WIN: TheraVine Skincare Hamper


WIN a world class health and skincare range worth R1161!  TheraVine is a specially crafted, extrasensory product range fused super anti-oxidants. This give-away includes luxurious hand and foot cream, anti-wrinkle skin booster and hydrating face balm.

Competition Ends: 24 March 2016



Containing powerful anti-oxidants derived from grape cultivators fused with the latest cutting edge actives, TheraVine™ was destined to become a world class ultra-active, result driven health and skincare range exceeding all expectations in the health and skincare industry.

The brand’s formulations consist of many different multi-generational variations and cultivars of grape technologies, using different parts of the grape and vine to benefit the skin in various ways – from signs of the first wrinkles to the reversal of the deepest.

Prize includes the following products:


This luxurious textured facial balm intensely helps hydrate, protect, and improve suppleness and cell renewal, revealing a more comfortable and healthier looking skin.
Direction for use: Warm a little balm in hands and apply to face and neck at night.


A perfect combination of selected ingredients to help repair, protect and improve the elasticity of the skin. It is complimented with a cocktail of essences to help guard against environmental damage, nourish and moisturise dry, overworked hands.


A highly concentrated technologically advanced serum containing actives which help enhance collagen synthesis and inhibit melanin synthesis. It thus allows for an in-depth anti-wrinkle and skin lightening effect. Renowned to help give greater firmness and uniformity of tone and texture to the skin whilst ensuring instant and long term radiance.


This energising foot moisturiser helps revive feet leaving them soft to the touch. It combines the moisturising properties of Vitamin E, soothing botanicals and protective anti-oxidants with aromatic and antiseptic Eucalyptus and Rosemary.

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TheraVine Skincare Hamper
TheraVine Skincare Hamper

TheraVine Hamper

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50 responses to “WIN: TheraVine Skincare Hamper”

  1. Daniela Cardoso Avatar
    Daniela Cardoso

    must have anti-oxidants, really hydrating for my dry skin and must be suitable for sensitive skin, be cruelty free, proven track record

  2. Cathy Badenhorst Avatar
    Cathy Badenhorst

    that the product is free from parabens, hypoallergenic, cruelty-free, must have super hydrating ingredients, great reviews, balue for money

  3. Raihaanah Avatar

    The concentrations of active ingredients

  4. Brenna Coupland Avatar

    The most important things I look for are that it contains no dangerous chemicals and is not tested on animals >^._.^<

  5. Leatitia du Toit Avatar
    Leatitia du Toit

    It hydrates and fights signs of ageing

  6. Sylvia Du Toit Avatar
    Sylvia Du Toit

    The most important factor for me when buying a Skin Care Product is: ultra-active, result driven.

  7. Zasha De Lange Avatar
    Zasha De Lange

    The most important factor I look for in skincare products is cost and if it uses only natural ingredients.

  8. Zasha De Lange Avatar
    Zasha De Lange

    The most important factor I look for in skincare products is cost and natural ingredients

  9. Leanne Avatar

    I always look for a product that hydrates and has a SPF in it. I also look for anti-aging properties.

  10. Aatika Avatar

    The most important factor I look for in skincare products is whether it will be suitable for my sensitive skin.

  11. JANIS LE ROUX Avatar


  12. Gloria Avatar

    If its tried, tested, and approved…. GLORIA

  13. Melanie Avatar

    Cruelty Free

  14. Lerato Avatar

    My most important factor when buying skincare products is Sensitivity.

  15. Marc Avatar

    I look for SPF as well as dark spots removal

  16. charmaine Avatar

    for me, i need the anti-ageing

  17. Michelle Avatar

    SPF is the most important factor

  18. Lee-Ann Avatar

    Hydrating and moisturising are key to me.

  19. Lilene Avatar

    I look for a product which will make my skin feel soft, rejuvenated, refreshed and that would leave my skin smelling good.

    1. Trish Avatar

      Lilene, Theravine is amazing. My favourite is their body oils

  20. Theresa Avatar

    The most important quality of a skincare product is that it should not be tested on animals or cause any harm to nature.

    1. Trish Avatar

      HI Theresa, thank you.
      We should all be careful to not use any products that are tested on animals

  21. Shari Avatar

    The most important factor I consider when buying product is the quality of the ingredients. I want the purest, highest quality I can afford with as little filler as possible. Thanks so much for the chance to win this amazing product! LOVE teh face balms! 🙂

  22. Michelle Avatar

    When buying a skin product I look for anti ageing, repair and rejuvenate and it has to have dehydrating in it to make it complete, you only have one skin and it needs to be looked after.

