Canna Roll-Ease

Canna Roll Ease

Canna Roll-Ease is excellent for topical pain relief and inflammation. Therefore,  it works as a muscle relaxant. Furthermore, making it ideal for minor aches and pains.  Most importantly, it is used to relieve arthritis, sprains, bruises, strains, sore muscles, and joints.

Finally, it aids in stress release, reducing anxiety, and relaxation. The Canna Roll-Ease is small enough to tuck into a purse or pocket.  Therefore, relief is on hand at all times. Herbal Infused roll-on:  Ingredients: olive oil, comfrey, echinacea, yarrow flower, rosemary, calendula, St Johns wort, Lavendula flower. The oil is cannabis-infused but has no psychoactive side effects.

Other Benefits of using herbs topically include:


– localised pain management.
– treats mild skin irritations.
– pain relief.
– anti-inflammatory.
– reduces pain from rheumatoid arthritis.
– fights bacterial infections.
– eases tension headaches.
– relieves psoriasis and eczema.
– eases menstrual pain.
– treating skin cancer.
– helps prevent and treat migraines.

Olive Oil

– antioxidant.
– anti-bacterial.
– treats shaving rashes.


– heals skin rashes.
– helps improve skin blemishes.
– reduces bruising.


– treats mosquito and bug bites.
– eases eczema.
– reduces skin irritations.
– has anti-bacterial properties.
– treats cold sores.


– helps with burns.
– increases circulation.
– anti-rheumatic properties.


– repels certain bugs.
– eases stress.
– mood-lifting.
– natural antibiotic properties


– eases skin disorders.
– aids with wound healing.
– anti-inflammatory.

St John Wort

– calming.
– antidepressant.
– speeds up healing.


– relaxing.
– sleep enhancing.
– balances emotions.

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  1. Trish Avatar

    So easy to carry in my bag for headaches, aches & pains, stress release

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