Beware the Spin Doctors

Are you a victim of advertising spin? You see, as consumers all over the world become more and more health-conscious, we should logically conclude that food manufacturers have started producing much healthier food. But evidence suggests, however, that it is far easier to use advertising “spin” to mislead the consumer into believing that unhealthy food products are healthy.

What advertising spins involve

According to the Wikipedia, advertising spin involves:

  1. Selectively presenting facts and opinions that support one’s position.
  2. Using ambiguous statements and euphemisms to disguise distasteful aspects of one’s business or product.
  3. Phrasing information in a way that assumes unproven truths.

Advertising spin may benefit manufacturers who want to create the impression that their not-so-healthy food products are healthy. However, this is nothing less than commercial dishonesty.

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With these thoughts in mind, we at Nature’s Choice feel an urgent need to make a few promises to our loyal supporters . . .

  • At Nature’s Choice, we will never try to persuade you that a product is healthy because it contains seed oil, or any other supposedly beneficial oil. Unless that oil is non-hydrogenated, non-interesterified, cold pressed AND cold processed.
  • At Nature’s Choice, we will never produce a product from white bread flour mixed with a little bran and/or wheat germ and/or fibre. Most then try to persuade you that the product is healthy because it contains “whole wheat ingredients.”
  • At Nature’s Choice, we will never try to give you the impression that a product is healthy because it contains “organic” refined sugar. Refined sugar is not good for you, whether it is organic or not.
  • At nature’s choice we will never advertise our range of herbal laxatives as being the ultimate answer to constipation. Instead, we will always persuade you to include more natural, fiber-rich foods in your diet to the point that you have no need of laxatives.

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  • At Nature’s Choice we will never blow the benefits of supplements out of all proportion. While we do acknowledge that supplements have their rightful place in the healing armory, we will always encourage you to investigate whether a faulty lifestyle and diet is not the reason why you have need of supplements.
  • At Nature’s Choice we will never sell you an immune booster without advising you to look into the reasons why your immune system needs boosting. Taking an immune booster, while continuing to eat sugar and white flour products. And hydrogenated fats while ignoring your need of daily sunshine, rest and exercise, is not the pathway to health.
  • At Nature’s Choice we will never give you the idea that our herbal teas are the final answer to any ailment. Instead, we will encourage you to make every effort to isolate and to remove the true causes of your ailment. Then, when you have adjusted your lifestyle and/or diet, you may confidently use the appropriate Nature’s Choice herbal tea as an aid to the recovery process. Thus you will appreciate why all of our herbal teas come packaged together with a free lifestyle and dietary guide.
  • At Nature’s Choice, we will never try to persuade you that an unhealthy product is good for you just because it contains a small proportion of anti-oxidants, or some or other beneficial ingredient. To make a balanced assessment of any product we have to consider ALL of the ingredients in the product. Simple logic persuades us that a product that is high in anti-oxidants and caffeine, for example, cannot possibly improve your health.

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  • At Nature’s Choice, we will never boast that a hydrogenated and/or interesterified product is free of trans-fats. These processes transform natural fats completely – to the point that the end-product is like plastic. Plastic is simply not good for you – even if it is free of trans-fats.
  • At Nature’s Choice, we will never manipulate the ingredients in our products to pull the wool over your eyes. To illustrate the point, let’s consider how spin doctors might conceal the high proportion of sugar in their products. By law, you have to list ingredients in order of descending mass. So if sugar is the main ingredient in a product, it should appear first in the ingredients’ list. But that, of course, would not be good for sales. To camouflage the high proportion of sugar in their products, the spin doctors will include three or four different kinds of sugar or sugar derivatives in the product. These include glucose, dextrose, ‘brown’ sugar, cane syrup, isomalt, etc which are all essentially sugar under different names. In doing so you might think there is little sugar in the said product. The actual truth is they gave it a different name.
  • We at Nature’s Choice will never advertise that a product as a “100% Fruit Juice Blend,” when it’s not. Like, when that very product contains preservatives, water, fruit concentrate, stabilizer, cloudifier and flavouring. This is spin at its lowest.
  • We at Nature’s Choice will never attempt to conceal the ingredients in our products by printing the ingredient listing in a font that is so small that it is almost unreadable.

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The Moral of the Story?

Always read food labels carefully – even if you need a magnifying glass, and please don’t be “spun.”

This article comes to you with the sincere hope that it will help you to make right food choices. It is absolutely true that we are what we eat. This being the case, we owe it to ourselves to be relentless in our search for Nature’s best.

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