How To Overcome Your Junk Food Cravings

Junk Food Cravings

Just because that a bowl of ice-cream is calling your name doesn’t mean you have to answer. And, with the holiday season around the corner, controlling your junk food cravings now could help you train your taste buds, saving you from dieting in the coming year.

 According to researchers from University of Michigan (UM), highly processed foods such as ice-cream and pizza are the most addictive eats. They are loaded with tons of sugar, fat and refined grains; all of which influence blood sugar levels and release serotonin.


The reason you feel good one moment and tired the next is because the serotonin quickly converts to sleep-inducing melatonin. You then crave a quick-fix – more sugar, refined carbs and fat. Well, it’s time to break the cycle with these three clever techniques.

1. Pause

Before you tuck in to a bag of chips, evaluate your hunger. Ask yourself if you’re just eating because it’s there or eating because you’re hungry. If you’re really hungry, opt for a healthy meal or snack and tell yourself you can have some chocolate later if you still want it.

2. Plan

Don’t ignore your cravings. If you try to ignore them, you’ll end up binging. So, enjoy a small serving. Most importantly, have healthier choices such as hummus and celery sticks. They won’t only fill you up but will eliminate the cravings.

3. Savour

Yes, savour! Try to focus on the aroma and the visual appeal of the doughnut or slice of pizza. It helps when you allow yourself to take in the nuances of texture and taste rather than just scarfing it down. It will surely help you feel satisfied and in control.

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2 responses to “How To Overcome Your Junk Food Cravings”

  1. Melissa Javan Avatar

    I’ve been struggling with this lately. Need to take healthier options for snacks. Thank you.

    1. Shimanga Avatar

      Hi Melissa, Try not to completely deprive your body of what you’ve gotten it used to and just take it one day at a time.

      Good luck!

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