Should You learn Tai Chi Or Qi Gong?

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There’s no doubt about it – you can’t function without energy. We all need energy and get most of it by eating, drinking and breathing. However, sometimes if not most, this energy isn’t enough.

So, we look to other sources including specific practices like Tai Chi and Qi Gong.

But which of these is the best and what are the differences? I’ll try and give you an overview that will help you decide which one is best for you.

Similarities between Tai Chi Or Qi Gong

Tai Chi and Qi Gong both work with energy. They both come from Shamanism and exercises have slow and graceful movements. There similarities include:

  • Using the power of the mind over matter.
  • Emphasis on purity and supreme fitness of the mind and body.
  • Whole systems of fine-tuning one’s body and mind and as such they are beneficial for numerous conditions.
  • Teaching  great awareness of the body and mind.
  • Using dynamic physical exercises and through still meditation.

Differences between Tai Chi Or Qi Gong

1. Qigong is more focused on cultivating the Qi. So, you don’t have to study the forms. Tai Chi practice on the other hand is centred on the forms involving alignment, coordination, integration, precision, connection and unity.

2. Qigong power is ‘light’ whereas Tai Chi power is ‘dense’. Tai Chi is intricate at a high level. So, the Qi that manifests in each form has subtle characteristics. These change with each form throughout the set, whereas each form is an integral part of the whole. But, Qigong forms are less intricate and so the Qi expressed is more general, its characteristics less defined.

3. Higher level Tai Chi strongly accumulates Qi throughout the ligaments, tendons and meridians. And as this Qi flows, it builds to a tremendous level. The effect of Qigong on the other hand is considerably less powerful.

4. The art of Tai Chi involves an advanced and elaborate choreography and some form of martial arts, unlike the art of Qigong.

5. One particular type of meditation Qigong can help you achieve potent healing power for treating yourself or the ill, whereas Tai Chi and moving Qigong are less powerful and are for one’s own general health benefits.

6. Meditation Qigong often leads to advanced spiritual development, whereas with Tai Chi, one can feel the flow of  energy and power but not necessarily a spiritual awareness.

7. The art of Qigong especially meditation Qigong is a profound meditation that goes deep into the realm of consciousness. On the other hand, Tai Chi is a moving meditation that’s less intense.

So which one is the best  for you? Well, you can practice them both. However, because QiGong is best outside so you can practice it in summer and Tai Chi in winter.

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