Charles Greig Jewellers Celebrates 5th Generation Legacy

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Since its humble beginnings in Johannesburg 117 years ago, the Charles Greig brand has since earned a distinguished reputation as one of the world’s leading couturiers of custom designed, handmade jewellery and exclusive watch brands, including Rolex, Cartier, Breitling, Tag Heuer, Longines and IWC Schaffhausen.

Under the stewardship of Christopher, Donald and Richard Greig, fourth generation descendants of Charles Greig, who emigrated from the Scottish city of Aberdeen in 1894; the brand now operates four boutique stores in Johannesburg and Cape Town, where patrons may enjoy the convenience of purchasing all the top international brands in one outlet, as opposed to several within the same mall, as is common in cities such as Dubai and Hong Kong.

Says Donald Greig of Cape Town’s Victoria and Alfred Waterfront outlet. “This store opened here 18 years ago, at a time when Cape Town was seen as a quaint little port at the tip of Africa. It has since become an internationally renowned destination for quality and luxury watch and jewellery brands. South Africa is, in fact, now recognized as the cheapest  destination in the world for most Swiss watch brands due to the favourable Rand exchange rate”.

In appreciation of how vital effective branding has become to consumer loyalty, the brothers recently decided to refurbish each boutique in a more contemporary style and fashion, whilst retaining the essence of their forefathers’ legacy.

Says Donald,“Since our refurbishment, we have been astonished at how many clients have entered our store, remarking upon how similar it is to boutique stores they have frequented in cities such as Dubai, Geneva and Hong Kong”.

And, indeed, for any well-travelled connoisseur of fine watches and jewellery, upon stepping into Cape Town’s refurbished Charles Grieg outlet, it is immediately recognizable as a store comparable with the likes of Tiffany’s in New York, Harry Winstons in Beverly Hills or London’s famed Bond Street Jewellers.

“Our refurbished store heralds a new league in branding in the South African jewellery and high end watch market” says Donald, “Building upon the legacy of trust that we enjoy in the local market, our new contemporary look continues to express global industry trends, whilst retaining our unique and distinguished heritage”.

Officially launching the refinement of their time honored legacy at Cape Town’s V & A store on the evening of 3rd March, Charles Greig invites you to let your dreams take flight as they transport you to a new era in luxury, allure, and quintessential delight.

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  1. Vanessa Christiane Avatar
    Vanessa Christiane

    Love the jewellery! And might i say the little Salmon Blinis have just made me ever so hungreeeee ❤ it!

    1. Trish Avatar

      Hi Vanessa
      The jewellery is so beautiful, and the highlight for me was the Cartier watches, as I really love this. The delicious food and bubbly really made for a wonderful event.

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