oh so heavenly detangling spray.

  51. Lorraine Futcher Avatar

    I only put conditioner on the ends of my hair

  52. Gail Lentoor Avatar

    I only use this product!! Been using it for the past 2yrs now and I love how healthy my hair is now.

  53. Merinda Bekker Avatar

    Tresemmè is the only shampoo that I will use it help my hair grow and keep it soft and smooth

  54. Ncuthwa Luke Avatar

    Would love to win this amazing giveaway???

  55. Lynn Nolan Avatar
    Lynn Nolan


  56. Candice Vincent Avatar
    Candice Vincent

    I try to use leave in conditioner that I can spray on… I also try to trim my hair every three months or so… my hair is terrible after washing.. it really tangles and gets knotty so i try everything i can.. i have a good detangling brush as well that i use…

  57. Anusha Naidoo Avatar
    Anusha Naidoo

    Comment submitted thank you

  58. Anusha Naidoo Avatar
    Anusha Naidoo

    I honestly have a huge problem trying to keep my hair tangle free I usually dry my hair after washing and brush thoroughly until its straight . It still gets tangled after a while this giveaway is exactly what I need thank you

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