Womens Wellness In The Workplace

Womens Wellness In The Workplace

Women’s Wellness In the Workplace. The biggest gift Women can give themselves on Women’s Day is to take time out for self-care and Celebrate the beauty of being a Woman at Work.

The time has come for us to put our woes behind us and stop being victims, as we have everything at our fingertips to be valuable equals in the Workplace. But we can only do this if we care for ourselves mentally, emotionally, spiritually, intellectually and financially.

Since we spend most of our waking hours in the Workplace, it makes sense to prioritise our well-being. We can do many things daily to improve our Workplace Wellness.

Below are 44 Motivating steps to turn your life around one step at a time Workplace. But before you read on, please remember that it is just as important that our Male colleagues get involved with our workplace wellness. And secondly, you may need a couple of proactive ladies to get the ball rolling.

If you would like to improve your Wellness in the Workplace, go through the list below and get all the Ladies together. It will be awesome if everyone chooses one Tip to head and organises it regularly. 

Set your alarm to wake up half an hour early every day for “Me-time”. Always focus on quiet time by yourself. You can walk, meditate, journal, do yoga or stretching, have a long shower, sit quietly with a cup of herbal tea, read, set your intentions for the day, journal, or “just be me”.

The other important note is that the tips below can easily be incorporated into your workday without losing work time. Whether we are Business Owners or Employees, it is vitally essential that we always give more than what is expected of our Work and Careers.


1) Be proactive and begin to make positive changes now 

2) Hold walking meetings and remember to always use the stairs instead of the elevator

3) A couple of times a day, do a good 15 mins of stretching or chair yoga

4) Hold a coffee break support group – encourage open, honest conversations based on Trust.

5) Change your office culture from “S” scandal to “S” support with no judgement of colleagues

6) Bring the outside in and ensure you have a plant on your desk for fresh air

7) Have your loved ones at Work with you by proudly displaying a photo on your desk.

8) Stay hydrated and hang around the water station rather than the coffee station during breaks

9) Bring a flask to work with fresh ginger sliced into boiling water and sip on this all-day

10) Make a lunch box with sliced fresh fruit to snack on all morning 

11) Pack a healthy lunch, or even better, do a healthy lunch roster. This way, everyone has a turn to bring lunch to Work of Work to share, which saves everyone from making daily lunch.

12) Share healthy recipes with each other

13) Chip in for a manicurist on someone to come to your offices for a weekly neck and shoulder massage

14) Keep your desk neat and tidy, and always ensure there is no clutter lying on it 

15) For Birthdays and celebrations, ditch the cake and give the gift of health

16) Share health tips and knowledge with each other 

17) Getting to Work and back rather than walking, cycling or carpooling if possible

18) Flexible work hours are ideal as we are so much more productive if it works to begin and leave Work earlier or vice versa.

19) Be kind, courtous, respectudl and compassionate. We are all equal and deserve to be treated as such.

20) Sit comfortably at your workstation, and if you are short, bring a cushion to sit on

21) Have a microwave bean bag at Work to use for headaches, neck tension, period pains etc

22) Women are hormonal, and our moods are affected, so tip toe lightly around others at this time of the month and expect the same in return

23) Make a plan to share the workload to give new Moms time for Post maternity work from home

24) Daily check-in, preferably for a few minutes before Work begins, as it helps to know where our colleagues are emotionally for the day

25) Acknowledge inspirational Wellness Stars and leaders once a week during the daily check-in

26) Dress up and feel suitable for Work so that you always feel your best 

27) Have a simple bookshelf and bring books in to share with others. These can be business, health or motivational

28) Stretch your brain and read or study daily 

29) Share your knowledge and skills as gifts to each other

30) Begin a challenge: weight loss, walking steps, drinking water, achieving work goals?

31) Once a month, have a day to sell your art and crafts, baking, sewing, knitting etc

32) Swap your skills and talents and save money

33) Live your life with honesty and integrity

34) Smile, laugh and have fun

35) Respect all colleagues, as we are all equal

36) Take time to meet new colleagues

37) Put together an Abut us company letter and ask each time Member to add a paragraph

38) At the end of each season, hold a clothing swap shop, and whatever is left over will be donated to charity

39) Add a Herbal tea station to your coffee station, and each brings a box of your favourite tea to share

40) Share personal goals on a whiteboard

41) Have an office Safe Word which you can use if you are not in a good space or need a time out

42) Hold a monthly Silent day

43) Begin a vision board, as it is incredibly inspiring each day to see what you visualise working towards

44) Start an Acknowledgement jar where everyone can drop a piece of paper stating someone that they acknowledge for doing something and read them out weekly 

Lastly, we have an incredible amount of extraordinary Women Entrepreneurs and Business Ladies in our wonderful South Africa. But most working ladies are working to “bring in the bucks”, which makes sense that one of our top priorities should be Financial Wellness. This is a whole article all on its own. But we owe it to ourselves to take care of our Financial health, so we don’t get into debt and budget.

Have a healthy, happy Women’s Day 

Trish Taylor from Life Retreat studied Psychology at UCT and then became a Herbalist, Yoga Teacher, Ayurvedic Practitioner & Health Coach; her primary focus is Wellness in the Workplace.

Life Retreat Taylor makes Workshops/ Masterclasses/ Retreats for Corporates in-person or on zoom. Our Corporate focus is on Team building, mindfulness and Wellness in the Workplace.

Please contact Trish if you want to work with us, and we will ensure Wellness in your Workplace.

Shop Online For All Your Health & Wellness Products @ Life Retreat Wellness 

Our Team of Experts are always available to answer any health or product-related questions and to guide and support you on your Wellness Journey.

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      Shop Online For All Your Health & Wellness Products @ Life Retreat Wellness 

      Our Team of Experts are always available to answer any health or product-related questions and to guide and support you on your Wellness Journey.

      For more info, email: info@liferetreat.co.za or Call 087 135 5542

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