Lose Weight With This Superfood – It’s Not Cockroach Milk

If you’ve been following health news, scientists have discovered that a particular species of cockroach – the Pacific beetle cockroach – produces milk for its young. They say this milk is highly nutritious and potentially very beneficial for human beings. NO THANK YOU!

I prefer easy to find, non repulsive weight loss products. And today I want to let you in on my new obsession.

Chickpeas- My new nutrient dense superfood

When you’re trying to lose weight, you eat fewer calories. But the most important thing is to ensure that those calories are nutritious. This is where chickpeas shine as a weight-loss food. You see, one-half cup of cooked chickpeas has 7 grams of protein and 22 grams of energy-providing complex carbohydrates and no fat. Chickpeas are a rich source of iron, giving men 25 percent of their recommended daily intake, while women get 11 percent.


They also give you bone-building calcium and phosphorus including the potassium you need to keep nerves and muscles functioning. Chickpeas have 3 to 8 percent of the recommended daily intake of the B vitamins essential for energy. The best thing with chickpeas is dietary fiber in chickpeas supports weight loss by making you feel full.

Here’s a quick, easy and simply delicious chickpea recipe


1 small red onion , peeled
1-2 fresh red chillies , deseeded
2 handfuls ripe red or yellow tomatoes
1 lemon
extra virgin olive oil
sea salt
freshly ground black pepper
410 g tinned chickpeas , drained, or around 4 large handfuls of soaked and cooked chickpeas
1 handful fresh mint , chopped
1 handful fresh green or purple basil , finely ripped
100 g feta cheese


First of all, finely slice your red onion. Once that’s done, finely slice your chillies then roughly chop your tomatoes, mixing them in with the onion and chillies. Scrape all of this, and the juice, into a bowl and dress with the juice of half a lemon and 3 tablespoons of good extra virgin olive oil. Season to taste. Heat the chickpeas in a pan, then add 90 per cent of them to the bowl. Mush up the remaining chickpeas and add these as well – they will give a nice creamy consistency. Allow to marinate for a little while and serve at room temperature.
Just as you’re ready to serve, give the salad a final dress with the fresh mint and basil. Taste one last time for seasoning – you may want to add the juice from your remaining lemon half at this point. Place on a nice serving dish and crumble over the feta cheese.

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