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  • Post Detox Diet Tips

    Post Detox Diet Tips

    If you’ve been detoxing with us, you’re probably wondering what you should be eating now that the detox is over. Well, what we eat, and drink after we have detoxed, is probably more important than the detox itself.  

  • Don’t Retox, Post Detox

    Don’t Retox, Post Detox

    You should not see the days after your detox as calorie make-up days. Post detox, is by far the most important part of detoxing.  After all, there is no point in detoxing, and then straight after that retoxing.

  • Post Detox Lunch Recipes

    Post Detox Lunch Recipes

    Eating the wrong food after your detox can rob you of your health. We gave you breakfast recipes yesterday and today we re moving on to lunch. These recipes are very nutritious and are quick and easy to whip up. It’s important to know that by simply consuming coconut oil on a daily basis, you’ll also be […]

  • What you should be eating after a detox

    What you should be eating after a detox

    Now that you’ve relieved and cleaned your body after your detox, you need to nourish it by eating the right foods. After all, “you are what you eat.” But most importantly, you need to be careful of what you eat after a detox. This is because, your body changes the way it absorbs nutrients. But […]