Win Two Ultimate Anti-Ageing Solution Collagen Skin

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You can turn back the hands of time with a collagen formulation, and help fight the signs of ageing. Stand a chance to win two Zinsel AA Ultimate Anti-Ageing Solution Collagen Skin.

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So what exactly is collagen

Collagen is a collective group of proteins you find in mammals. It makes up a major portion (25- to 30-percent) of connective tissue within the body. With over 28 different types of collagen identified, usually type 1 (hydrolyzed collagen) are used in supplements.

Almost every aspect of the human body uses collagen. From skin to joints, eyes to cartilage, fingernails to internal organs. Collagen is essential to life, and thankfully occurs naturally within the body. However, as the body ages, collagen production deteriorates. Thus, contributing to problems such as arthritis, easy bone fracture, poor muscle tone, and loss of hearing. So, you can use hydrolyzed collagen for joint pain; bone and muscle support. Also, for hair, skin, and nail improvement.

Nourish your skin from the inside out

Although there are many effective skincare ingredients that help us preserve and maintain what we have, more advanced combinations work to solve common problems such as pigmentation, dullness or poor skin texture, rather than simply treating them temporarily. A healthy lifestyle,  100% natural Zinsel AA and you can start to heal from within.



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46 responses to “Win Two Ultimate Anti-Ageing Solution Collagen Skin”

  1. Celeste Everitt Avatar
    Celeste Everitt

    My skin has been exceptionally dry lately and because of it, the number of fine lines has been multiplying!

  2. Amber Claase Avatar
    Amber Claase

    Dreadful under eye bags, fine lines and annoying spots! Please rescue me..

  3. Rumbarani Naidoo Avatar
    Rumbarani Naidoo

    I have uneven skin tone and pigmentation

  4. Kimber-lee Basson Avatar
    Kimber-lee Basson

    Uneven skin tone, dark spots and dark under eye bags 🙁 HELP?

    Skin is incredibly dry of the sun and wind,

    The benefits of this product are AMAAAAAAAAAAZING!

  5. Jacolien Rheeder Avatar
    Jacolien Rheeder

    Fine lines and wrinkles and dark patches

  6. Loshini munsamy Avatar
    Loshini munsamy

    I am 44 and I wil luv to try this out A fantastic review on this product it’s certainly needed for my skin . The benefits and advantages are absolutely what I need for my skin, hair and nails.

  7. Carolyn Augustus Avatar
    Carolyn Augustus

    Sun damage and pigmentation

  8. Priscilla Boscombe Avatar
    Priscilla Boscombe

    I am 50 and would love to try the Zinsel AA Ultimate Anti-Ageing Solution Collagen Skin. My lines are really getting me down. ????????????????

  9. Janet Perry Avatar
    Janet Perry


  10. Nancy Schools Avatar
    Nancy Schools

    Large pores

  11. Kelli Bryson Avatar
    Kelli Bryson

    Sun damage

  12. Gina N Avatar
    Gina N

    My main concern is fine lines. Thank you for the giveaway chance.

  13. Eileen Boyce Avatar
    Eileen Boyce

    lines and wrinkles

  14. Anita Jude Avatar
    Anita Jude

    I have wrinkles, dry and redness to my face

  15. Eileen Boyce Avatar
    Eileen Boyce


  16. Vinessa Vasquez Avatar
    Vinessa Vasquez

    I’m starting to get wrinkles! Help!

  17. Carmen Clement Avatar
    Carmen Clement

    I get dry skin bad.

  18. Ullricke van Zyl Avatar

    Wow would love to try the Zinsel AA Ultimate Anti-Ageing Solution Collagen Skin because I feel my face needs this for I have fine wrinkles and uneven skin.. thank you xxxx

  19. Nivashini Thaver Avatar
    Nivashini Thaver

    I have extremely dry skin which makes me look older. I have tried so many products but none seem to be doing the trick

  20. Marc McDonald Avatar
    Marc McDonald

    dark patches

  21. Rehana Seedat Avatar
    Rehana Seedat

    Pigmentation and wrinkles

  22. Wendy Vivier Avatar
    Wendy Vivier

    My skin needs a bit of pampering!

