Fun Loving Upcycled Garden Art


As we are well into Summer, your garden will most likely be looking as good as it will all year (if you’re a gardener that is).

A garden should be as unique as the person who plants it, and these garden art ideas can help any gardener achieve  that goal. Easy and fun DIY garden art projects add to the beauty of an outdoor garden while exhibiting some of the gardeners’ unique personality.

Recycling and upcycling everyday household items into yard art is a way to beautify your outdoor living space while helping to save the planet. Look through these 25 recycled garden art projects to discover some you can use in your own outdoor spaces.

1-Golf Ball Lady Bugs

A fun project for the person who loves gardening and golf – paint some old golf balls to look like lady bugs and place them throughout the garden.

Golf Ball Lady Bugs


Use this idea for upcycling old wooden salad bowls into colourful and fun garden toadstools. This is one of the garden decor ideas that would look equally well in a flower bed, vegetable garden or under trees.

garden toadstools

3-Sparkling Fence

An ordinary wood privacy fence can be boring to look at, but a few glass marbles can change the look. Use this yard art idea to transform a boring fence into a sparkling fence.

Glass marbles in your fence

4-Bicycle Planter

That old bicycle that you have stashed away in the garage can be transformed into DIY garden art. Use this fun idea for upcycling a bicycle into a planter.

Bicycle Planter

5-Barrel Planters

A couple of old rusty metal barrels can be transformed into works of smiling art with a coat of paint. Great planters to create for use outside of any childcare facility or school.

Barrel Planters

6-Soda Can Flowers

Reserve a few aluminum soda cans for yourself instead of taking them to the recycle center so you can create some soda can flowers. Colourful, unique and fun and a perfect gardening decor idea for placing in areas that may not have natural flower bloom colour.

Soda Can Garden Art!

7-Choo-Choo Planter

One of the more ambitious DIY projects but the end result is well worth the effort. Create a choo-choo planter for any location in your landscape.  Use these unique ideas and instructions for making a choo-choo planter from various different recycled materials and make it the size that suits your outdoor space best.

Choo-Choo Planter

8-Terra Cotta Toadstools

Here is another fun loving idea for toadstools, use old terra cotta planters. This recycled ideas will enable you to use old planters and leftover paint to create new toadstools.

Terra Cotta Toadstools

9-Fish Chair

Every gardener needs a place to sit down and enjoy the view of all their labors and this fun fish chairprovides the perfect place for relaxing.

Fish Chair

10-Rock Turtle

If you live in a rocky terrain, here is a great way to take those rocks and makes a thing of beauty with them. This DIY rock turtle uses big and small rocks and is sure to be a focal point in any landscape.

DIY rock turtle


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  1. Maz Avatar

    What brilliant ideas!

    1. Joshua Avatar

      We love them too! Thanks for your comment Maz.

  2. Trish Avatar

    This article is so inspiring, and fun. Just what I need to start off my New Year. I bought a wooden bird feeder, and am so looking forward to hanging it up, and bird watching. #fun #happy #gardens #birdwatching

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