Cannabis & Christmas Gifting


What you should know about Cannabis and Christmas Gifting CBD Oil products make an excellent gift for anyone and everyone.

But I would heed a word of caution as to what you gift. As a Herbalist and Healer, I generally prefer people to get professional advice before using Cannabis oils. For this reason, I would highly recommend giving a CBD Gift that is topical, rather than ingestible.

We have developed a range of CBD Roll-on Oils which consist of a variety of specific herbs. These synergise to assist with relieving various ailments. It is recommended and safe to use three times a day, or as needed. The roll-ease range is applied onto your temples, third eye, back of the neck, pulse points or painful areas.

The beautifully packaged Roll-Ease Gift set consist of 3 roll-ons:

• Stress-Ease to ease stress and anxiety
• Pain-Ease to alleviate pain and inflammation
• Brain-Ease for concentration and focus

The unique application of this product makes it ideal and safe for all ages. It is not a safe alternative to medication. You must stick to any medication that they are on, and not cut down without consulting your Doctor.

For severe ailments, I would suggest combining the above with a CBD Oil tincture and edibles. All of our Cannabiotcs products are laboratory tested and do not contain THC. THC is an extremely active psychotropic ingredient that works wonders in healing many ailments, including Cancer. But, it is not legal in SA yet.

Once the Medical Cannabis industry is legalised, it will be to everyone benefit, as people will be able to purchase healing products that are clinically tested. It will still be advisable to get expert advice before self-medicating.

A Word Of Caution On Eating Cannabis

I know that many people are planning on baking and eating Cannabis edible over the holiday season. People can do this recreationally as long as it is within the legal limits. This is neither medical nor safe for someone on medication or with mental, or emotional disorders to eat Marijuana. Eating it can have side effects including paranoia, dissociation etc.

Eating Marijuana does not have the same health benefits as ingesting the oils. For various reasons, including that the dosage cannot be monitored. The CBD tinctures we offer contains either a CBD terpene combination of infused herbal oil mixtures that are nano-emulsified in Organic olive oil. Thereby enhancing the absorption and bioavailability of the active Healing properties.

As a registered Herbalist, I offer Lifestyle Consultiontatios and plans. You are welcome to email us on for advice as to which products to use, and how to use them.

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please email and insert Xmas Pack in the subject line

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