You Are What You Think


Any good dietician is likely to tell you: “You are what you eat.” Any good life coach will appreciate that the quality of the fuel you feed your body can have an important – perhaps even dramatic – bearing on the quality of your life … but it does not constitute who you are or who you will become. Instead, life coaches are more likely to pronounce: “You are what you think.”

That’s because the nature of your thinking has a truly fundamental and profound effect on the type of person you are and the quality of life you lead.

“All that we are is a result of what we have thought.”

– Buddha

The Genesis of Creation

Thoughts are the very genesis of creation. We cannot bring anything into our material world or experience without first thinking about it.

In other words, thoughts can manifest things into our experience. But, quite clearly (and, “Thank heavens,” you may well say) not every thought – and we each have many thousands of them every day – results in a physical manifestation!

It Matters

Thoughts, which are simply energy impulses need to be both persistent and consistent in order to bring something into being.

The delay that exists between thinking and manifesting and the need for persistence and consistency represents the brilliance of the creative process. We are able to change our minds about what we want to bring into our lives simply by reassessing and changing our thoughts.

But this implies that we must be in conscious control of the thinking process.

Creating Your Own Reality

We have previously visited the concept of conscious and unconscious living to demonstrate that we have the capacity to take control of how we think and responsibility for how we act .

When we live life unconsciously we are in reactive rather than proactive mode. Our thoughts come and go and may be all over the place, with the result that our life and our experiences become a product of what the external world imposes on us. We resort to blame and justification as means to explain the fact that we seem powerless to create the reality that we really desire. Such disempowering thinking, if consistent and persistent enough, ensures that we perpetuate this unfortunate state of affairs.

You Are What You Think

However, when we live consciously, we are aware of how we are thinking and how that is affecting us. We understand that we have the means to adjust and adapt our thinking, and thereby bring about the consistency and persistency required to create the lives we really want for ourselves.

It’s the Law of Attraction at work.

Like attracts like.

We attract that which we consistently and persistently think about, whether it be good or bad, empowering or dis-empowering for us – the Law does not distinguish between the two.

Feelings – Your Guidance System

You may wonder how it is you can tell whether what you are thinking is serving you or not.

The answer lies in how you are feeling. Your feelings (or emotions) represent your very own, very accurate, inbuilt guidance system.

If you are feeling bad it is because of the way you are thinking. Likewise, if you are feeling good then it is because you are thinking in a way that is serving your interests and the life you desire to live.

It’s a simple formula – yet one that, sadly, passes most people by!


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2 responses to “You Are What You Think”

  1. Bryony Avatar

    Very much agree about our feelings being used to guide us in life. BUT this does not always work out for the best due to the way some of people think. Love the piece though.

    1. Trish Avatar

      HI Bryony
      I think the most important message here is for each of us to be mindful of our thoughts, which will make us better people
      Have a good evening

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