6 Things To Know About Exercise And Marijuana

6 Things To Know About Exercise And Marijuana

There has been an explosion in popularity on the subject of exercise and marijuana. Now, there are entire gyms dedicated to working out when high. The 4/20 Olympics occur in Denver each year.

Even Olympic and professional athletes have come out and said they have used marijuana in their routines. The questions must surely be asked: Are there any medical benefits? Does it help your workout? Is it just more fun to work out stoned? Is it a placebo effect? Keep reading to find out the upsides and downsides of marijuana and exercise combined.


1. It puts you In the Zone

Now, this may not be a medically accurate term, nor can it be proved with evidence from scientific research. Yet, there are countless accounts of athletes and recreational users who swear by using cannabis before their preferred exercise or sport, be it surfing, lifting, basketball or running. Pro-pot athletes cite the mental benefits of marijuana and exercise, saying that their headspace is better with weed than without it.

Clear and focused at the same time, relaxed yet motivated and focused. They claim that it connects the mental and physical side of sports together, and connects the athletes with a heightened sense of connection with his/her body. If you do not believe me, fair enough, but read some other accounts from pro-pot ex NFL and NBA athletes here.

2. It can help with muscle growth (kind of)

If you have been using steroids to boost your performance, here’s your chance to ensure even better results. Whilst the scientific research is ongoing in this department, there is evidence of THC (one of many cannabinoids in cannabis) decreasing testosterone levels for around 24 hours after usage.

However, with the many CBD products that are on the market, it is possible to still use an element of cannabis and see improvements in the muscle mass department. The CBD has great anti-catabolic properties, and muscle growth occurs best whilst we are experiencing REM sleep. When you are REM after a big workout in which you tear your muscles to shreds, your muscles repair themselves and grow. In fact, CBD helps with REM sleep. If you were to choose a strain of weed with a high CDB content and low THC level, you could build muscle whilst you sleep and still get high.

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3. It can reduce pain caused by exercise

The University of Oxford recently carried out tests that suggest cannabis may be a great pain killer, especially when used with strenuous exercise

We have all seen the video of Arnold Schwarzenegger smoking a joint after he won Mr. Universe 1975, right? Whilst smoking weed before a workout may seem irresponsible or detrimental to your fitness goals, there are plenty of professional and amateur athletes that would disagree with you. They would actively encourage you to try it before you knock it, maybe you just might like it.

Many people claim that due to the flow state that you enter once the drug has been administered, fatigue that would normally drain you mentally as well as physically is less effective. This means cannabis users find it easier to smash through that pain barrier for an extra few reps or meters on the race track. It is much easier to get inside the competitive or focused mindset and your body and mind are in tune, synchronized almost.

4. Muscle Recovery

Has anyone seen the video of Nate Diaz smoking a CBD vape after his match with Mcgregor? The Cannabinoid CBD (found in all cannabis) has been so popular with athletes in recent years that after extensive research on the substance, the Anti-Doping agency dropped it from its list of banned substances in 2018.

It is common knowledge that smoking too much weed can turn some people into a couch potato, but did you know that it has been proven to help with muscle recovery and repair? The cannabinoid that gets you stoned or high is THC, and there are plenty of products with little to no THC in them specifically designed to repair muscles and recover tissues after strenuous exercise.

The CBD will have a much stronger effect on your muscle recovery than non-CBD products like Vapor Rub. The anti-inflammatory properties of CBD will soothe your muscles, joints, and ligaments without the stoned effect of the THC cannabinoid.

5. You can go for longer

The canna-fitness industry is booming. As such, there must be some genuine reasons as to why so many people are ingesting cannabis and doing exercise, right? Two of the biggest mistakes that canna-athletes (people that use cannabis and exercise) come across is over ingesting. This can be a mod killer and you will feel too tired, or, waiting too long after taking the cannabis and becoming too stoned to think about exercise.

Now, this is not in any way a medical or proven point, and every day administered to different people is felt differently. However, there are countless reports of long-distance runners who claim a jog around the park is quite a wonderful experience under the influence of marijuana. The THC is the cannabinoids that get your high, and the CBD is the cannabinoid that loosens your muscles.

6. It is not for everyone, but it’s worth a try

Using cannabis with fitness is not for everyone, just like cannabis is not for everyone or fitness, or drinking alcohol, or climbing volcanoes for that matter. The point is, everyone is different and reacts differently to things. If you are someone that has a love-hate relationship with fitness and exercise, then this may be for you. I am not a doctor, thus please consult a medical professional and make sure what you are doing is legal.

The 4/20 Games has spread to all over the US to states where the recreational use of marijuana is legal and the best part is, you can easily buy weed online as long as you are within such jurisdictions. The idea behind the 4/20 Games it is to change the public’s perception of cannabis users. 

Two things that are now popular with millions of people around the world are exercise and marijuana. There are many theories as to why people use cannabis and do exercise.

Some use it in the belief that it increases their physical abilities, others take it because they simply enjoying exercising more when stoned.

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  1. Trish Avatar

    Are there any medical benefits?
    Does it help your workout?
    Is it just more fun to work out stoned?
    Is it a placebo effect?

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    I am not convinced that this is a healthy way of working out!
    What do you think?

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