How Your Emotions Affect Your Heart


For centuries the heart was thought to be the seat of emotions. While we now understand that the heart’s mission is to pump blood through our bodies, scientists have discovered that emotions and your heart are profoundly linked.

In fact, feelings of despair and hopelessness not ony boost your risk of developing heart attack but increase the odds that you’ll die if you do have a heart attack.

Researchers from the Centers for Disease Control studied nearly 3000 adults, ranging in age from 45 to 77. They found that about one-fourth of them reported symptoms of depression. Although none of the volunteers had heart disease when the study started, over the next 12 years, the participants who suffered from depression, whether mild or severe were four times more likely to die from heart disease.

Don’t ignore the signs of depression

While scientists unravel the exact connection between heart disease and depression, one fact is clear. Since depression can increase your risk of developing heart trouble and lessen the odds you’ll survive if you have a heart attack, never ignore it.

This is especially important following a heart attack. You need to immediately report any symptoms of depression to your doctor so that they can properly diagnose and treat you. Your life could depend on it. But, what really brings about depression?

Low blood pressure puts you at risk of the blues

It’s also possible that people with low blood pressure are more sensitive to bodily sensations than those with higher blood pressure. They are also more likely to report any symptoms they experience. There is no doubt among health professionals that having low blood pressure lowers your risk of heart disease.

So, if your diastolic number runs on the low side, don’t worry about it. However, you may want to look out for any symptoms of depression and discuss them with your doctor.

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