WIN: Women’s Skincare Gift Hamper

skincare hamper

This amazing skincare hamper from Poise Brands includes 1 x Mio Boob Tube+ Bust Cream, 1 x Juliette Armand Caviar Fluid and 1 x Mama Mio Bamboo Body Brush valued at R2,365! The perfect mother’s day gift. Competition Ends: 10 May 2016    

Mio Boob Tube+

Mio Boob Tube+ Bust Cream

Treasure your chest with the Boob Tube+ Multi-Action Bust Cream from Mio Skincare. Packed with vital omegas, organic shea butter and hyaluronic acid, the cream contains nutrients which contribute towards maintaining the elasticity of skin. Wonderfully protecting, its powerful formula is infused with antioxidant CoQ10, which may contribute to a smoother looking chest and breasts. Experience smoother looking, softer feeling skin with increased radiance.


Juliette Armand CAVIAR Ω3 FLUID

Juliette Armand CAVIAR Ω3 FLUID

Innovative product with powerful anti-ageing and firming effects. It contains caviar (SALMO OVUM) and microcapsules with Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids. Caviar is rich in proteins, vitamins, amino acids and trace elements and it accelerates the natural process of collagen production. The microcapsules gradually release Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids which nourish skin and boost its hydrolipidic balance, preventing dehydration. The skin is remodeled, wrinkles are smoothed and the face regains its firmness, radiance and healthy look. It’s very fine creamy texture (fluid) ensures better penetration.

body brush
Bamboo Body Brush

Mio Skincare’s The Mio Body Brush

Look after the largest organ you have; your skin. Mio Skincare’s The Mio Body Brush is an exfoliating brush with natural boar bristles and massage nodules. The buffing body brush can help with moving redundant skin cells and dirt which can clog the surface of your skin. Ensure you polish and massage all over to stimulate circulation, eliminate layers of dead skin and improve its overall appearance. The result? Smooth, radiant skin. Poise Brands Hamper

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32 responses to “WIN: Women’s Skincare Gift Hamper”

  1. giveawaysa Avatar

    My Mom passed away from cancer, and I always feel so sad that she is not physically here to share our amazing children’s lives. My sister suggested that I watch this video. It is amazing, and I highly recommend watching it. It gives hope to people suffering with cancer, and their relatives and friends. There are healthy alternative cures out there. This is a must watch.
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    Live-Embrace-Love-Cherish is our motto

  2. BevB Avatar

    My Mom has passed on so I got to treat partners Mom to a High Tea afternoon

  3. Cathy Badenhorst Avatar

    My own Mom passed away from cancer last year after battling with it for many years. Every day I treasure my daughter and am totally blessed to have her in my life. My daughter always make me feel extra special on Mothers Day by treating me like a Queen with all the little things she does for me.

  4. Daniela Cardoso Avatar

    I love Mothers Day and being able to spend it with my Mom. I cooked a superb Chicken Peri Peri for lunch and served it with a lovely green salad and then a dessert. I picked fresh flowers from the garden and also gave my Mom a lovely foot and back massage and let her really rest and take time out for herself.

  5. jeanne rasmussen Avatar
    jeanne rasmussen

    superb prize

  6. cathy boer Avatar
    cathy boer

    With life being so short, I make every opportunity “Mothers Day”… and because I am so blessed to have both an AMAZING mom and Mom in law (and the 2 of them are the BEST of friends) … we have an entire weekend of fun, food and pampering galore ☺.

  7. chantal esterhuizen Avatar

    I am priviledged to spend time with my mom every single day, which to me is special and precious!Mothers day is about her, so i have bought her some clothes that she has been eyeing. Her money goes into the house, she won’t ever spend a cent on herself, so this mothers day is about giving what she has been wanting and what she needs – she needs to know how loved she is <3

  8. Sanet Odendaal (@fashionet_sa) Avatar
    Sanet Odendaal (@fashionet_sa)

    Lighting a candle in memory of my mom will be the first thing I do this Mother’s Day. She passed away 8 years ago while I was expecting her first grandbaby….my son. I miss her each and every day and so wish I could sometimes pick up the phone and ask for some mothering advice ! I respect her and admire her for raising 4 kids who did not always appreciate her…especially when we were moody teenagers!

    1. giveawaysa Avatar

      HI Sonet
      Thank you for your message. I felt as if it was me writing it. I miss my Mom every single day, and she sadly passed away when our 4th child was a toddler. Still today, I wish I could pick up the phone for mothering advice and support. There were also 4 of us moody teenagers. Lets light our candles in memory of our Moms on Mothers Day

  9. nancykaty1 Avatar

    Mothers Day this Year for me will be lots of Wonderful Memories of my Beautiful Mother.Love her Dearly never a day goes by that I don’t think of her.I will pray that Our Lord gives her hugs,kisses and flowers from me to my Mom in Heaven.

  10. Rene Mesias-Petersen Avatar
    Rene Mesias-Petersen

    Pamper myself,my mom and my daughter, cause we all woman and need to look after each other.

