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The last few weeks have seen the beginning of Winter here in South Africa, but we’re to warm you up with our round up of the best giveaways, articles, competitions, reviews and more from the past week. Before we start rounding up, remember to check out our recently launched brand new lifestyle store, Lifestyle Shop Online . With thousands of products already, across 65 categories, we know you’ll find stuff you’ll love!

We have also launched a brand new site that is 100% dedicated to giving away prizes, GiveawaySA. We continue to bring you fantastic competitions here on Life Retreat, but you can also visit GiveawaySA to find even more!

We are giving our readers the chance to win a Hannon “More Hair & Anti-Hair Loss” Hamper, which includes four stunning products valued at R692:

“If you are experiencing rapid hair loss, slow hair growth or just have naturally limp or fine hair, then this is the product range you have been waiting for!  This Hannon Hair Care hamper has been specially put together to treat hair loss as well as adding volume to hair that needs more body. Valued at R692!”

Stand A Chance To Win These Products!



Talking of haircare, this week Trish wrote a great article all about how your hair grows and changes as you grow and change. In it, Trish details the stages of her life and the hairstyles she had at various points:

“As a child I had weird, and wonderful hairstyles.  More often thank not, cut by my Mom. But, always cute, happy and sometimes funny. Teenage years were spent with long blonde hair,  which helped when going out to parties and meeting boys. My twenties was settling down into marriage with a variety of perms.  A very housewife like look.”

How Has Your Hair Changed?

Read the full article by clicking the link below:

A Little Dove Taught Me How To Love My Hair


With all the research showing how medicinally beneficial health supplements are, we at Life Retreat are big fans. But for some people, taking supplements in tablet form is an impossible task. That’s why chewable supplements are such a great solution for so many.

Chewable Supplements

But there are other health benefits to chewable supplements, as evidence in an article this week, 5 Of The Biggest Benefits From Supplements:

“When you have trouble swallowing pills, trying to get them down can really hurt your throat. Fortunately, a chewable vitamin can protect your throat from the need to swallow large, uncomfortable, bulky pills.”

Read the full article by clicking here.

You can also take a look at our wide range of vitamins & supplements in our online store.


Are you using a coffee scrub? If not, why not!? The benefits to your skin if you do are huge, including tightening, improved circulation, improving dry skin, stimulating hair growth and much more besides.

This week, Samantha published an article all about coffee scrubs and the miracles they can do for you skin:

“Did you know that just as much as the intake of caffeine ‘wakes you up’ it also wakes up the skin externally. The lesser known benefits are the effects it has when we apply it to our skin.”

Coffee Scrubs Work Wonders On Your Skin

To read the full article, click here.

Alternatively, we are stocking a range of LOCA CAFE SCRUBS in our store. Click here to see the range.


As it’s Friday, a lot of us around the country will relax and unwind today after work with a glass of wine. Traditionally wine, like all alcohol, has been seen as having a negative effect on your health.

Not any more.

Yesterday we posted an article entitled 10 Health Benefits of Wine. Check it out to discover things we bet you didn’t know about how drinking wine in moderation can benefit you in many different ways:

“Have you noticed that when you have had a few glasses of wine with your friends, you tend to take a trip down memory lane? This is due to a compound found in the skin of red grapes called resveratrol , which studies has shown, can improve memory and cognitive function.”

Read the full article here.

For the special person in your life, check out the Sommelier Wine Hamper.


That’s all from us for this week. Remember to check out our two newly launched sister sites Lifestyle Shop Online and GiveawaySA. Also tweet us your thoughts in the box below!

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  1. Colin Avatar

    a multi vit supplements are the way forward

    1. Trish Avatar

      HI Colin
      I agree. Especially at this time of the year, and it is good to start taking Vit C and B to prevent colds and flu.

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