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If you read the article yesterday about causes of constipation, then I’m sure you’d like to know the natural alternatives for constipation. Please take note that the first four suggestions listed below will tend to prevent constipation. And, we recommend regular use until such time as your bowels are functioning naturally.

The remaining products will serve to flush the bowels. So, you should only on them for temporary relief. That is, when the use of the first four products fails to promote natural bowel function on a day to day basis). Whenever you do use a “flush” always do so for at least 5 days to ensure that you achieve a thorough bowel cleansing.

If you need to read the causes of constipation, and we strongly suggest that you do, please read the excellent article on constipation and its causes here.

For good measure, we once again urge you not to over-use any laxative or any treatment aimed at flushing the bowels. Constant use of such treatments will reduce the levels of friendly intestinal flora in the colon. This could lead to dependence and other digestion problems. Always remember Helen’s experience. Also, aim at removing the cause of your constipated condition.

Great For Constipation


Treatments aimed at cleansing the colon will usually result in the loosening of long- present food remains in the colon and the release of toxins into the system. In order to neutralize these toxins, it is a good idea to take 2-4 teaspoons of Nature’s Choice Detoxinal (activated granulated charcoal) in water following any such treatments. Do bear in mind that charcoal itself has a mildly constipating effect and you should take steps to counter this effect. If you are on any type of medicinal prescription, do not take charcoal unless advised to do so by your prescribing doctor as charcoal can neutralize the effect of drugs..

If you have not already done so, we once again urge you to consider the article on causes of constipation. This article (as with the other articles at this link) is a must-read – whether constipated or not.

Below are natural alternatives for constipation

Hot Water Before Meals

At least 30 minutes before breakfast and lunch, take a hearty drink of hot water (two to four cups – which must be heated in a non-metal container). In some, this practice tends to trigger bowel function soon after eating.

NC Prunes

Prunes have a mild laxative effect. Soak 10 prunes in water for one hour (or more), discard the water, and then eat these as the fruit component of your breakfast. This works very well for some people, not so well for others.

NC Digestive Bran or NC Molasses Bran

Add a tablespoon or two of either of these products to your cereal or porridge. For some people, this works wonders and this procedure becomes a life-long habit. Either of these two products can be soaked in water overnight and then used as recommended. In their dry state, either product can also be sprinkled over salads or fruit salads, or added to soups or stews.

NC Colon Cleanse (Psyllium Husk Fiber)

Psyllium is not a laxative. It simply increases the volume of fiber in the colon – thus aiding detoxification, digestion and elimination. One hour before meals, briskly and quickly stir 2 teaspoons of psyllium (not more) into a large glass of water (at least 500ml) and drink rapidly – see directions on container. This is a marvelous product that is usually highly effective – although for some people it can take two to three days before the effect is noticeable (The effect? Stools as soft and smooth as a jelly baby). At Nature’s Choice we import many tons of this product every year. Psyllium is highly recommended if prunes and/or bran fail to produce satisfactory results.

Fiber, Fiber, and More Fiber

Digestive Bran


Studies have shown that in addition to its role in disease prevention and healthy weight management, fiber supports healthy blood sugar, lower cholesterol, bowel regularity, toxin elimination. Nutritionists recommend eating at least 35 grams of fiber each day for optimum health, including both soluble (water soluble) and insoluble fiber. Soluble fiber (found in fruits, beans, oats, legumes and nuts) acts like a kitchen sponge, literally soaking up toxins as it passes through your digestive tract and capturing them in order to prevent their re-absorption into the bloodstream. Insoluble fiber—often referred to as “roughage”— passes through the intestines virtually intact, helping to “sweep” the colon free of debris by removing toxins from the intestinal wall. It also tones the bowel muscles by creating resistance and stimulating peristalsis (the natural muscle contractions that move food through your intestines). Peristalsis is necessary for healthy elimination, and healthy elimination is an important step in ridding toxins from the body. Sources of insoluble fiber include wheat bran, whole grains, and fruit and vegetable skins.

