5 Of The Biggest Benefits From Supplements


The right vitamins and supplements are very important for good health, but they only work well if they are taken consistently. For those with vitamins they have trouble swallowing, and for those who struggle with bulky supplements, there are options. One of the best of those options is a chewable vitamin or supplement, which can be much easier to take and can provide other perks as well.

Here are five of the biggest benefits of these chewable choices.

Benefits of Chewable Vitamins and Supplements

1). Easier to take than pills that must be swallowed whole
With the right chewable vitamin supplement, anyone who wants to take a vitamin or other type of supplement won’t have a problem swallowing it. Some vitamins can be a bit large to easily swallow, and that’s true of various types of supplement capsules as well. With that in mind, a chewable vitamin or supplement can make it much easier for everyone who wants to take supplements to do so.


2). Avoidance of stomach problems that can come from swallowing pills
According to CNN’s Health section, chewable vitamins and supplements can reduce the chances of stomach upset that can come along with other types of supplementation. Sometimes a vitamin or supplement that dissolves in the stomach can cause queasiness or other gastrointestinal issues. A chewable vitamin breaks up more easily in the stomach, and may keep people with sensitive stomachs from feeling ill.

3). Gentler on the throat than whole pills
When you have trouble swallowing pills, trying to get them down can really hurt your throat. Fortunately, a chewable vitamin can protect your throat from the need to swallow large, uncomfortable, bulky pills. With a chewable option, anyone who wants to take a vitamin or a supplement can do so, even if they frequently have trouble with other medications because the pills can be chewed up as small as necessary to be comfortably swallowed.

4). Can be taken nearly anywhere, since water isn’t needed to help swallow them
When you take supplements or vitamins that are not chewable you may need a glass of water to get them down. Chewable vitamins and supplements don’t need any water, and you can take them just about anywhere. That makes them a lot more convenient, and can reduce the chance of choking or other problems with trying to take pills without adequate liquid.

5). Smaller doses can be used
SF Gate’s Healthy Eating section states that one of the main reasons people like chewable supplements and vitamins is because smaller doses can be used. That helps people who want to take supplements avoid the megadoses of vitamins, minerals, and other supplementation options they are offered with many of the pills on the market today. When they have the option to take a smaller dose this can help them get what they need without overdoing anything that might be too much for their body. Some vitamins can be harmful in large doses, and others are flushed out of the body, wasting them and not providing any real benefit.

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  1. Hannah Avatar

    I think they are a perfect alternative for people who can’t take supplements in capsule form (my daughter being one)

    1. Joshua Avatar

      Yes they are great for kids especially who can be quite adverse to taking supplements in their usual form. Thanks for your comment Hannah!

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