WIN With Significant Organics Oils

WIN With Significant Organics Oils

Stand a chance to win a hamper with Significant Organics Oils.

Giveaway closed: Congratulations Michael van Niekerk!




About Significant Organics Oils

Looking for an anti-aging powerhouse?

Green Coffee Bean Oil

Look no further than Green Coffee Bean Oil. This wonder oil has potent antioxidant properties, making it a perfect solution for combating fine lines and wrinkles, as well as under eye darkness and puffiness. Furthermore, it is also particularly effective at diminishing cellulite.

Superfood for skin and hair Skin, Hair and Health

Moringa oil

Moringa oil is known for its healing and anti-inflammatory properties, and improves overall skin appearance and radiance. It also contains naturally occurring vitamins A and C, which boosts collagen production and reduces fine lines, wrinkles and the appearance of scars and blemishes.

Anti-ageing and rejuvenating miracle oil

Marula oil

This miracle oil is famous for its powerful moisturising, anti-ageing and regenerating benefits. Furthermore, it’s super rich in fatty acids, vitamins A and C and antioxidants. And, this oil protects your skin from the damaging effects of the environment, fights free radical damage and boosts the skin’s barrier function.

Nature’s Calming Skin Solution

Tamanu oil

Tamanu oil, also known as the “oil of the gods”, has been used in South East Asia and the Pacific Islands for centuries as a skin salve. It is perfect for helping to heal scars, stretch marks, acne scars, abrasions and sunburn. In addition, it has anti-oxidant, anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties.

How To Enter:

Comment on the giveaway below:  Have you used any of these oils before? Which ones would you consider using?

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46 responses to “WIN With Significant Organics Oils”

  1. Lyn Avatar

    I have the Moring abut would love to try Tamanu

  2. Gail Lentoor Avatar

    No i have not used these products yet, but im willing to try it out on my dry and dull hair. Thank you!

  3. Ashley Padayachee Avatar

    I have not tried any of these oils before however I would love to try the Moringa Oil 🙂 #SignificantOrganicsOils

  4. Judy Padayachee Avatar

    No l have used it before but love to try them all and especially the moringa as l have read and heard alot about the benefits of this product.

  5. Ria Kahl Avatar
    Ria Kahl

    Love to win

  6. Ryna Boshoff Avatar
    Ryna Boshoff

    I have not used any of the Significant Organics Oils. Would love to try Tamanu Oil for my sensitive skin and on my dry scalp.

  7. Thabo Molemohi Avatar
    Thabo Molemohi

    No have never used any’ Would consider using Marula oil & Tamanu oil

  8. lynn fester Avatar
    lynn fester

    Morula is intriguing to me

  9. Rachel Avatar

    I haven’t used Significant Organic Oils before but I’d love to try the Tamanu oil 🙂

  10. Sviatlana Avatar

    I have not tried this oils. Would like to try Green Coffee Bean Oil ♡. #SignificantOrganicOils

  11. Devika Jawahir Avatar

    Would definitely try the Moringa Oil to improve my skin and hair..remove any blemishes and would love to improve my dull skin to WIN.. SHARING..

  12. Loshinee Avatar


  13. Leonora Abrahams Avatar
    Leonora Abrahams

    I have never tried the products but I’m looking forward to use Moringa oil.

  14. Sharleen Avatar

    Never used these oils before but would love to try Marula Oil for my skin

  15. Ailsa Porter Avatar

    I have not used any of the oils but I would love to try the Marula Oil.

  16. Thea lennox Avatar
    Thea lennox

    Have not tried it. Would be great to try it

  17. Margaret Lotz Avatar
    Margaret Lotz

    I have not yet used these oils but I would love to try them all out! The first one I would like to try is Moringa Oil for collagen production.

  18. Suzette Jasmin Avatar
    Suzette Jasmin

    No, I have not used the products but would seriously consider the Moringa Oil.

  19. Winnie September Avatar
    Winnie September

    I have not use any product, but would love to try the Marula Oil. #SignificantOrganicOils

  20. Camillah Adams Avatar
    Camillah Adams

    I am a fan of all things Moringa! The oil, tea, beauty products, everything. I love the aroma and the benefits of this amazing plant.