Probiotic Bacteria

Probiotic bacteria are the friendly bacteria that inhabit the intestines – otherwise known as intestinal flora. If these bacteria are in short supply in the intestines, permanent relief from constipation is unlikely – regardless of what treatment you follow. Probiotic bacteria are now available in tablet form (up to 2 billion bacteria per tablet), and this treatment is highly recommended – especially if you have recently been on antibiotic treatment (which usually depletes intestinal bacteria). Your local health store owner will give you further advice. When and if you start to feel bloated, and when and if you lose your relish for food, it is time to stop taking probiotic bacteria in this way.

Prune Juice

(A Flush)

Prune juice has a strong laxative effect. Drink 250ml of prune juice first thing in the morning – at least 30 minutes before you take any solid or any other liquid. Your bowels should work well within a couple of hours. If not, you will have to resort to one of the recommendations made below. Your bio-friendly food stockist will be happy to order Prune Juice via Nature’s Choice.

Herbal Laxative

(A Flush)

NC Herbal Laxative Tablets are very effective. Do remember, however, that even the most natural and even the mildest of herbal laxatives work by irritating the bowel lining – which forces the body to draw liquid into the colon in an attempt to flush the irritation from the system. Over-use of such products could lead to other problems and could even lead to dependence on such products. When needed, take four tablets with water before retiring – the bowels should flush before breakfast. If you experience griping then, in future, take Herbal Laxative Tablets together with a tea brewed (for 15 minutes) from a level teaspoon of any aromatic herb such as sage, thyme or sweet basil. Remember, while laxatives are somewhat harsh on the system, there are times when the use of a laxative is far less harmful than non-use of a laxative.


(A Flush)

If the bowels have not worked for some time, an enema might be the treatment of choice – especially if it is suspected that the bowels are compacted. Enema Cans may be purchased (or ordered) from most chemists. Properly used, enemas are a safe, time-tested method of flushing the bowels.

Sea Water

(A Flush)

This treatment is not recommended unless the sea water was gathered FAR from any city – otherwise it is recommended that it be purified through an ultra-violet filter and/or a charcoal filter. (Surfers and bathers will swallow a cup or two of sea water every session so there is no great danger here). On awaking, while the stomach is empty, and at least one hour before breakfast, drink two average cups of sea water together with four average cups of fresh water (you can mix them together or drink them apart). Take no more than five minutes to drink all six cups. Lemon juice may be added to the sea water to make it a little more palatable. The bowels will usually flush VERY WELL before breakfast. The indigenous people of Africa have used sea water in this manner for centuries. This is by far the most effective bowel flush that we know of.


(A Flush)

A colonic can be described as a prolonged, continuous enema. It is always administered by trained personnel who use special equipment. Colonics are  is usually very effective. In most cases a series of treatments will be recommended. Your nearest health store should be able to refer you to a practitioner in your area.

Professional Help

If you have tried your utmost to promote natural bowel function, and your problem still persists, then you need to consult a Naturopath.

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Children should never be given laxatives. Try these natural safe alternatives instead.


Children should be trained to drink heartily of water in between meals. This usually does wonders.

Soaked Prunes

As described above, these are highly recommended for children

Diluted Prune Juice

A dilution of prune juice and water (50/50) usually does the trick.

Mashed Prunes and Apricot

In the case of babies who are on solids, mashed prunes and apricots will usually provide excellent results.

Warm compresses

Warm to hot compresses (not too hot) applied to the stomach area will bring blood to the area and promote bowel function. In stubborn cases, use in conjunction with any of the above.


Should your child become severely constipated (sometimes parents allow children to eat such a lot of “junk” that the kids become totally clogged), then it is unlikely that anything taken by mouth will clear the condition. In such cases speak to a naturopath or a suitably qualified health professional about using an enema.


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