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Wherever you are right now, I bet there are at least two screens in the same room with you. You’re reading this on your phone. And then there’s your laptop in the corner or your tablet right next to you. Like everyone else, I rely on technology for many things; from email, to taking photos, right up to driving directions. And if you sleep with it too, then I’m glad not be the only one. But with all this digital addiction, I’ve decided to go on a digital detox.

I know Trish is running a detox support group that I’m definitely joining with a digi twist. So keeping reading to find out what you missed this week.

—————Detox Support Group—————

Detox with us

Join Us For Online Support

Detox support group. A few of us are forming one, as we, are venturing on a detox programme, next week. We have all committed to stay positive, and motivate each other on our journey. Would love more people to join us, so please do! Find out how to join here.

—————Meet The Life Retreat Team—————

RyanMeet Ryan G. Edmonds

During his studies in Psychology and Philosophy at the University of Johannesburg, Ryan began to swim deeper into the seas of healing and client-centered therapies. He now runs a full time practice as a (Non-Medical) Hypnosis Practitioner, Corporate Trainer, Life Coach, and Yoga Teacher. Read more about him here.

—————Recipe Of The Week—————

Raspberry-Chia-Seed-JamRaspberry & Vanilla Chia Seed Jam

Lately, I’ve developed an obsession for jam. I always loved it on toast but now it has spread to jam on crackers, jam on yogurt and jam on my morning porridge. When I got through the last jar of jam I bought in less than two weeks, I vowed to find a healthier alternative.The particular brand I was buying was 60% sugar.

After working so hard the last couple of months trying to reduce the kids’ sugar intake, was I undoing all of our good work by heaping this sugary jam onto her breakfast every morning? Probably!  Click here for a healthy alternative.

—————WIN A Morgan Taylor Hamper————–

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Prize includes: The All-new Morgan Taylor React base coat, React top coat and a Morgan Taylor Manga-Around With Me Nail Lacquer.

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—————Most Popular Article————–

92u4oi2jriwnfFive Ways To Make Your Whites Whiter Without Bleach

Are your whites looking a little yellowed? Nothing is more depressing than tossing a brand-new white shirt into your closet, only to notice your existing ones look dull in comparison. Whites are the hardest colour to keep looking bright and new. Not only do colours from other clothes eventually bleed into the fabric, discolouring your bright whites but your sweat and oils can quickly become stains.

Also, if you faithfully use bleach, then it’s probably the culprit. The chemical makeup of household bleach can make white clothes turn yellow. Keep reading to find out how you can make your whites whiter without bleach.

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Have an awesome weekend!
The Life Retreat Team

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