How To Manage Every Form Of Stress

How To Manage Every Form Of Stress

When was the last time you felt calm? Do you know what triggered your stress? If you can’t figure out what made you a victim of chronic stress, then you’ve had it for far too long.

As exhausting as this may sound, you’re going to have to backtrack to find the exact cause. If your job, financial concerns, or clinical phobia is causing it, there are difficult decisions you have to make. Sometimes it’s not one event but a series of happenings that overload your ability to deal calmly and rationally. It could also be a a toxic relationship or group of people that cause intense stress. You’ll never be completely free of stress, but you can learn to manage it. Here are a few things you can do:

Diet, exercise and sleep

Confronting the root cause of your stress and dealing with it will allow you to heal and move on. Diet, sleep and exercise are crucial to managing stress. When you include proper nutrition and lots of tea, you’ll find your moods start to level and you’ll be more rational. Aim for at least six hours of sleep and try to exercise three times a week.

Give yourself permission to be happy

When you realize that you should be a priority in your own life, you will prevent chronic stress from taking over your life. You have to learn to say NO to every person who calls for a quick favor that ends up monopolizing hours, if not days of your life. 

You have the ability to reduce stress and prevent it from killing you slowly. You can either ignore it or choose to confront it. When a situation that has the potential to be emotionally destroying crosses your path, ask yourself one question:

What is the worst thing that can happen if I do this?

If you confront your boss – the worst that can happen is getting fires. They won’t kill you or drag you outside to get flogged. You will be fine even if you have to sell possessions and simplify your life while you look for a more fulfilling job.

If you confront your husband over a suspected affair – the worst that can happen is getting a divorce. The world won’t come to a stand still. You will adapt and adjust to your new way of life.

When you put fear in its place, you’ll breathe easier. And, when you breathe, you can sleep well at night which in turn gives you more energy. With more energy, you’ll be more active which increases metabolism. This in turn increases appetite. With a great appetite, you will eat antioxidant rich foods. You’ll create positive associations and banish chronic stress from your life. Always look at the positive!

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