It Takes More than a Good Breakfast to Kick- Start Your Day

I love sleep.  We all do.  Sleep is so vital for good health and a sharp mind.

But there are other things you can do to maximize a good night’s rest.  The way you choose to begin your morning has a huge impact on how your mood, energy levels, and even events will be influenced throughout the day.  Don’t believe me?  Give it a shot.

Having done yoga since I was in my late teens, and having eventually certified as a Yoga Teacher while I was still in varsity, I have access to some of the most ancient teachings on what is called “The Science of Life” (or Ayurveda).  Ayurveda gives us detailed tips on how to live a life that is energized, balanced, healthy, and inspired.  Some of the most important juice we can squeeze from our day will be accessed first thing in the morning.

In my article LIGHT A FIRE CRACKER AND GO! I give 5 steps to kick the habit of procrastination.  One of the worst ways to begin the day is to start feeling tired and lethargic.  This is where diet, correct nutrition, and good sleep hygiene all play a vital role in what returns you may wish to see for investing a bit of time and thought into the way you choose to kick start your day. Below are key ways you can maximize the rooster hours:

1.Early to Bed, Early to Rise…

Good morning

One of the many reasons getting up a little earlier is effective is because we have more time in the morning to spend prepping for the day.  Your body will get a metabolic boost long before you leave the house – just by going about your morning activities (BARGAIN!).  Your mood will improve. You will think clearer. Try it – you will thank yourself for it.

Tip: Set two alarms.  I set one alarm for the time I wish to wake up and another (usually an hour later) for the time I want to get up.  This gives you the feeling of having “slept in a little”.

2.Spend Some Time Waking Up

Waking up

Don’t just leap out of bed with your alarm.  Rather, set a time that allows you an extra 2 minutes just to wake yourself up with respect to your body and mind.

Try this:

  • Rub the palms together briskly to get circulation going, and hold your warm hands over your face
  • Take 3 deep, conscious breaths in through the nose, and out through the mouth
  • Stretch it out – reach, stretch, twist, yawn… greeting that sleepy body with a stretch will make you feel great, and get the cobwebs dusted off from the night before
  • Take a moment to “Write the Script” for your day – think about what you want from your day. Don’t think about the tasks you have to achieve.  Just something like ‘Today’s a good day to have a good day.  I’m choosing success for myself.  Let’s do this thing!”
  • Sit up slowly
  • Take time to sit up. Before you even stand up, gather yourself toward yourself. Don’t begin by thinking of work, deadlines, social media, family, etc.  This is still YOUR time, and you deserve to enjoy it.

3.Making Changes Begins at Cellular Level

phone image

I soon realized that I wasn’t the only person who would roll over in bed and check my phone before the sleep had even left my eyes.  Before my brain had even turned the ignition key, I was flooded with messages (negative and positive), social media feeds, global news, and sinking thoughts of looming deadlines… ARGH!!  We are literally living in a world of INPUT INPUT INPUT… no wonder everyone’s sick, and tired.

It’s time to take back control guys.  About a year ago I made a conscious choice to only turn my phone on at 9AM.  Sometimes this isn’t realistic, and I may need my phone on earlier, but then I choose to only be “contactable” from 9AM onward.  I refuse to scroll on social media.  I will not open messages from friends and family who ‘just wanna catch up’, and I have chosen (for my own mental health and emotional sanity) to devote mornings to ME.  Only you can know what the most realistic thing is for you, but it’s time we (as a society) take a long, hard look at this topic if we wish to actually experience life, and not a screen shot of it.

Be sure to check out my follow ups to this blog, which will be done as a small series to allow you the opportunity to integrate the information practically, rather than just reading it and filing it in the mental storage unit.

As a Life Coach, I am all about actualizing key concepts and ideas to make positive shifts in your life.  Feel free to let me know what you think…

Now, go catch that worm!

By Ryan G. Edmonds (Life Coach, AUNLP. CHt, n/med):

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