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  • Should I Put CBD In My Coffee?

    Should I Put CBD In My Coffee?

    We are drinking more speciality coffee than ever before, and CBD-infused coffees are the new trend. This article will examine the many reasons for and against infusing coffee with CBD.

  • Herbal Healing Day Experiences

    Herbal Healing Day Experiences

    Life Retreat runs regular Herbal Healing Days and Herbal Retreats. Here is a snippet of what we learn about Plants and Herbs found in Nature, their magical healing properties, and their use.

  • Corona & Cannabis

    Corona & Cannabis

    A few months ago if I had written an article titled Corona & Cannabis, everyone would have assumed that I was writing about a party. But now, the Corona Virus has reached pandemic proportions, and it is a much more serious matter.

  • Cannabis & Christmas Gifting

    Cannabis & Christmas Gifting

    What you should know about Cannabis and Christmas Gifting CBD Oil products make an excellent gift for anyone and everyone.



    Win Herbal Cannabis CBD Tincture A combination of powerful Essiac, Ayurvedic, Holistic and other herbal ingredients for immunity.

  • 3 Cannabis Oil Success Stories

    3 Cannabis Oil Success Stories

    Cannabis oil success stories: There are 10s of 1000s of these out there,  As a result, Life Retreat’s Cannabiotics would like to share a few.