  11. Jackie Katzen Avatar
    Jackie Katzen

    Im going to spoil my mom by cooking some meals for her to freeze and use when she needs and will do all her housework so she can relax on Mothers day weekend

  12. Bathabile Avatar

    My mom is in East London I got a complimentary flight ticket that I kept for her to come for a visit on mothers day….We will spend the day at home and I will be cooking her a storm.

  13. Chantelle Rowntree Avatar
    Chantelle Rowntree

    My two-year-old son and I will be taking my Mom to an Antique Fair this Mother’s Day, and activity she absolutely LOVES. Afterwards we will be stopping at the quaint tea shop on the premises for some High Tea. Nothing better than spoiling Mom and showing just how much I appreciate her, her advice has been absolutely priceless in helping to raise my Son.

  14. Sandika Daya Avatar

    My mum and my mum-in-law are both coming up for the birth of my baby. I would love to spoil them with a high tea outing but I’m sure they’ll be more content to spend time with the new baby instead.

  15. Jana Marshall Avatar
    Jana Marshall

    I would give my mom a champagne breakfast in bed, with a bunch of flowers and then its off to a pamper day at a day spa

  16. Trish Avatar

    #giveawaysa is running daily competitions as from today #enter & #win

  17. kamilah francis Avatar
    kamilah francis

    My mother in law is the only mum i have left and she is old,i love spending time having tea with her and listening to her stories of olden times.She loves little homemade gifts of sweets and treats♡♡

  18. Megan Hartwig Avatar
    Megan Hartwig

    I would spend the entire day with her. We can go shopping or watch a movie, or simply stay at home and prepare delicious food for her while playing some indoor games….I know this will make her happy.

  19. dina dos santos Avatar
    dina dos santos

    all my besties and sister that are mothers we will go for a picnic and relax with our kids

  20. Riette Sonnekus Avatar
    Riette Sonnekus

    Unfortunately my mom is far away… miss you mommy! I am a mother of 4 and always get spoiled by my bunch and the love of my life… I wish I could spoil my mom!

  21. Lynne Kisch Avatar
    Lynne Kisch

    I will light a candle for my mom who always reminded me that it is what you do for the person and not the gift that you bring that shows them how much you love them. I miss you mom.

    1. Savannah Avatar

      HI Lynne
      I know the feeling. I miss my Mom terribly, and not a day goes by when I dont think of her

  22. Tracy K Avatar
    Tracy K

    My Mom loves the Walter Sisulu Botanical Gardens – so I’m planning to take a picnic & spend a relaxing day in beautiful surroundings with her so we can catch up on each others’ lives.

  23. Nicci Cox Avatar
    Nicci Cox

    Let mum decide

  24. Lorien Bolus Avatar

    I would take my bestie who is a brand new mom, to the spa. We need time to recoup!

  25. Cirsten Van Den Heuvel Avatar
    Cirsten Van Den Heuvel

    I’m in Durban and my mom is in cape town and The 22nd may is her birthday too. So I’ve bought her a ticket to be here for weeks for Mothersday and her birthday. So at least this year we can be together.

  26. Chloe-Bianca Avatar

    I am going to surprise my mom on mothers day we haven’t seen her in 2 months and miss her so much! Al 4 of us going to take the long drive to ouma, Armand, Marlo and Lianca-Leigh are going to be the biggest Mothersday present ever. I love pampering my mom when i am home so this would be a lovely to win for her.

  27. Samantha Gin Avatar
    Samantha Gin

    Would love to spoil my mom to a lunch at her favourite restaurant,roses and chocolates as its also her birthday.

  28. REHANA SEEDAT Avatar

    I would prepare a hearty home made meal & take my mum for a picnic. I wold also love to treat her with some spa treatments

  29. Roxanne Chutthergoon Avatar
    Roxanne Chutthergoon

    Taking my mum on a special mother-daughter relaxation weekend away including some spa treatments 🙂

  30. Sabine Avatar

    Would love to surprise my mom with a visit. She doesn’t live in Cape Town 🙁

  31. LESNA Avatar


  32. Tania Brewis Avatar
    Tania Brewis

    I will make it special by making a lovely lunch for my mom.

  33. Dawn Avatar

    I will be making Mothers Day special by giving my Mom the gift of TIME, there is no gift more precious than that

  34. Sarah-Jane van Heerden Avatar
    Sarah-Jane van Heerden

    I’m going to visit my mom and will probably spend the day on the beach with her and the rest of my family if the weather plays along. my mom is my everything and I love her so much, I am also a mom to a 2 year old and soon to be born baby we always spoil each other and make sure we both have a great day which is so special!

  35. Raey Avatar

    I would have to rely on hubby and the 2 small girls for a special day as my mum and mum-in-law has passed on already.

  36. anne botes Avatar
    anne botes

    give something special like something for the body and bath it’s always a winner

  37. Raihaanah Avatar

    I would pamper my mom with massages and facial and hopefully give her the skincare hamper from Poise Brands. I want her to glow on the outside as much as she does on the inside.

  38. Michelle Avatar

    by spoiling my mom with a trip to the spa

  39. Leanne Avatar

    By taking my mom out for a special lunch and shopping spree 🙂

  40. Bianca Balutto Avatar
    Bianca Balutto

    I will be making mothers day special by spending some quality time with my mum. We will be going on a picnic and just enjoy each others company:)

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