  23. wendy meijer Avatar
    wendy meijer

    pigmentation and lines

  24. erin Avatar

    blackheads ugh

  25. Rashika Harduth Avatar
    Rashika Harduth

    My skin is always too shiny.

  26. Janet W Perry Avatar
    Janet W Perry

    My main skin problems are pigmentation and ageing

  27. Cirsten Avatar

    I’m 34 and recently started getting fine line with dull dry skin that is pale.

  28. Lyn Avatar

    Acne 🙁
    As well as fine lines and start of wrinkles

  29. Lisa-Ann Avatar

    My skin is dehydrated and sensitive. I have pronounced frown lines on my forehead which make me feel very self conscious. I’ve also recently noticed some dark spots and open pores in places. I also suffer from rheumatoid arthritis and would love to try Zinsel AA alongside my medication to see if it will ease my symptoms.

  30. Sharleen Avatar

    wrinkles so I need this????

  31. Annette Hamann Avatar
    Annette Hamann

    I have terrible crows feet around my eyes. I just cannot make it less visible. It makes me really not want to smile because it’s just so bad when I smile.

  32. Sabine Avatar

    dullness 🙁

  33. Annelize Gouws Avatar

    Having lots of freckles, I am always very weary about taking care of my skin. I have noticed lately that wrinkles also appearing in my neck line…. and I am only in my 30’s.

  34. Natasha Kock Avatar
    Natasha Kock

    i’ll be turning 40 this year and noticed my skin is unusually dry and yes the wrinkles are as clear as daylight, my skin around my eyes seems quite puffy as well. Would love to give Zinsel AA Ultimate Anti-Ageing Solution Collagen Skin a try and see what wonders it can work for my skin

  35. chantal esterhuizen Avatar

    For me it’s the fine lines around my eyes and on the top of my lip

  36. anne botes Avatar
    anne botes

    wrinkles and fine lines and would love to win this

  37. Megan Hartwig Avatar
    Megan Hartwig

    I have very sensitive skin, and basically my skin reacts terrible to certain brands etc.

  38. Nicole Naicker Avatar

    Fine lines and wrinkles

  39. Rosha Chetty Avatar
    Rosha Chetty

    I have uneven skin tone which makes me self conscious, I would love to win this for my skin condition. Thank you

  40. Lois Carol Wessels Avatar
    Lois Carol Wessels

    I believe that Zinsel AA Ultimate Anti-Ageing Solution Collagen Skin is the answer to anti-ageing! It makes sense to me that treatment should commence from within – Awesome. Just what I need

  41. Roxanne Chutthergoon Avatar
    Roxanne Chutthergoon

    Oily T-Zone

  42. Lynn Nolan Avatar
    Lynn Nolan

    Pigmentation and sun damage

  43. Janel Sunderlall Avatar
    Janel Sunderlall

    My main concern is uneven skin tone and oily T Zone. I also have millia that is trapped beneath the skin

  44. Anusha Naidoo Avatar
    Anusha Naidoo

    A fantastic review on this product it’s certainly needed for my skin . The benefits and advantages are absolutely what I need for my skin.

  45. Tania Brewis Avatar
    Tania Brewis

    Wrinkles and fine lines.

  46. Jo Avatar

    Having recently entered my 30’s I started to notice frown lines on my forehead and laughter lines around my lips, not forgetting a few grey hairs have started to appear. Subtle changes, yes but definitely not welcomed. I certainly believe in prevention better than cure and running around after the damage is done. Recently I have been reading a lot about collagen and am very very keen on trying this amazing product. The best way is to heal from within. I want to defy time and my age and have amazing hair, skin, and nails that I have enjoyed since my teens and 20s.

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