The 50 New Rules Of Work


50 New Work Rules

To Inspire All People In Business In 2017

The following is an article by thought leader and public speaker Robin Sharma

For the performer thinking like a victim, there are messy times ahead. Geopolitical strife. Overleveraged economies. Climate transformation. Uber-volatility. For the producer thinking like a leader (no matter what their formal title and authority are), the future presents gorgeous opportunities to:

  • Innovate.
  • Contribute rich streams of value
  • Enrich communities.
  • Inspire team-mates.
  • Unleash potential.
  • Uplift the world.

To serve your rise to your best:

I humbly offer you these 50 New Rules of Work with the hope that you quietly consider implementing them as well as discussing them at your next team meeting:

1. Working is not just being paid to do it. You are paid to be uncomfortable – and to pursue projects that scare you.

2. Take care of your relationships and the money will take care of itself.

3. Lead you first. You can’t help others reach their highest potential until you’re in the process of reaching for yours.

4. To double your income, triple your rate of learning.

5. While victims condemn change, leaders grow inspired by change.

6. Small daily improvements over time create stunning results.

7. Surround yourself with people courageous enough to speak truthfully about what’s best for your organisation and the customers you serve.

8. Don’t fall in love with your press releases.

9. Every moment in front of a customer is a moment of truth (to either show you live by the values you profess – or you don’t).

10. Copying what your competition is doing just leads to being second best.

11. Become obsessed with the user experience such that every touchpoint of doing business with you leaves people speechless. No, breathless.

12. Being in business is like being in show business. The moment you get to work, you’re on stage. Give us the performance of your life.

13. Be a Master of Your Craft. And practice + practice + practice.

14. Get fit like Madonna.

15. Read magazines you don’t usually read. Talk to people who you don’t usually communicate with. Go to places you don’t commonly visit. Disrupt your thinking, so it stays fresh + hungry + brilliant.

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16. Remember that what makes a great business – in part – are the seemingly insignificant details. Obsess over them.

17. Good enough just isn’t good enough.

18. Brilliant things happen when you go the extra mile for every single customer.

19. An addiction to distraction is the death of creative production. Enough said.

20. If you’re not failing regularly, you’re not making much progress.

21. Lift your teammates up versus tearing your teammates down. Anyone can be a critic. What takes guts is to see the best in people.

22. Remember that a critic is a dreamer gone scared.

23. Leadership’s no longer about a position. Now, it’s about passion. And having an impact through the genius-level work that you do.

24. The bigger the dream, the more important the team.

25. If you’re not thinking for yourself, you’re following – not leading.

26. Work hard. But build an exceptional family life. What’s the point of reaching the mountaintop but getting there alone?

27. The job of the leader is to develop more leaders.

Work Rules
What Did You Learn Today?

28. The antidote to significant change is daily learning. Investing in your professional and personal development is the smartest investment you can make. Period.

29. Smile. It makes a difference.

30. Say “please” and “thank you”. It makes a difference.

31. The shift from doing mindless toil to doing valuable work.

32. Remember that a job is only just a job if all you see it as is a job.

33. Don’t do your best work for the applause it generates, but for the personal pride, it delivers.

34. The only standard worth reaching for is BIW (Best In World).

35. In the new world of business, everyone works in Human Resources.

36. In the new world of business, everyone’s part of the Leadership Team.

37. Words can inspire. And words can destroy. Choose yours well.

38. You become your excuses.

39. You’ll get your game-changing ideas away from the office versus in the middle of work. Make time for solitude. Creativity needs the space to present itself.

40. The people who gossip about others when they are not around are the people who will gossip about you when you’re not around.

41. It could take you 30 years to build an excellent reputation and 30 seconds of bad judgment to lose it.

42. The client is always watching.

43. The way you do one thing defines the way you’ll do everything. Every act matters.

44. To be radically optimistic isn’t soft. It’s hard. Crankiness is easy.

45. People want to be inspired to pursue a vision. It’s your job to give it to them.

46. Every visionary was initially called crazy.

47. The purpose of work is to help people. The other rewards are inevitable by-products of this singular focus.

48. Remember that the things that get scheduled are the things that get done.

49. Keep promises and be impeccable with your word. People buy more than just your products and services. They invest in your credibility.

50. Lead Without a Title.

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Please comment in the box below with any rules that you use at work.  Let’s inspire each other in the workplace this year.

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3 responses to “The 50 New Rules Of Work”

  1. clinton Avatar

    I, too, love #21.
    42. The client is always watching.
    Speak as if the client is listening, write as if your boss is reading and serve as if you are the customer.

  2. Sal Avatar

    Number 49 – keeping promises and number 21 – lifting your team up are my two most important on the list

    1. Joshua Avatar

      Thanks for your comment Sal. I agree that if you can keep your team happy and interested in the work they’re doing, it’s a much better environment.

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