35 Ayurvedic Health Benefits

35 Ayurvedic Health Benefits

35 Ayurvedic Health Benefits.  Ayurveda and Ayurvedic rituals focus on both prevention and cure. It simply looks at how well the body is balanced and can help improve physical, measurable health and the overall quality of life.

Here are 35 Ayurvedic health benefits:

Dry Body Brushing (Garshana)

Lymph drainage
Enhances circulation
Improves skin texture
Aids detoxing
Calms nervous system
Rejuvenates cells
Balances hormones
Emotionally grounding


Nourishes body
Helps sleep
Lubricates joints
Self-love and respect
Alleviates stiffness
Eliminates impurities
Improves circulation
Improves mood
Alleviates pain

Radiant Rituals
Radiant Rituals

Oil Pulling

Eliminates bad breathe
Reduces plaque
Whitens teeth
Improves digestion
Removes toxins from vital organs
Strengthens immune system
Reduces headaches

Tongue Scraping

Eliminates bad breathe
Enhances taste
Weight loss
Improves digestion
Prevents colds and flu
Awareness of the state of health
Stimulates internal organs

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