Losing Weight Without Dieting


Time Your Meals

Set a timer for 15 minutes and find yourself as a slow eater. This is one of the best tactics of cutting down your weight without a heavy diet plan. Take in each bite slowly and try to consume time between every bite. Studies have shown that people who are used to eat in hurry they are more likely to take more food in, in less time. Or in simple words we can say that while eating in hurry our stomach has no time to tell brain that it’s full now and that’s causes overeating.

Sleep More

According to the research sleeping an extra hour at night could drop 15 pounds of weight in a year. Sleeping replaces idle activities and the usual snacking and you can easily reduce calories by 7%. Result may be different for every person but sleeping can be effective for weight loss. It has been proven by experiments that extra sleep can reduce your hunger and make you eat less.

Eat More Vegetables

Try Eating More Soup

Eating more fruits and vegetables can be beneficial to lose weight. Vegetables are rich in fiber and water and they fill your stomach with fewer calories.


Soup can fill your stomach with fewer calories. And it can make you feel fuller for long tie in a day. So soup before meal can slower you’re eating and there good chances for you to eat less and your stomach will feel fuller with just a little meal. Avoid creamy soups as they are rich in calories and fat. Try to add frozen vegetable onto soup for better taste.

Whole Grains

Rice, oats, barley and other whole grains can be helpful for you to lose weight. They fill your stomach with fewer calories and you will feel full for a long time. Pizza crust, waffles and pasta are the products which contain whole grains and they are quite delicious as people enjoy eating them.

Build A Better Slice Of Pizza

Usually a pizza have meat topping on it but if you avoid meat topping and start giving it vegetable topping then it will be good for your health as it will cut hundred calories from it. Use less cheese in your pizza and try to make it just with a little amount of olive oil.

Go For Green Tea

Drinking green tea is a world famous weight loss technique. Studies have shown that green tea gives a boost to calorie burning engine for a little while. And it enhances your body metabolic function.

Eating Pause

Most people take pause for a minute or two while they are eating. If you have that habit of pausing while eating then catch that moment and avoid another bite. This indicates that you are full but not stuffed.

Chew Strong Gum

When you have a desire to eat snack then try to chew a strong mint gum. This technique will make you forget to eat those snacks which can be dangerous for your health


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