Make Herbal Bath Salts – A Free Crash Course

Herbal Bath Salts

Bath salts are a fantastic way to enhance your daily beauty bath. They are the most accessible bath and body products to make and are often some of the most expensive items in gift sets.

Making them at home with your home-grown herbs can cut some of those prices by half or more.

The list of essential tools is concise, and most of them can be found in your

Bath Salts
Herbal Bath Salts

You will need:

* Measuring cups
* A large bowl – to mix your ingredients. You can also use a large plastic bag.
* A large spoon
* Something to store your salts in – see packaging for some ideas.
* A mortar and pestle – to ground your herbs. You can also use an electric blender.
* Optional Tools:
* A funnel – if you will use something with a small mouth to store your salts in. You can also make your funnel by rolling up a sheet of paper.

Bath Salts
Bath Salts In A Bowl

Ingredients for bath salts:

The ingredient list is as simple as the tool list. You will need:

* Table salt, sea salt or Epsom Salt

* Dye – you can use ordinary food colouring (Moir’s is a well-known brand). The results are not always predictable, nor is the colouring stable if you store your salts for an extended period of time. You can also purchase special soap dyes, which produce a more stable and (sometimes) professional colouring. These are, however, a chore to obtain and more expensive. If you intend to sell your bath salts, we advise you to incur the extra expense and trouble to use special soap dyes.

* Fragrance – an essential ingredient in your bath salt. It sets the ‘mood’ for your bath salt. You can use unique soap fragrances, aromatherapy oils, or herbs to create your ‘mood’. Soap fragrances add nothing but the scent, but aromatherapy oils and herbs also add a desirable health dimension. Please pay attention to the Safety Precautions if you use aromatherapy oils and herbs and intend to sell your bath salts.

* Herbs – finely ground dried herbs add a wonderful dimension to your salts. For the best results, grow and dry your herbs. It is easy and gratifying. Ground your spices just before mixing them into your salts.

* Optional ingredients: Some recipes ask for borax and baking soda. You can omit these if you want.

Most of the ingredients can be found in your local grocery store. Unique soap fragrances and soap dyes can be purchased from soap craft stores. Aromatherapy oils can be bought from health shops. You will find herb plants to grow in your garden at your local nursery. If you have any trouble finding any of the ingredients, contact us. We will point you in the right direction.

Bath Salts
Beautiful Herbal Baths


Packaging is something that should be considered before you start making your bath salts. Preferably it should be something that can seal. This keeps the salt fresh and fragrant. Packaging also determines how much salt you make.

We prefer to use little cellophane bags and twist tags, raffia or ribbon. They are more straightforward for the person making the salt and the person using the salt. They are also a lot cheaper than glass jars.

If you want a more sophisticated and elegant look, a glass jar is your best bet as long as it has a lid. You can also use canning jars. You can tie raffia, ribbon or yarn around the pot to give it some decoration. You can purchase glass paint from a craft store and paint decorations on the jar if you are creative. Can buy glass jars from craft stores. If you have difficulty finding glass jars, contact us.

You can also purchase or make your little cardboard boxes. These can be decorated with a variety of materials. We put a piece of wax paper inside the box before we put the salt in. This helps keep the fragrance from fading quickly.

Finally, don’t forget your label. Can glue it to the bag, jar or cardboard box, or tie it with a piece of string or raffia.


Bath salt is probably the simplest and easiest item to make in a bath and body collection. Gather all your supplies and have them ready before you begin.

First, decide on the type of salt you are going to use. Next, decide on the grade. If you use different styles and rates, determine if you prefer to have more of one or the other.

Next, use your packaging to determine how much salt you need. Fill your packaging container to the desired amount. Pour from the packaging container into your mixing bowl.

In a smaller bowl, take ¼ – ½ cup salt mixture. Stir in your fragrance, starting with a few drops and adding gradually until you reach the desired scent strength. Make sure that the salt is mixed well with the bouquet.
Next, stir in your dye. Add it gradually, like the fragrance, until you get the colour you desire. Be sure to mix well. You want to ensure that the colour is even through the salt crystals. Add back to the rest of the salt mixture and mix well.

It’s very frustrating to pour your salts into their container, only to find the salts at the bottom of the mixing bowl still a pure white. A sure sign that you were rushing the job.


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    FREE CBD/ Herbal Health Zoom Consultations

    Please get in touch with us for any product or health-related enquiry. Or book your FREE CBD/ Herbal Health Consultation with our Registered Herbalist/ Ayurvedic Practitioner

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