5 Naked Truths About Weight Loss

Weigh Loss

It is no more news that many people are now on a weight loss mission but is quite unfortunate that not all of them will lose weight in the long run. So here I will discuss 5 Naked Truths about Weight Loss.

Frankly speaking, the weight loss product industry makes a lot of money every year at the expense of desperate consumers who are looking for quick ways to lose weight.

However, it is noteworthy that weight loss never comes in a machine or a bottle. The right weight loss involves healthy diet, exercise and rest. No immediate remedies, FDA approved drugs or overnight miracles will make you lose weight or get rid of it.

Bitter Truths About Weight Loss

Weight Loss
The Naked Truths

You cannot lose 5 to 10 pounds of body fat in one week – Your overweight will not disappear overnight because you didn’t add weight suddenly. Hence, it will take some time for you to lose fat and get rid of it. While 5 to 10 pounds weight loss in one week or two is not visible, it is quite certain that you can lose a body fat of 1 to 2 pounds in a week and gain lean muscle at the same rate.

Real weight loss is losing body fat and not water, muscle or bone loss. Therefore, weight loss of 5 to 10 pounds or more in a week is just muscle, bone and water loss. This can lead to metabolism destruction. Scale is outdated because it is just a measuring device that cannot distinguish among bone, fat, muscle and water weight.

Weight Loss Is A Lifestyle

Proper weight loss is building lean muscle tissue and reducing body fat. This should be a lifetime commitment and not a one-shot approach. Remember that you will be out of shape again, if you ever return back to your old destructive habits. You will need to work twice hard to get yourself back in shape if you allow this to happen.

No Quick fix to fat loss while fad diets are of no value

Lose weight while sleeping! Shed body weight of 45 pounds in one week! Lose weight without exercise or diet! Quick weight loss! All these are nothing but invitation to make you buy weight loss products with your emotions. They are not only misleading but plain lies. Quick fix and fad diets will deplete your purse and make your body weight worse than when you started.

Stop the consumption of processed foods tagged low-fat, healthy or low-carb

Weight Loss
Follow These Steps To Lose Weight

Junked or processed foods include chemicals that cannot be metabolized by the body and therefore slows down the body metabolism. Chemicals that are not metabolized will not leave your body and therefore become toxins and deposited in the body cells, causing fat loss to be even more difficult.

Work hard for your weight loss

If you want to lose fat, you must put forth more personal effort. The best way to do this is to eat healthy diet and do kinds of exercise on regular basis.

Now that you have been fully informed about weight loss truths, begin to work on them to improve your health and get the body shape you want. Work hard for the success of your weight loss, stop eating junked and processed foods and live a good lifestyle. I hope these 5 Naked Truths about Weight Loss will help a lot in future.


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