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  • Upcycling In 2016

    Upcycling In 2016

    Let’s talk about upcycling Towards the end of last year, the world went crazy for upcycling. It truly captured the imaginations of a vast number of people – largely because upcycling can take many different forms. For those who don’t know, let me quickly bring you up to speed.

  • Amazing Uses Of Bamboo

    Amazing Uses Of Bamboo

    With a vast increasing population, the demand for new housing and consumables is diminishing Africa’s forests. Trees are vital for our planet’s survival especially for cleaning the air and our environment from all the toxic gasses. Tree overage has decreased from 35% to a mere 3% in the last decade. By using products made from […]

  • Make Herbal Bath Salts – A Free Crash Course

    Make Herbal Bath Salts – A Free Crash Course

    Bath salts are a fantastic way to enhance your daily beauty bath. They are the most accessible bath and body products to make and are often some of the most expensive items in gift sets.

  • Home Grown Organic Nutrition

    Home Grown Organic Nutrition

    Have you seen the price of¬†potatoes in the shops? This is normally one of the cheapest times for potatoes as the spring planted harvests have come in. The drought has put the national potato crop in jeopardy, and unless we have consistent rains for the next few months we may be in for an expensive […]

  • Fun Loving Upcycled Garden Art

    Fun Loving Upcycled Garden Art

    As we are well into Summer, your garden will most likely be looking as good as it will all year (if you’re a gardener that is). A garden should be as unique as the person who plants it, and these garden art ideas can help any gardener achieve¬† that goal. Easy and fun DIY garden […]