Don’t Retox, Post Detox

You should not see the days after your detox as calorie make-up days. Post detox, is by far the most important part of detoxing.  After all, there is no point in detoxing, and then straight after that retoxing.

Post detoxing is the most difficult part of the detox

I have messed this up a couple of times in the past.  I always feel so amazing after a detox, and so proud of myself, that a reward is often in order.  A reward to me is a bar of chocolate, some wine, and often a loaf (yes, I can eat a whole loaf), of cheese bread.  But, in reality what these rewards do is retox my system.  I then go back to square one, and defeat the purpose of having done the detox in the beginning.

I suggest that before beginning a detox, that you decide, what it is that you want to change about your diet, and lifestyle to be more healthy.  Once this decision is made, then plan accordingly. Rid your house of sweets, and chocolates.  Stock up on light wine.  Ensure that you fridge is full of fresh fruit, and vegetables.  This way, you will not have to go food shopping, and smell the bakery.  Because you are feeling so amazing, you will be enthusiastic about eating all your fresh, and healthy food.

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As you can see, planning is vital

The next thing you need to plan is your exercise routine, and more importantly stick to it.  You can get away with gentle yoga, and strolls while detoxing.  But, I am afraid after that it is back to the grindstone, and the exercise regime needs to begin.

Ensure that you have a daily schedule, so that when it comes to bed time, you can peacefully hop into bed and go to sleep, without worrying about what still needs to be done. A good nights sleep is essential for us to have healthy bodies, and minds.

Keeping a good positive attitude is vital.  This is easy when we are feeling healthy, and good about ourselves.  But, we do not always continue with this.  If you feel that you are slipping into a negative mindset, do anything to stay positive.  Some good ideas are listening to your favourite music, arranging flowers, walking in nature, meditating and reading self help, and motivational books.

Surround yourself with good people.  Toxic people are like toxic food, they make us feel sick.  If you are a good positive person, there is no reason, why you should be surrounded by them.

Love and be loved.  Love and care for your family, and friends, and in turn they will do the same for you.

As you can see detoxing our lives, is not just a quick 5 days of juicing.  It is an ongoing process that we need to work on continuously. It is far more than our diet, and to live healthy, happy and balanced lifestyles, we need to look after our physical, mental and emotional health.

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