  21. Alison Avatar


  22. Wenzile Dube Avatar
    Wenzile Dube

    Ihave never used any of them before. I would, however, like to use the Tamanu oil because of stretch marks, scars and acne.

  23. Candice Vincent Avatar
    Candice Vincent

    I haven’t tried any if them but would love to try them all. They all sound amazing..

  24. Sabine Palfi Avatar
    Sabine Palfi

    Woud love to try the Marula Oil!

  25. Simone Laubscher Avatar

    I have not used these oils. Would love to try Moringa and Morula oil for my 50+ skin#SignificantOrganicsOils

  26. Linda Laing Avatar
    Linda Laing

    I have not used them but would love to try the moringa oil!

  27. Lois Carol Wessels Avatar
    Lois Carol Wessels

    I haven’t tried these essential oils, but am very keen to do so – Marula Oil would be my first choice as my skin needs all the help that is available! Would love to reverse or halt the signs of ageing.

  28. Michael van Niekerk Avatar
    Michael van Niekerk

    I have used the Tamanu oil and I loved it!

  29. Anria Viviers Avatar
    Anria Viviers

    I have never used these oils, nut I would love to try all of them! Especially the Moringa Oil as I struggle with hair health.

  30. emlyn thomas Avatar
    emlyn thomas

    i use the Moringa oil is known for its healing of my scars and grass burns

  31. Loshinee Avatar

    Moringa oil for hair

  32. Olufemi Johnson Avatar
    Olufemi Johnson

    I have not ye tried any of the natural oils but I’ll love to try the Moringa oil as it would be easier to moisturize the skin and hair (including the beard) 😀

  33. kamilah francis Avatar
    kamilah francis

    I have not use any of the profucts before but would like to use the Tamanu oil #SignificantOrganicsOil

  34. Janel Sunderlall Avatar
    Janel Sunderlall

    I have not used the oils before but i would definitely consider using the moringa oil

  35. Melanie Avatar

    I haven’t used this product before but I am heavily invested in finding cruelty-free and organic ways to nourish my skin and body. I would pic the Tamanu Oil given that I have sensitive skin with a very pink undertone and pigment.

  36. Anusha Naidoo Avatar
    Anusha Naidoo

    #SignificantOrganicOils I will love to the Moringa oil for my skin , especially for the fine lines, to improve my skins dull appearance and give it a radiance, and the Green Coffee Bean oil for undereye darkness and puffiness.

    A absolutely wonderful giveaway thank you will be well used and greatly appreciated


  37. Hester Avatar

    Wow I have never used your products so I’m entering and hoping to win and try them

  38. Martie Schoeman Avatar
    Martie Schoeman

    I haven’t tried the organic oils yet. Being over 60 this is just the product I would love to try. I would love to try all your products. xxx

  39. Petre Avatar

    I’ve never tried this before! I love organic skincare products and would love to try the Moringa oil.

  40. Janet Perry Avatar
    Janet Perry

    I haven’t used these oils before but I’d love to!!!!

  41. markgavin sylvester Avatar
    markgavin sylvester

    #SignificantOrganicsOils A HONEST NO..BUT ARE VERY INTERESTED

  42. Jacob Avatar

    I consider using Marula oil, Moringa oil. I have never used any of the oils before I’d like to get some for my face wrinkles

  43. Bernice Vermaak Avatar
    Bernice Vermaak

    Im using oils on my skin at the moment for anti-aging and oils in oil sensor. I have not used this brand before. But love organic oils. I would love to try the Green coffee Been oil for these hollows that started showing up underneath my eyes #age ? and the Tamanu Oil for scars (boiling water and small cuts/holes from removing gallbladderand) and stretch marks.

  44. Nicole Naicker Avatar

    #SignificantOrganicOils Would love to try Moringa oil for improvement of skins appearance and radiance ,and reduce fine lines and wrinkles and marks and blemishes this would be awesome

  45. Zamandayi Kunene Avatar
    Zamandayi Kunene

    No, I haven’t used your products. You were recommended by a friend but I’ll consider using Tamanu Oil

  46. Tania Avatar

    I have not used these oils. Would love to try Moringa and Morula oil for my 50+ skin

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