3 Cannabis Oil Success Stories

Healing with Cannabis

Cannabis oil success stories: There are 10s of 1000s of these out there,  As a result, Life Retreat’s Cannabiotics would like to share a few.

Ordinary people like you and I are similarly finding the strengths of medical cannabis oil to treat our ailments. These Cannabis oil Success stories offer positive truths which others can learn from. We focus on one woman who had HIV and depression. A 92-year-old lady who has Alzheimer’s Disease, and a 43-year-old man who had colon cancer. Theses three success stories tell how cannabis oil worked to heal their health disorders.

(All names have been changed)

Mary Had HIV and Depression

First of all, we have Mary, who had suffered from significant depression since her teenage years.  At that young age she was told to take anti-depressants. Being on these probably led her to try and commit suicide several times. To top it off, she was diagnosed with HIV/AIDS and cryptococcal meningitis. A yeast infection surrounded her brain, and she had thrush in her mouth. HIV kills T cells, and their numbers go down, resulting in hers going down to 7!  People with Aids have a CD4 count below 200 – a normal count is between 500-1500!

Therefore, she is also a cannabis oil success story. Mary smoked cannabis daily to fight her depression. But, she did not realise that smoking was masking her HIV symptoms and before she knew it, she had full-blown AIDS. In other words, her cannabis smoking had hidden the fact. Mary maintained her health up until the point her immune system caved in. Cannabis was medication in itself and made this another success story Doctors prescribed antiretroviral therapy for her, and she said that in 9 months only, her viral load was at an acceptable level. Using cannabis all nine months made a huge difference in boosting her immune system and alleviating symptoms of AIDS.

This success story shows how Mary conquered her AIDS symptoms with cannabis oil, healthy living and exercise. Plus she stopped taking all other medications and anti-depressants. She still takes her ARVs, and Cannabis oil still relieves her nausea and headaches, plus she still takes her ARVs. Cannabis oil chose Mary, she believes, and consequently she is grateful.

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Gill’s Mom has Alzheimer’s

Gill* has a cannabis oil success story to share. Her mom was 85 when she showed signs of dementia, which then progressed into Alzheimer’s Disease. To add to her woes, she had a stroke at age 90 and could no longer speak, a confined to a wheelchair. Her prescribed Alzheimer’s medicines had left her mute and unable to respond, and she looked continually as if in shock. Gill was at the time using cannabis oil to treat arthritis in inflammation and pain in her hands, and fingers. She began rubbing it on her mom’s arms which were stiff and dry thanks to the stroke. Slowly her mother’s arms have started softening. She started to use cannabis oil as a medication on her mom’s arms.

Gill did more research and started to give cannabis oil to her mom in her mouth. Slowly she stopped her mom’s medicines, and she stayed only on cannabis oil. She is 92 now and can speak a bit, plus has developed a sense of humour, plus can hold eye contact with others. Her arms can move much more freely, and she sleeps a lot better. Gill makes her own chocolates and makes her mom cannabis chocolates. She uses coconut oil and cooking chocolate, melted into candy.

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Geoff is our Cannabis Oil Success Story Number 3

Finally, a story about a man who has colon cancer. Geoff was therefore recommended chemotherapy which caused him to be nauseous, to vomit and to lose weight. So he decided to try cannabidiol (CBD), another strong cannabinoid from cannabis, and a tiny bit of THC. He takes two capsules a day, filled with a combination of CBD and THC cannabis oils. He feels better and has a regained appetite. He is gaining a little weight daily. He is gently getting fit with snowboarding and golfing. Plus, the most noteworthy is that he made many healthy changes to his diet. As a result, Geoff is a cannabis oil success story, and that makes 3.

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Cannabis Oil Success Stories Conclusion

Please contact Life Retreat (Cannabiotics), for more of our cannabis oil health and healing, success stories. In conclusion, we can assist you in becoming another healthy example for others. You are welcome to email us with any health issues and we will advise accordingly 

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