5 Things That Will Up Your Workout Game – With Blayzers

My most recent and revolutionary discovery. Introducing: Blayzers Inferno Pants.

My life is all about balance, and achieving the best results in my work-out, without over working myself. This draws a fine line as I find we often have to push ourselves before seeing results.

I have recently encountered a revolutionary design of sport gear, which has allowed me to enjoy my workout, whether it being a SWEAT 1000 class or a mellow yoga session on the beach, and witness better result than ever.


Inferno is a technologically advanced fabric that combines three distinctive materials: Fire Fibre, Flex Cell and Air Cell.

This super stretchy, multi-layered material increases your core temperature during exercise to help you maximise calorie burn, increase muscle strength and reduce the risk of injury!

3-Dimensional Air Cell chambers provide ventilation where you need it most while our Polygene pure silver internal lining inhibits the growth of odour causing bacteria.

5 Ways In Which Blayzers Will Benefit Your Workout

1. Enhance Body Shaping 

The exceptional design enhances your body shape by compressing and shaping the buttocks, stomach and thighs, so you look great from the moment you put them on.

2. Reduce Muscle Injury

Ergonomic compression design supports and warms up your muscles as soon as you put Blayzers on. This can help reduce the chance of injury.

3. Weatherproof

Whether it is in the rain, icy cold morning walks, or splashing waves on the paddle board. Blayzers will keep you warm and protected from the elements and dry rapidly.  

4. 100% Resistant to Bacteria & Fungi 

Blayzers features polygene technology. Eliminating bacteria and odour, while protecting the skins natural balance.

5. Smoother Skin

Due to increases heat and cell circulation, Blayzers inferno technology fabric leaves your skin feeling and looking smoother.

The Design


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