  23. Cecile van Niekerk Avatar
    Cecile van Niekerk

    Hydration, SPF

  24. Linette de Bruin Avatar

    Look for UVB Protection

  25. Charlotte Pretorius Avatar
    Charlotte Pretorius

    When I go out to buy skin care products, the words on the packaging that encourage me to buy, is hydrating, anti-wrinkle, anti-oxidants and Vitamin E. The more of these words appear, the more likely am to buy! This is a wonderful hamper – I’ve seen many adverts of TheraVine in magazines and on websites, but I have not tried any of these products myself already.

  26. Tania Brewis Avatar
    Tania Brewis

    Wow!! Would luv to win this hamper!! Best skincare products!

  27. Vanessa Christiane Avatar
    Vanessa Christiane

    I know the benefits of TheraVine Products having used them in the past. The Hydraring Mango Face Balm has got to be one of my absolute favorite’s! Love the thought of the Luxurious Foot and Hand Lotion too – as I work in guest house I am continually on my feet and always burning my hands so they sure could do with some pampering! And who doesnt need an anti-wrinkle cream/skin booster, especially for my mature skin hanging over pots and pans with all of the oil and smoke its a definite dequire ent, would ❤ to be the recipient of this prize. TheraVine Products are wonderful!

  28. Bernidene Avatar

    I look for spf/sun protection and anti cruelty

  29. Fluffy Avatar

    Animal cruelty free
    Your always on your feet, running around… They deserve some pampering as well as your face, body and soul

  30. Andrea Avatar

    I look for value for money, alcohol free and hydration

  31. Siobhan Hughes Avatar

    When looking at skincare, I always make sure that the product is suitable for sensitive skin, as my skin tends to react. I find that natural and/or organic products seem to be great for my skin, and I love trying brands made in SA!

  32. diana Avatar

    i would loooove to win this as i love theravine products!!!

  33. Marie Avatar

    SPF – Although we all know better, we still prefer to ignore the negative effects of the sun’s rays. Young children are particularly sensitive to the sun since children’s skins have not had the time to develop sufficient sun protection mechanisms. Hence, let we all take responsibility and enjoy the sun this summer with care. Taking care in the sun should by now become second nature to us all. Enjoy the sunny side of life, but don’t live so to regret it! So, Sun protection begins at home – I do not leave the house without sun protection. So, first thing I look for is sun protection.

  34. Lynne Kisch Avatar
    Lynne Kisch

    At my young age of 57, my skin must be nurtured by products that rehydrate and balance. The most important factor is that the products I purchase must be animal cruelty free.

    1. Trish Avatar

      I agree Lynne
      I am in my 50s, which these days is young. I agree with everything that you say above. Thank you
      Are there any particular topics that you would like us to write more on?

      1. Lynne Kisch Avatar
        Lynne Kisch

        I would like information on whether one needs to take vitamins or not? Is there scientific evidence that we need to take this, and how would we measure what we really need?

  35. Bianca Balutto Avatar
    Bianca Balutto

    I look for something that is hydrating and protects my skin and also something which agree to my sensitive skin so it has to be paraban and fragrance free

  36. rehana seedat Avatar
    rehana seedat

    I look for the SPF Factor included

  37. Sabine Avatar

    Most important factor – hydrating!

  38. Rene Groyer Avatar
    Rene Groyer

    I love the fact that Theravine is natural and has extrasensory properties.Fantastic fragrance naturally derived,animal cruelty free,locally sourced and free from chemicals and nasty artificial ingredients with hydrating and anti aging properties are what I look for in skincare and are delivered by Theravine.

  39. Nancy Pretorius Avatar
    Nancy Pretorius

    The most important factor for me when buying a Skin Care Product is that it must have value for money.But other factors such as Anti-Aging Benifits,Proven results,Hypo-Allergenic,SPF,packaging are also what I look for when Buying a Skin Care Product.

  40. Roxanne Chutthergoon Avatar
    Roxanne Chutthergoon

    I look for the SPF Factor included

  41. Yolande Murphy Avatar
    Yolande Murphy

    Products that are suitable for sensitive skin

  42. sharon Avatar

    Booster, hydrating and anti aging are magical words to me.
    But best of all TheraVine uses the best of what Nature has to offer as well

  43. Joles Lazarus Avatar
    Joles Lazarus

    Id love to win this hamper! My skin really needs some extra care! @jo2311 Durban

  44. Nirvana Avatar

    Hydration & animal cruelty

  45. Natalie M Avatar
    Natalie M

    I always look for hydration and antiaging, Those are my two keywords 🙂

  46. Simone C Avatar
    Simone C

    The most important factor…there are quite a few, but perhaps the most important is that it is multi functional. It hydrates and fights signs of ageing for example. I don’t want 10 products for 10 different things, so the more uses in a product, the more likely i am to consider purchasing it.

    What a lovely giveaway! These products look awesome!

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