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My interest with healing, and healthy home remedies began when I was in high school.  My best friend and I each had the “Vogue Natural Health and Beauty Book.”  In fact I still have this book, and our family delight in making up these potions.

Over the years, I have continued to study various health and healing modalities,  and without fail, I always seem to get amazing results when I use them.

I will add to this article on an ongoing basis.  If you have any tried and tested health remedies, or “wives tales”, please share them with us. If you have any ailments that you would like remedies for, let me know, in the comments box below. Or, you can email me on info@blog.liferetreat.co.za. I will post the healing home remedies here.

Amazingly, Bronwen Meredith mentions the value of raw juices, which many people are using as part of their diets today.  A couple of the remedies below are from the book, but most of them are remedies that I have learnt along the way, and have tried and tested.


Fresh pineapple.  A good pro/ pre-biotic


Compress of comfrey; witch hazel massage.  Essential oils of camphor/ hyssop.  Paw paw skin, or ointment.


Vegetable juices – carrot/ beetroot/ cucumber.  Herbal teas – dandelion/ thyme;  essential oils of cloves as a massage.  Soak in an Epsom Salts bath. Spray on magnesium spray.


Fruit juices – lemon/ orange/ grapefruit.  Herbal teas – yarrow/ marigold flowers.  Essential oils of bergamot/ eucalyptus/ camphor. Immufend herbal cold & flu syrup helps to bring down a fever.


Eat loads of fresh garlic.  Drink honey & cinnamon tea.  Take double doses of Vit C until fully recovered.  Olive Leaf drops or tablets.  Alli-Biotic capsules fights infections.


Vegetable juices – carrot/ celery/ potato; pears/ cherries.  Pineapple juice.  Herbal teas – juniper berry/ parsley.  Essential oils of benzoin/ camphor/ juniper. Berries – Uva-Ursi


Fresh juices – cabbage/ apple.  Herbal infusions – mint/ chamomile/ lemon balm.  Essential oils of cardamom/ lavender/ rose. Tea – lavender & honeybush.  Lavender eye mask.  Rub oils on temples, 3rd eye, and along base of skull.

Insect Bites

Cabbage leaves.  Parsley juice/ poultice.  Onion slices.  Herbal teas – fennel seed; crushed basil leaves. Rub oils onto them.  Living clay mask.


Herbal teas – valerian/ lettuce.  Essential oils of orange blossom/ rose/ sandalwood/ lavender. Good organic/ bamboo pillow.  Herbal sleep tea mix.



Vegetable juices – artichoke/ cabbage/ carrot/ spinach.  Fruit juices – cherry/ apricot/ orange.  Herbal teas – elder flowers/ peppermint.  Essential oils of fennel/ chamomile.  Tissue salts.  Vitamins – calcium glyconate.


Migraine relief pack.  Eye pillows.


Peppermint tea.  Essential oils of lavender/ peppermint/ cardamom. Ginger – freshly brewed/ tincture. Only for ongoing nausea – anti-parasite program.  Zeolite powder.

Stye on Eye

Rub a gold ring on the stye every hour or so.  For ongoing styes, change to a recommended eye lid cleanser.

Urinary Tract Infections

Vegetable juices – cabbage/ watercress/ dandelion/ lettuce/ chicory.  Essential oils of bergamot/ eucalyptus/ juniper/ lavender.  Aloe.  Tissue salts. Water – drink at least 8 to 10 glasses a day.

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  1. Bhavesh Singhpa Avatar
    Bhavesh Singhpa

    Nothing beats experience with these things in my honest opinion. A lot of trial and error happens along the way too. What works on some does not always work on others. But I do love your take on natural headache remedies. I read online that in the USA and Britain on average each person takes almost 400 headache pills a year..more than 1 a day !! The natural route is always the best to take, you just have to find what works best for you. Thanks.

    1. Joshua Avatar

      Hi Bhavesh. Thanks for such an insightful comment. Those statistics you read do sound scary and I’m with you in thinking that there is always a more preferable natural route to take.

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