Healthy Ways To Cope With Stress

Healthy Ways To Cope With Stress

Common symptoms of stress include upset stomach, headaches and trouble sleeping. If you’re experiencing any of these, you have to find healthy ways to manage your stress. Here are five…





1. Change the things you can

It’s usually not easy to walk away from situations at home or a stressful job, but you can find new ways to defuse conflict and anger. Try to manage your time better with stress lowering strategies. You could delegate responsibilities at home or simply say NO.

2. Relax

Learn to relax. Join a yoga class, learn to meditate or learn relaxed breathing techniques. What these techniques do is lower your heart rate and blood pressure and in the process reduce muscle tension. You can also try to focus on activities you enjoy and find relaxing such as listening to music, reading or playing with your pet.

3. Exercise regularly

When you exercise, there is a natural decrease in adrenaline production. This helps to counteract the stress response, relieving the symptoms of anxiety. Along with counseling and medical care, exercise also helps improve depression and anxiety.

4. Find support

Talking to a friend can help reduce the symptoms of stress and prolong life.

5. Don’t ignore stress

You need to recognize when you need help especially if the stress is keeping you from performing normal tasks. Talk to your doctor to help you find a way to manage the symptoms.

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