Important Supplements To Prevent Age-Related Diseases


If you are older than 40, these are the most important supplements you need to slow aging and to help prevent age-related diseases.
As women and men age, our hormones responsible for heart health, bone density, immune function and brain sharpness start to wane. See if your daily supplements has the following ingredients:

TDiabetes, cardiovascular disease and cancer, the three of the biggest killers of South Africans, superseded only by HIV/AIDS, also become more prevalent the older you become. I’m occasionally asked what the most i…important nutraceutical supplements to take from middle-age onward. Here are my top 5 suggestions:


Essential for correct heart function, keeping it beating strongly. CoQ10’s levels decline rapidly with aging, so take 100mg daily. The best form of CoQ10 is the reduced (non-oxidized form), scientifically known as ubiquinol. Product name: SOLAL Ubiquinol Co-Q 10


South Africans don’t consume enough fish, yet this food source contains omega-3 fats which are essential for heart and brain health. Take 1,000mg of krill oil daily (best), or 2,000mg of a concentrated fish oil (not quite as good as krill oil, but still good). Product: SOLAL Krill oil omega 3

Alpha lipoic acid

This is probably one of the most important anti-aging nutrients around, according the Life Extension Foundation in the USA. It’s a very powerful antioxidant that helps prevent age-related damage caused by free radicals toxins produced in the body. The reason I think it’s so important is because it helps protect against insulin resistance and elevated blood sugar, which lead to diabetes, and then heart attacks and strokes. Excess sugar in the blood damages blood vessels. Take 150mg once daily of the active R-form of Alpha lipoid acid. Product: SOLAL Alpha Lipoic Acid (dual R-form)

Vitamin D3

Most South Africans have sub-optimal levels of this heart-protective and immune-boosting vitamin. Some evidence shows that it may help reduce risk of cancer, but it definitely keeps bones strong. Take one 2,000 IU tablet daily (a prescription is required for this higher dose unfortunately. In South Africa, only doses of 1000iu daily or lower don’t require a prescription; but 1000iu is still an acceptable dose). Product: SOLAL Vitamin D3 (vitamin D3 is more effective than vitamin D2)

Rhodiola rosea

The anti-stress herb. A few years ago, the Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health reported that stress can increase the risk of having a heart attack by 300-600%. Stress kills because it raises blood pressure, cortisol and adrenaline levels, which damage the heart and brain. Rhodiola is an adaptogen that protects the heart and helps prevent excessive cortisol and adrenaline release. Take 200-400mg daily. Product: SOLAL Stress Damage Control.

by Brent Murphy – B.Pharm (Rhodes), MPS. Solal’s Pharmacist.

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