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  • The Eat-As-Much-As-You-Like Diet

    The Eat-As-Much-As-You-Like Diet

    If you are of the opinion that an “Eat-as-much-as-you-like Diet” is just too good to be true, then please follow the logic in this article and discover for yourself just how easy it is to lose weight – naturally.

  • Our Philosophy On Food – A Must Read

    Our Philosophy On Food – A Must Read

    We have often considered how tiny seeds develop into large, fruit-bearing trees. How dry old branches bring forth succulent fruit – in abundance. Also, how earth and water and sun work together to bring forth food for the needs of earth’s creatures – in abundance. How natural foods have essential nutrients – in abundance.

  • Sleep Problems? This Could Be Causing Them…

    Sleep Problems? This Could Be Causing Them…

    There are many factors that can keep us from enjoying good, restful sleep, but most of them can be corrected without having to resort to drugs – which only ever work for a while and which can only ever be used today at the expense of a drowsy, drugged feeling and lost sleep tomorrow.

  • Dietary Wisdom – How to select your food

    Dietary Wisdom – How to select your food

    This week we’ll go through a series of dietary wisdom. You see, realizing the importance of the role food that plays is one of the vital processes of life. Most importantly, the selection and preparation of food should be considered as amongst life’s highest priorities. And today, I’ll tell you why.

  • Choose to feel amazing…

    Choose to feel amazing…

    Who doesn’t want unique foods that are extremely tasty, nourishing and appetizing? Who doesn’t want live a life full of energy, free of constipation and effectively care for their body? We at Life Retreat know just how important it is for you to not only live but feel amazing. That’s why we’ve made Nature’s Choice products available […]

  • How To Grow Young Fast

    How To Grow Young Fast

    This is my personal testimony about growing young fast. Having recently read about a 70 year old who climbed the world’s highest mountain, I would hesitate to say that I am the fittest oldie around, yet I do believe that I have an encouraging message for all who are sensing that the years are creeping […]