How To Boost Your Immune System

Flu season is in full swing and it is time to strengthen your immune system. Exposure to the flu virus is unavoidable and since  there is no antidote, you have to strengthen your immune system to successfully fend off the attacks.

But how do you do this with so many options on the market?

Here’s what you should be taking to boost your immune system

Elude the grip of colds and flu with Winter Fighter capsules at first signs of a blocked nose, postnasal drip or irritated throat. Symptoms will practically start to disappear from the moment you start taking Winter Fighter capsules.


Winter Fighter improves the efficacy of the immune system by multiplying white  blood cells and improving the ability of the white blood cells to overcome foreign organisms.

Echinacea, which have been clinically proven to effectively combat the symptoms of colds and flu. Your best defence is to actively fight the symptoms. Don’t be caught off-guard without your Winter Fighter capsules.

Echinacea, contained in the Winter Fighter, strengthens the immune system by:

  • stimulating production of white blood cells
  • prohibiting viral growth
  • stimulating production of macrophages (fights infection)
  • aiding prompt discovery and destruction of viruses

How to get relief from the symptoms

Vitamin C+ limits colds and flus by dramatically reducing the intensity and duration of symptoms.
Supplement your intake of Winter Fighter with Vitamin C+and Whole Leaf Aloe Juice to completely take the
sting out of winter. You can also gargle the Whole Leaf Aloe Juice to provide relief for an irritated throat.


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